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Demonica 05-11-2013 10:44 AM

UD Saturday
B- bacon, eggs scrambled in bacon grease and CO, fat bomb, coffee with HWC and CO
L- green pepper stuffed with ground turkey and topped with cheese and salsa, veggies
S- not sure yet

Scarlett46 05-11-2013 11:17 AM

B: coffee w/ creamer, pop tart
L: hamburger w/ bread, veggies
D: pizza, breadsticks, blackberry merlot
Coffee w/ creamer

2111 planned

Never Too Late 05-11-2013 11:51 AM

B. Potato omelette, tomato
L. Liverwurst on toast, frozen yogurt
D. Turkey lasagna, salad

tobelowcarber 05-11-2013 01:15 PM

B: scrambled eggs, turkey breast
L: x
D: HB eggs and chopped turkey mixed with mayo

1680 cal/0 carb

KeirasMom 05-11-2013 01:50 PM

B: Jelly donut, coffee
L: BLTA on wheat, potato salad
S: Special K popcorn chips
D: ?? Not many calories left

FairyWren 05-11-2013 02:00 PM

B: Vanilla Protein shake (made with almond milk and fresh blueberries)
L: Philly cheese, mixed salad, apple balsamic vinegar, gluten free oatcakes, melon and grapes
D: Mixed grill (steak, pork chop, gammon), 2 eggs, onions, peppers, green beans, peas, very small glass of wine

just a tad over 1800 kcals (target was 1752)

phoenix17 05-11-2013 05:23 PM

I went over target today.

B: coffee, toasted hard roll with plenty of butter - I was craving that...
L: roasted chicken, potato salad, white wine
D: leftover home made veggie pizza, more wine.

and...I ate pastry. Pastry is evil. pastry haunts me. Pastry put me over target.

adillenal 05-11-2013 07:51 PM

I was at a craft show today so I took advantage of the junk food available.
B - coffee with HWC, oat bran, bacon
L - nachos X 2, chocolate dipped oreo cookies (8 of them) Bluebell ice cream - Sourthern Blackberry Cobbler flavor
D - cold boiled potato

KeirasMom 05-12-2013 06:03 AM


Originally Posted by KeirasMom (Post 16420226)
B: Jelly donut, coffee
L: BLTA on wheat, potato salad
S: Special K popcorn chips
D: ?? Not many calories left

We ended up going to the movies, so I snuck in snacks. Special K sour cream and onion chips and Special K brownie bites. I also had a handful or three of popcorn.
Got home and there was a box waiting for me. Keira ordered me some gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries. We shared a HUGE one.

D: Chicken noodle soup.

I barely scraped in with 1773 pretty much nutritionally void calories.

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