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Mamatomany 02-15-2013 09:45 AM

Why does my stomach hurt?
I had a DD yesterday and had coffee this morning. Shortly after that a keifer smoothie with unsweetened chocolate powder, stevia, pb2 (1 T.) and some chlorophyll with 1/2 scoop of whey protein. My stomach will be fine and then pains....I had a handful of almonds a bit ago, but still out of the blue pains? I want to work out still (kettlebell routine but I feel awful?) I feel so much better when I have a fasting day!

Carly 02-15-2013 09:49 AM

Maybe you are getting a stomach bug. There is a lot of that going around here.

Mamatomany 02-15-2013 09:51 AM

Geesh I hope not, I usually don't have issues with fermented dairy, but everything seems to be changing now that judding is part of my life! There is times this past week where I look like I'm pregnant from bloating! I drink a ton of water/herbal tea too. Not just intestinal area but actual stomach....yuck... would ketosis cause this too? I wonder if I'm in that state with minimal carbs in 3 days? Hmm..

LoCarbGal 02-15-2013 09:56 AM

Sorry you're feeling bad Mama. I had some "adjustment" pains and discomforts during the first couple of months of doing JUDDD. Of course, I can't know for sure they were caused by JUDDD, but they were rather different for me. I rode them out, staying within my calories but adjusting foods somewhat to ease the sensations. That all faded away completely right around month 2, and it wasn't constant, just occasional. I hope you'll feel better soon, and can ride it out so you can reap the wonderful rewards of this WOE!

tofucheez 02-16-2013 01:32 PM

It could be coffee on a totally empty stomach......(your first thing youtook in after your DD was coffee)

Yennie 02-16-2013 01:42 PM


Originally Posted by tofucheez (Post 16262724)
It could be coffee on a totally empty stomach......(your first thing youtook in after your DD was coffee)

:goodpost: This. Sometimes coffee on an empty stomach can really upset my stomach too. Especially if its straight coffee and not "buffered" with something like HWC or CO.

Also, I've found, over the years as I've experimented with different WOE, that a dramatic change in diet can cause stomach and intestinal cramping for a few days. I've always found my whole system has been a little off kilter any time that I've made big changes like this. So this, and your headaches, you may have to ride out.

If you look at the Atkins Induction board, they talk about "Induction Flu" - the crummy feeling they get while their body is making the change to burning fat. It passes, and this will too. Or, maybe you're catching a bug which would be a huge bummer. :(

C'Marie 02-16-2013 06:30 PM

There also was an article someone posted awhile ago on stomach pain - that if there is healing needed in the gut that the down days can be very painful as things are healing but get better with time. I would suspect that especially if the pain goes away upon eating. I am NOT good at finding things or I would look for the link.

mojocat 02-17-2013 01:30 AM

I'm noticing an increasing pattern of stomach pain on UD's after eating. I probably do go over my UD calories and may need to rein it in. Maybe the DD's are shrinking my stomach and I eat too much next day. I've also got a bit lazy with digestive enzymes since doing JUDDD and will take them again and see if it helps.

b_lou_who 02-19-2013 10:30 AM

whey protein does that to me now...so I had to cut it out of my life

gotsomeold 02-20-2013 04:59 AM

All of the above.

For me, I had pain when I was not getting the right nutrient balance. When I had pain, I ate a small salad with lots of low cal chopped veggies, a bit of protein, and a small amount of full fat dressing. Sometimes I throw in a bit of rice or - yes - potato.

Doesn't happen to me often, but it is usually a signal I am not eating what my bod needs.

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