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motivatedMomma4 03-03-2013 03:26 AM

Third shifters? eating times...
So im pretty new here, i started Feb. 19 th and I LOVE this woe so far. The issue im having,well its not really been an issue yet, but I feel like since I plan on doing this long term I need to figure out a plan!I work 3rd shift....and I have 4 kids only 2 that are school aged...so my sleeping pattern is alllllll over the map. On my nights off I still sleep at night and the I just sleep for little chunks depending on my husbands hours. As of right now,I have just been eating like normal "day hours" and have my last food at dinner on my down days or a snack before work on my up days. But Working all through the night and not eating isnt going to work forever. I guess I just dont know how I could add in a lunch at work every once inawhile without it messing the whole rotation up! Because then I would be either eating into my next down day or up day???? And it would just be back to like regular eating in theory....If I have to do this during weightloss mode...No problem, a few months of just having broth on my lunch wont kill me :-) but long term, I will need to figure something out.even if its just some veggies!! ...any suggestions? Any other 3rd shifters want to share what works for them? Thanks ladies!

piratejenny 03-03-2013 12:30 PM

I'm pretty confused by your schedule, but I came up an idea a while back--and later found on other websites that it's used by other JUDDDers (especially ones who work wacky hours).

Basically just consider your "days" 24 hour periods. Any 24 hour period that makes sense to you. Not necessarily anything to do with weekdays or when the sun comes up.

You could consider your "morning" to be a couple of hours before you go to work. So let's say you have "breakfast" at 8pm and go to work at 10pm. 8pm-8pm is your Up Day. Next 8pm-8pm is your Down Day.

Wait...I just re-read your post...If you make your 24 hours start at your lunch break, then you could eat every day at work. You might have to split up your Up Day calories differently than us daywalkers :laugh: to stretch them over 2 lunches and whatever meals you need to get you through the day with your kids, but maybe it could work.

Due to your sleeping schedule/kids etc, you might not get the longer "fasting" period of 36 hour or so that the traditional JUDDDer will (say they eat their last Up Day meal at 8pm, then they go to sleep, have their Down Day, go to sleep, have their Up Day breakfast at 8am=36 hours).

But you will still have a period of about 24 hours in which you eat fewer calories than the following 24 hours, and that could be enough to give you many health benefits of the plan while keeping you energized for work. :)

Carly 03-03-2013 02:01 PM

I would say you should just make your DD a 30-36 hour period where you just consume your DD calories and a 12 hour period were you consume your UD calories.

DD should be from the end of eating on UD- say for you an UD ends at 7am on Monday. Sleep from 9am- 5pm Monday. From 5pm Monday-8am Tuesday it is waking DD- eat 400 calories and sleep 6-8 hours and wake up 4pm on Tuesday and start eating around 5-6pm with your next UD. :dunno:

I finish an UD at 9:30pm on Sunday- sleep till 5:30am Monday eat my DD calories by bedtime on Monday and Start eating my UD caloiries on Tuesday around 1pm.


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