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Rayne_W 12-14-2012 10:28 AM

DD Friday Food Plan
B - Tea all day (11)

L - 2 rice cakes (70) and 2 light cows (70)

D - leftover chicken soup w/one dumpling (242)

S - SF jello (10)

Total Cals: 403 Net Carbs: 37

mom23kids 12-14-2012 10:32 AM

small hb egg
small wendys chili
sf fudge pop
diet hot cocoa
chicken broth-might have two servings if I need it

343/353 calories

KeirasMom 12-14-2012 10:42 AM

Same as usual for me.

B: Tea
L: Small Wendy's chili w/O'Brother That's Hot! sauce
D: Veggies or fish and veggies

Shari4 12-14-2012 10:57 AM

No real plan for me yet today. But, will include potatoes of some kind. :) I just had my usual coffee with international sugar free swiss mocha. :yummy: And i'm down almost a pound after an UD?!! :up:

purepink 12-14-2012 11:07 AM

B: diet soda
L: cucumber
D: a plain toasted english muffin

I ate all of my UD calories yesterday at night, and it was ALL junky stuff. Needless to say, I am not feeling so great this morning.

SlimNana 12-14-2012 11:08 AM

10:00 Coffee, Quest protein bar (apple pie)
2:00 2 Sl. turkey bacon, 1 LF cheese stick, Broth
6:00 Chocolate protein shake w/1 Tbsp. peanut powder
Max. 500 @ 150 lbs.

Best wishes on a great DD & for continued progress!

tobelowcarber 12-14-2012 02:46 PM

B: 1/2 lb baked haddock with dill, garlic powder and lemon
L: 1/2 lb baked haddock with dill, garlic powder and lemon and 5 oz steamed green beans
D: same as lunch

total 600 cal/10 gr carbs

garnet10 12-14-2012 06:46 PM

B: decaf coffee with 2 Tbsp heavy cream (100)
L: 2 hard boiled eggs (120)
D: protein powder/unsweetened vanilla almond milk/kale (140)


Exhausted today.

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