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canadiangirl 11-13-2012 07:31 PM

Ketosis while JUDDD/LC
So I am still pretty new to JUDDD but have been low carbing since June. I have never been in "deep purple" ketosis but I have always had trace according to the sticks. I have been JUDDD/LC since last Thursday and decided to test with my ketostix and it was negative... Anyone else that also low car notice this? Could it be the lack of calories on DD maybe knocking me out?

Carly 11-13-2012 07:39 PM

When I was low carb JUDDD I still registered purple. I don't check anymore, but actually think I go into ketosis most DDs. Did you eat something you ordinarily avoid? I also found that TOM could effect ketosis:dunno:

canadiangirl 11-13-2012 07:44 PM

TOM I am sure is planning to make an appearence soon but I have never noticed it affect my keto readings. I know the strips are not always accurate so I am not reading too much into it but it kinda of makes me second guess the l/c with juddd as ketosis is a key element in weight loss for l/c....

KeirasMom 11-13-2012 07:52 PM

I don't do low carb at all anymore but have some ketostix left over from when I did. Interestingly, on DDs, I register light pink whenever I've tested. :dunno:

LoCarbGal 11-13-2012 10:47 PM

I've only checked a few times since starting JUDDD, but I'm still in the moderate purple range on the stix. On LC I was pretty well into deep purple a good amount of the time. You don't have to be in ketosis to lose weight, so I don't think it is as relevant on JUDDD. But if it keeps you motivated to monitor it, go for it. I'm just glad not to have to spend money on the darn stix anymore. Once this batch runs out, that's it!

canadiangirl 11-14-2012 06:44 AM

Okay so I had to collect a urine sample this morning and decided to dip my stick and it is deep purple! So I am a little embarassed to say but for the last 4 years ( off again on again) that I have just been peeing on the stick rather then dipping it....does it really make that much of a difference....I have gotten so frustrated in the past because it was never more then trace elements when others were always deep purple !! :?

halos 11-14-2012 07:01 AM

I always pee on the stick too and seldom have more than a trace. I will try the other way and see if it turns me purple LOL

KeirasMom 11-14-2012 08:23 AM

Another thing I always noticed with the sticks is that I'd be purple in the morning, but lighter throughout the day. I think it's directly related to how concentrated your "sample" is. I drink a lot of water, and even when I was in deep ketosis, the water would dilute my sample enough where I was often just barely pink as my hydration increased.

LoCarbGal 11-14-2012 08:45 AM

I always just pee on it to. Or rather run it briefly under the stream, and have had many deep purple results. I agree with Dawn, when you're drinking lots of water, it is very light pink at best.

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