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brewstate 02-27-2013 07:16 AM

Giving up sugar?
After much soul searching I have come to the conclusion that I am going to have to give up sugar (and maybe AS, we'll see) to get my monster under control again. Seriously I LOVE sugar so much and I really don't want to but my UD's would be fine if I didn't feel the need to eat sweets all day.

Has anyone else done this and what are the best coping mechanisms? Did it cut your cravings or did you have to remove flours/carbs too? (we are gluten free for my son but I've learned how to make the most amazing GF treats ever, surprise surprise.

sterlinggirl 02-27-2013 07:29 AM

I removed sugar as well as the breads ,rice, potatoes, pasta.. recent i have added back the once in a while brown rice and wheat wraps.. even had a few french fries of late..
i am finding that when i do eat these thing or even those first items i in genral dont feel good.. it almost seams to make my heart race i noticed.. so i am trying add one item at a time to see which ones are making feel like that.. I belve we all must tweek things in our own plans with what our personal body will allow. so if sugar for you seams to not be a good thing then by all means eliminate it.. trial and error with all food groups! :hugs: Best of luck to you in learning what YOUR body needs~ :heart:

b_lou_who 02-27-2013 07:56 AM

MOST days my target is under 25g of any sugars in my diet. I watch them like a hawk and find that that limits refined foods all by itself for the most part. Intentionally eating produce at every meal accounts for most food sugars.

I also choose to only eat organic, so IF I am going to make a choice to eat something with coconut palm sugar or raw evaporated cane, or organic spelt flour, it is almost guaranteed I have to make it myself. This is self limiting also, because I won't pick up processed foods or stuff at a bakery. Not putting gmo "food" products in my body means the choice is already made and I don't have to obsess about sugar or wheat anymore.

giggles4me 02-27-2013 08:01 AM

I have been trying to get off sugar since last week. I had to go cold turkey! and let me tell you it's not easy at first. I am doing better this week. My issue is that someone at work brings donuts just about everyday and I sit next to the break table that holds them.....

b_lou_who 02-27-2013 08:15 AM

^^^Jeanne that is just awful!
Maybe you should preempt them by bringing in a clamshell of organic apples, like costco carries. Probably costs the same or less than a box of nasty doughnuts.
Doughnuts used to be my kryptonite, so I know you can stay free!
Seriously loved them- when I was in labor with my first child I ate a dozen glazed and a pound of fresh black plums. That seems so bizarre to me now.

svenskamae 02-27-2013 08:27 AM

I gave up grains and regular sweeteners first, then gave up all artificial sweeteners, too. I'm really glad that I did it, and I don't miss sweet things much. I can taste the natural sweetness of things like red peppers and cream much more intensely now--really, my tastebuds in general got much more sensitive. Mostly I miss eating fruit, because I gave that up, too, regretfully, since I'm so carb sensitive and resistent to weight loss.

I found that eating anything sweetened makes me hungry and tempted to binge, so I'm better off without it. And the less that I eat sweets and grains, the less that I crave them.

I am, however, only cooking for myself, not a family, and I avoided sweet things routinely for years in an effort to limit weight gain. You have to decide what works for you and your family. A possible compromise would be to make some paleo desserts, with small amounts of sweeteners like honey and built around fruit, but with no sugar and no grains.

giggles4me 02-27-2013 08:32 AM

any sweet is my down fall! I love them all. I keep them out of the house but work is another story. Oh and if it's not donuts it's McDonald breakfast stuff. Right now I just drink lots of coffee with HWC. and once I notice that no one is no longer eating the junk I quickly stuff it into the frig at work. out of sight out of mind!! Right!!!

mojocat 02-27-2013 02:28 PM

This is a subject close to my heart. I gave up sugars 12 months ago including starches, grains etc. You can do it!! I used to eat bags of sweets I was sugar addicted. I had many strange medical symptoms and was in and out of doctors including severe panic attacks. Giving up sugar eliminated all that and gave me my health back

I don't miss it one bit. When its out of your system it loses its hold on you. I resist all bithday cakes even my own. Sometimes I smell the cake and enjoy it that way yeah creepy. I take full advantage of the flavored liquid stevias and occasionally I make cocoa crack so I stii get sweet tastes but avoid the real thing. And my don't people try to shove it down me "just a little bit". No way I'm just one piece away from being over 200 lbs again.
I do suggest a green jjuice detox to start one off made it easier for me.

Sorry if there are errors sending from phone on train.

hot-in-texas 02-27-2013 03:18 PM

this is such a great thread Elise. I have been thinking about this for about a week. When I did Atkins, I stopped craving sugars almost immediately, within the first 3 days. And I didn't miss them. I only ate about 1 packet of splenda a day. Now that I have added anything and everything back into my diet, I do crave them again. For example, most nights on a DD, I go to sleep fantasizing about the donut I am going to eat the next day. Right now it is chocolate cake or old fashined donuts that I fantasize about lol. And intellectually I know, that if I stop eating them, I will stop craving them. But still, I don't want to stop because i get so much pleasure out of it.
so this is the conundrum I have been in lately, and back in my mind, I know I will have to eventually cut them out. But don't know when i will be doing that.

Carly 02-27-2013 03:29 PM

I've done it several times in the last 10 years. One time for 3 years straight other times for several months at a time. I thought/ was hoping it may help the sleepwalk/ eating, but it didn't so at this time I still eat sugar, but I'm not a real sweets person, although I do use quite a bit of AS. When I was abstaining from sugar I also avoided all flour, potatoes, corn and almost all grains. I didn't really benefit from it in terms of the sleepwalk eating. The first time I lost a lot of weight, but JUDDD has been just as effective for me as eliminating all sugar. I personally felt restricted and even though I did it for 3 years it was not sustainable long term for me.

sunday 02-27-2013 03:46 PM

I had my wakeup call four years ago when I first started going through meno and the doctor that I went to listened while I broke down and cried, "I can't figure out why I keep gaining and I am barely eating?" He told me eliminating sugar and grains would be the first step to healing my metabolism. I told him that I felt like sugar was in everything, which it is. So he gave me a CD to listen to which basically explained the science behind sugar and what it does to us metabolically. Toxic! I listened to that CD every single time I drove my car before I listened to anything else. It completely changed me. I rarely sweeten anything, but when I miss something as a treat, I will sweeten with stevia and then sporadically use erithytol. I have never missed it. I have always been a sugar free tea/coffee drinker, so that was a big help. It took me quite a bit longer to eliminate grains and in fact, just recently eliminated the last of the grains this Jan.

Dr. Robert Lustig has a youtube video entitled "Sugar the Bitter Truth" and I believe that is better than the CD that I listened to. It is lengthy, but by the time you finish, it makes so much sense and hopefully will assist you in making that move. :)

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