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laceylady 05-30-2013 07:52 AM

THE MAGIC IS STARTING! *recalculating*
I started back on JUDDD on May 13th, and today the scales revealed 2 pounds down! :jumpjoy: It's funny how you start to get a bit discouraged because it hasn't started yet and VOILA! So, yesteday I decided to check the JUDDD calculator because I had been using the same calories for UD/DD as I did when I was on program last time, and thought maybe it was too high... well, instead of the original 1500/500, it's now 1750/350! So, since it's started working again, do you think I should switch to the new count, or stick with he old one? I LIKE the idea of a higher UD intake, but the DD may be difficult to deal with... but I want to keep losing, so... :dunno: Thoughts, please?

LoCarbGal 05-30-2013 08:24 AM

If you're losing on your newly calculated numbers, I'd leave them there for now. The lower DD calories do sound scary, but honestly, if you plan well and have figured out what foods and eating schedule work for you by now, you'll find it's not that hard to go that low. I had a very easy time of it, until I recently faced some diet fatigue (after 8 months) and raised my DDs up a bit. Congratulations on the 2 pounds!

Flossyliz 05-30-2013 08:34 AM

Great that the JUDDD magic is already working for you!

JUDDD is about experimenting and finding what works best for you and what is easiest to stick with long term.

You could try the lower calorie DDs and see how it goes. Either by cutting down say 50 cals each time, or by jumping straight in at 350. If it doesn't work for you, go back to 500. Have a look at the DD menu threads for ideas.

On the other hand, if 500/1500 is comfortable and working for you, why change?

Kissa 05-30-2013 08:46 AM

I agree. It is entirely your choice. Some of us have no problem with consistently low DDs, others hate them and others again do better on higher DDs.

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