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lc-chica 04-12-2013 08:25 PM

Question on daily calorie needs
Hi everyone! I have a quick question. For up days you are supposed to eat the # of calories that is around daily calorie needs... so does that mean for maintenance, or for weight loss? sorry, I now it is a simple question, I'm sure there's a simple answer. But I'm just not sure. I plugged my #s into a calorie calculator, and I'm not sure what my UDs are supposed to be. 1600cal or 2000cal.


sorenkkg 04-12-2013 10:14 PM

Most people set the counter to the 20% number and that is their weight loss number.

As you lose weight, you lower the number you put in (ie put in what you curently weigh, not your goal) and the output UD and dd numbers will change.

Look at the different % in the calculator, you'll see the maintenance options- some use a higher number, some lower, it varies from person to person.


LoCarbGal 04-12-2013 10:15 PM

:welcome: lc-chica! You'll need to google Johnson Up Day Down Day diet calculator and go to the page called How to Do the Diet. Scroll down and there is a calorie calculator. From there, input your gender, height & weight (be sure to click the buttons for inches and pounds, because they default to metric) & age. Most here recommend leaving it at "Little or no exercise" and "20% wt loss mode". That will give you both your UD and DD calories! Good luck!

LoCarbGal 04-12-2013 10:17 PM

Cross posting with you Soren! Your explanation was much simpler and concise than mine! :stars:

gotsomeold 04-13-2013 02:29 AM

Dr J's website takes the info you enter then runs a standard RMR calculation + 14% to derive your most probable UD calories. For most people, this calculation is accurate.

A few people find they need to adjust their UD calories. But that is unusual and involves very intense exercisers (and I do mean very, very intense), or people with medically slow metabolisms. For most of us, the calculated UD calories rock.

lc-chica 04-13-2013 04:18 AM

Thank you!!!!!!!

I was just using a regular online calculator. Your answers were very helpful! I am seriously considering doing this. I just have to get the mentality change down, as I'm sure you all know.

Librarygirl 04-13-2013 05:20 AM

Have a look around, lc-chica. We're all loving it!!! :)

Flossyliz 04-13-2013 07:06 AM

:hiya: Come on in lc-chica!
JUDDD is great and the JUDDD Budds are a wonderfully supportive bunch.

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