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sorenkkg 01-22-2013 06:34 AM

DD Tuesday - plans
I'm having a rotten day so far, I have to say :(
Something's wrong with one of my greyhounds (Aleeya) :cry:-- I posted on FB about it (you can find me there, look for Soren in Mississauga/Canada)... anyway, I didn't get much sleep.
7am, helped walk them, maybe got 1hr more, and now I'm SNEEZING AGAIN.
I hope it's just stress.

At 3am, since i was up, I totally had a stress snack (mortadella for 160, 1 slice of cheese for about 100, and 150 of gluten free twig things), . I"m tacking that onto yesterday's UD tally.

I have to take her to our vet at 10am.

So, today, I just don't know. I often don't eat when I'm worried...

B: so far, I've had a fizzy vitamin c and B in water, and a zinc pill.

zagnut 01-22-2013 07:06 AM

I'm sorry your having a tough day soren, I hope your doggie is ok and everything checks out at the vet! It's stressful when a baby is sick :(

Today is sweet potatoes and chicken for dinner
almond milk in coffee the rest of the day
THat's the plan as of now anyway!

Flutter 01-22-2013 07:34 AM

(ignore me, it's UD for me, but I'm sure glad I popped in over here!)

(((((Soren))))) I will be thinking about you & sweet pup today. I'm so sorry you're worried about her. Has she been ill? I'll try to find you on FB...

LoCarbGal 01-22-2013 07:53 AM

Soren, I sure hope Aleeya is okay. I know how stressful that is. And you feel better!:hugs:

BaileysGirl 01-22-2013 09:46 AM

So sorry to hear of the doggie Soren. Hugggs..

B - atkins bar 210c
L - progresso veg rotini soup 140c
D - small wendys chili if i have time between work and hair appt may try to skip it since i had a free hot chocolate today - drank about half of a small, it was made with whole milk so no idea how many calories! yikes!

I am planning on doing a Potato Hack on Thursdays DD! Anyone with me???

tobelowcarber 01-22-2013 01:41 PM

:hugs: Soren

Today is a badly needed DD after yesterday's UUAD:o

B: 2 HB egg whites
L: baked sole
D: baked sole

400 cal

PixieKGirl 01-22-2013 02:17 PM

Soren - any news on your dog??

so far, so good but a glass of wine is screaming my name.

Iced coffee
hunk of iceburg lettuce w/ salsa and 1/2 cup of chili

penguinpower 01-22-2013 02:35 PM

Hope doggie - and you! - are doing okay, Soren.

Tough DD for me today. We had a good business thing happen this morning, and DH wanted to go out to a very late lunch to celebrate, which I expected, so I had not eaten anything all day. We went to Don Pablo's and I had the "Skinny Enchiladas" (465 calories) but I also ate most of the side veggies, about another 100 calories. That puts me over my 500 calories :( and I expect I'll be a little hungry later. I have a gluc gel in the fridge to help with that, and if I have to, I'll make a muffin. If I have a muffin I'll still be around 600 -650 depending on which muffin I decide to make, which is not too bad, but it's the first DD I've gone over since my restart.

sorenkkg 01-22-2013 02:53 PM

Aw thanks you guys! What a day! :hugs: very much appreciated!!!!
Melinda, you found me :) let me know if you see the FB updates, k?

I'll try to make a long day short-- 10:15am vet trip-- physical exam, not much wrong, a bit elevated heart rate and temp.
Showing some signs of pain in the rear quarters, but those tests were inconclusive (they were, I watched).
No neuro signs though, so stroke and internal bleed were ruled out.
they took her to do xrays and draw blood...

11:30-- xrays seem 100% ok (bones of a younger dog...) so they wanted to keep her for IV for a few hours, and we put a rush on the bloodwork.

mid-day-- lots of internet advice-- is it too much road salt (no-- she'd have to literally eat a ton of it)... is it some horrible neuro thing (from a friend who's a vet asst)-- no, very very unlikely... so on.

3:30pm-- they did an extra xray on her neck, b/c she fussed when the vet touched her. I'm like, she's a greyhound, they are total drama queens. It's the NOT yelping you need to worry about... They gave her doggy advil (metacam) and kept her another hour.

4:30-- come and get your dog!!! :D Bloodwork is a-ok. She was a bit (*bit*) dehydrated. The vet got her to eat, liver treats and some canned food with electrolites in it. She walked her around, no neuro signs in watching her walk. Still a bit weak getting up.

4:35 pick up :D she trotted out to see me, and I almost cried in relief. Like a new dog. Maybe excitement to leave was boosting her a bit, but she was soooo much better.

Resting at home now, which is normal, since they sleep 25hrs a day ;)

ok, that was long story long...


L: I took some vitamins and they gave me cramps, so I had 2 slices LC bread (120), 1T lite cream cheese (30) and 1T PB2 (22).

My plan for dinner:
Big serving of 0% greek yogurt (150 or more)
2T sf jam
1T honey

I'll still have under 100cal if I want, though I'm trying for 400 instead of 500 for DDs now.

Flutter 01-22-2013 06:01 PM

Soren, yes, I just went over and looked & tried to post. I'm so relieved for you!!!!! What a day, though!!!!

Demonica 01-22-2013 07:35 PM

Glad to hear about your dog doing better! :hugs:

I finally had a successful DD!:jumpjoy: Course the day isn't completely over yet, but I have no worries.

B- coffee
L- 2 slices bacon, 2 eggs
D- potato soup

Calories were a little higher than I would have liked them to be, but I am just happy to make it through the day without fighting the urge to eat everything in sight.

sorenkkg 01-22-2013 07:50 PM

Wtg demonica!

I finish the day at 409, which i claim as success!

And Aleeya went upstairs to bed, by herself!

Bad day ends well!!!

zipp2play 01-23-2013 06:20 AM

Sorry glad your DOGGIE is OK! NOthing more precious than our "fur babies!"

Yesterday I had:

1 boiled egg
Cottage cheese
Stir Fry with Chick peas
Brocolli Soup
Protein granola bar

680c -- considering how stressful my day was yesterday, it was a TOTAL WIN!

DH didn't fair so well. He ended up eating chips, cookies and ice cream! Dang MAN will probably be down 2 pounds too! MEN!!!!!!!!!!

sorenkkg 01-23-2013 11:47 AM

LOL Monica, I bet he is down... MEN!!!! :rolleyes:

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