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mom23kids 12-10-2012 05:33 AM

DD Monday-what's on your plate?
After consuming an epic amount of food this weekend, I'm really looking forward to today's DD :D

hb egg x2
chicken broth x2
diet hot cocoa x2
veggie soup x2

306 calories

babybella 12-10-2012 05:54 AM

B: coffee with milk
L: coffee with milk
D: Salmon and veggies
S: fruit

Trying to stay low, all the cookies thus far are making the scale bounce way more than I'd like:(

zipp2play 12-10-2012 06:44 AM


Originally Posted by mom23kids (Post 16127589)
After consuming an epic amount of food this weekend, I'm really looking forward to today's DD :D

add me to that list girl!


cottage cheese
meat/veggies for dinner

around 500 - 600c for me!

soon 12-10-2012 08:18 AM

Todays scale showed I lost the weight I put on on sat but it is the same weight I was at 5 days ago.:stars:
B 2 turkey bacon coffee
L home made turkey soup w? kale and brussel sprouts
D 1 pork chop
S cutie, small organic apple choc crack

KeirasMom 12-10-2012 08:51 AM

I have a Special K bar and/or yogurt if I feel I need breakfast.

L: Small Wendy's chili w/O'Brother That's Hot! sauce (210)
D: Spaghetti squash with WF marinara (42)

Lavendar Earl Grey throughout the day. I can't find calories on it, so I'm pretending it's free!

Hands hurt quite a bit today and the scale is up. I also have sore muscles from motorcycle class over the weekend, so I'm thinking it's water.

Saxy1971 12-10-2012 09:29 AM

B - Coffee w/FF Half n Half (yuck...but wanted to try it.) and Torani

L - Whey protein shake

D - 100 calorie bag of popcorn

Got some boiled cabbage on the standby in case I need it. Going for an under 300 DD today!

KathyL 12-10-2012 10:38 AM

My typical Monday full fast. Even through vacation I was able to stick with this. Even if the rest of my week goes to h*ll I still stick with this. A few weeks here and there I've had to move it to another day of the week but for the most part Monday is it. And I really, really need it today.

Kissa 12-10-2012 10:45 AM

I had an UD with not much food but rather a lot of alcohol... so a but peckish today. I shall resist though as tonight I am out to a drinks party, where I have no doubt I will eat more than 500 calories.

A small skinny latte at the gym
2 tiny cold potatoes
1 cup of tea

To be continued...

Good to see you around Kathy.

LoCarbGal 12-10-2012 11:34 AM

B: Coffee, coffee and more coffee - enjoying black today
L: 2 wedges of LC chipotle cheese
D: tuna salad w/mayo, onions and celery
D: 1 Hershey kiss

Total: 435

giggles4me 12-10-2012 11:39 AM

2- hard boiled eggs
1- sm can of green beans

Rayne_W 12-10-2012 11:42 AM

Having a spud-only DD.

L - cold spud w/malt vinegar and sea salt
D - may make a spud soup with FF broth

Rayne_W 12-10-2012 02:18 PM


Originally Posted by Rayne_W (Post 16128388)
Having a spud-only DD.

L - cold spud w/malt vinegar and sea salt
D - may make a spud soup with FF broth

I steeped some thyme and rosemary sprigs in broth with onion and garlic powders for 20 min, then added some peeled and diced Yukon golds. Smashed them a little after they were cooked...simple but yummy. :yummy:

Kissa 12-10-2012 03:13 PM

So that was a high MD then!!!! But what fun.

Will do a DD tomorrow. Have to get back to UD on Saturday so may do two Potato Days????

Librarygirl 12-10-2012 07:57 PM

1/2 cup coffe w/So Delicious (10)
1 dill pickle (6)
1 cup chicken broth (10)
Baked potato skins with cheese, sour cream and bacon:yummy:(273)
1 t So Delicious in my diet Sunkist (5)

Total: 304 :jumpjoy:

(may have one fudgesicle (40), but don't want to tempt the munchies...)

Rayne_W 12-10-2012 07:57 PM

Dinner: Whipped up some Emeril's spice blend** and added to some FF chicken broth, simmered for a few minutes, then added peeled and cubed Yukons. Didn't make soup, but will definitely re-use the spicy broth for tomorrow's spuds. WOW! was that good!

1 t each thyme, oregano, cayenne, onion powder, black pepper
2 t each garlic powder and salt
2 3/4 t paprika

hollyitworks 12-10-2012 08:21 PM

baked pot w/ franks red hot and a bit of ketchup x2
coffee w/ cream

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