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Crazy PreK Teacher 11-12-2012 02:30 PM

JUDDD Maintainers...what is your plan for success?
Hi there~

I will be starting JUDDD on Nov. 26th. The plan is to maintain through the holidays. I am having a hard time determining what I may need to consume on my DD's. I imagine most people don't come to JUDDD as a maintenance WOE...they come as weight loss, then maintenance. I know for the first 2 weeks, I will be at 500 calories, and thinking that 600-700 calories may work for me.

My numbers range from 369/1847(weight loss) to 1108/1847(maintenance). What seems to be your magic numbers?


leonak 11-12-2012 06:05 PM

Hi Angela!

I too am in Main Land!!!:shake: I'm trying to keep my weight between 110 - 114 :dunno: At those weights I come up with the following:

My dd at 40% are between 606 - 616

My ud are 1515 - 1539

I also do a md at times and I try to keep that at 60 % - 909 - 923.

Hope to get to know you better and :welcome: to JUDD

:heart: Leona from Wisconsin :hiya:

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