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Originally Posted by Sleepingduty View Post
Sometimes I think physicians look at numbers according to labs and automatically look for a pill to help. The first thing your GP should have told you is that statins lower coenzyme Q10 which is critical for heart health. Did he tell you that u need supplementation with at least 200 mg of coenzyme q 10? Also, if your thyroid hormones TSH, free T3, and free T4 are out of whack, they will effect your cholesterol and triglyceride numbers. Combine that with low levels of estrogen and progesterone, and maybe adrenal fatigue thrown into the mix, you have a recipe for personal health disaster. I think eating low carb and avoiding processed foods and sugars is a great start along with the JUDDing, but you must look at the whole picture first, look at symptoms and labs, get your system in balance, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I suspect you have been under a lot of stress and your body is telling you fix it! I hope you have success in getting to the bottom of your health issues. You are too young for this!
Ahhh you dont know the half of the stress over myself at the moment! He didnt tell me about the Coq10 but I knew. I just couldnt afford the bottle of it this week's pay. The pills are suppose to be a temporary thing. Once my numbers are in normal range, he will take me back off of them (this is where my way of eating comes in). This is my preference as at 38, I dont want to be on statins forever! Alot of this I also believe is due to the estrogen level itself. BUT I cant be on HRT until Oct. From what all I have read about estrogen, it makes sense why everything went wacky!

I did decided that my weight has alot to due with most issues, so I am going to focus on the weightloss and allow everything else to fall into place. I have both docs saying this and that and really truely trying to help me.......but I think I need to listen to me! There is no point in trying to fix something if I am not happy in the process!

My gynie says my thyroid is fine according to numbers, but once I got my lab results in hand, she didnt do the Free t's. So I have to have blood work in July for my GP and I asked if he will re-run a full panel then for me, and he agreed. I told him I dont believe that POF/Premature menopause happened all by itself so suddenly!!

But for now, I am focusing on me! Doing what I feel I can handle a little at a time! I laughed at myself when I realized that my body is going through a mid-life crisis....way before I thought mental I would put myself through it! lol!! Thank you for the encouragement! Its very apperciated and much needed!!!
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1st goal 163 puts me at Overweight!
2nd goal 139 puts me at Healthy weight!
3rd goal 125 puts me at Goal!

Long term, realistic goal....no medications!
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