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zipp2play 12-05-2012 07:54 AM

DD Thursday - what's the plan?
I AM AN IDIOT! It's WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! SORRY - maybe a mod will change it for me???

cottage cheese
baked potato

Aiming for 700c

Whitlin' 12-05-2012 08:44 AM

Hi, Monica! You could always say you were just checking to see if the rest of us knew what day it was! Hope you are doing super.

Today I haven't started eating yet but will have:

1-egg omelet with bell pepper and onion, fried in coconut oil
salad with green peas and shredded cheddar
small sweet potato with 1/3 Tbls butter, 1/3 Tbls coconut oil
2/3 cup beans

for about 600 calories.

adillenal 12-05-2012 09:56 AM

I knew what you meant
B - coffee with HWC, oat bran
L - faux cream of potato soup
D - cold boiled poataoes
\should come in a tad less than 500 which is a higher calorie DD for me

deedee 12-05-2012 10:19 AM

Sticking with coffee (with half n half) until as late in the day as I can go. Then I'll have a small portion of egg drop soup, and maybe some zucchini chips when I get home tonight. Those things are addicting!

Eieio 12-05-2012 11:03 AM

Monica I didn't even notice.
As long as it ends in day. No worries.
I'm thinking two days r in a week.
Upday and downday.
None of those confusing m's t's w ' to deal everyDAY!

Lunch 200 givie-take.
Tuna and veggie soup. I eat the whole can tuna =140 tastie and filing calories.
Plus a table spoon of gradated Parmesan cheese= 25 ish cal.

300 ish cal of something.
Cottage, and tangerines probably.

svenskamae 12-05-2012 11:10 AM

I didn't notice that the day was off, either. I was just glad to see that there was a thread to post to.

So far: Coffee with 3 T. half and half (58 calories)

I may try to make it through a liquids/fasting day of water with a splash of lemon, V-8 juice, green tea, and more coffee with half and half. If that's too hard, I've got celery sticks and chicken breast and light cheese with me at work, and mixed green salad and cottage cheese at home.

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