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sorenkkg 11-22-2012 10:17 AM

DD Thursday - I know I'm on my own here...
LOL :)

we had our thanksgiving in October, and everyone on their DD's had to suffer through my menu planning, so, turnaround is only fair-play, as they say ;)

Today is my DD. I was up a good 10+ pounds after my 2 week (plus a few days before and after) vacation. I am *not* complaining.

After just 1 good rotation (a decent UD, proper DD, and a very good UD yesterday), I'm down 2 lbs :)
one of those is even weighing after my UD yesterday, which was beef-centric!

B: sort of worked through it.
L: let's get me going on my tea for the day, and since I'm hungry now, maybe a triangle of cheese and a thin cracker
D: did the coleslaw stirfy the other day, so probably arugula salad, grilled chicken thighs.
dessert: either raspberries or jello.

Happy Happy Turkey Up Day to all the US folks celebrating!!! :hugs:

:) S.

Kissa 11-22-2012 11:34 AM

It looks as if you are alone Soren, it is an UD for me over here too.

Glad you have already kissed goodbye to a couple of your vacation fun pounds.

Joyjoy 11-22-2012 02:02 PM

DD here. Painted walls all day which makes for the easiest DDs ever. Theatre tonight will also help.
Today: two cups coffee w cream
One cup broth.

Jeez, I keep hoping for the end of this painting. Maybe I should enjoy it for a little longer. My favorite pants are still a wee bit snug for my liking. My rotations were slack during October. :):heart:

sorenkkg 11-22-2012 03:16 PM

I hear ya K :) When I first started LC, we'd also just bought a duplex in MTL, and were doing the painting ourselves and some other stuff... we'd bring over salami and cheese, and paint, then have a LC snack... lost like 20lbs in the first month :)

I banished some hunger by walking my monkeys, now I'll get them fed, and take a shower.

Note: grocery shopping in the first week of "let's put christmas stuff out" at the store AND on a DD-- not advisable :o

It's *possible* I made a bunch of impulse buys in the holiday accessory aisle :doh:
and in the pickle aisle :doh: :doh:

;) S.

Joyjoy 11-22-2012 03:26 PM

My lovely man's birthday was yesterday. We had pâté, espresso cheese, smoked salmon and cream cheese, and later a ricotta-cannelloni-white chocolate cake. Pretty fabulous. Looking forward to the leftovers tomorrow. :):heart:

sorenkkg 11-22-2012 04:04 PM

espresso cheese?
and OMG that cake sounds divine! I'm looking forward to tomorrow on your behalf! ;)

sorenkkg 11-22-2012 04:14 PM

FWIW-- the PC blue menu chicken thighs (loblaws and affiliated stores) are just 140 cal per 100g, which is less than regular (boneless, skinless) chicken thighs.

omg, I'm so jacked on caffeine! :jumpjoy:

returning to regularly scheduled DD thread...

sorenkkg 11-22-2012 08:41 PM

End of day:

Ok, coming down off my high. The peak was when DH came home (around 8pm?) and I talked about 100mph for a good 30min.

He then threatened to take away my black tea! :eek:

I promised to stick to green or white (or herbal), and to try my mate (mat-ay) which is supposed to be a stimulant but I don't feel the same kick-- on my next DD, to see if it helps as much as caffeine does.


anyhoo-- didn't have dessert. Did have 2 small pickles :)

488 cal
3g net

aside from the caffeine-induced-psychosis, a great day! :D

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