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Old 11-10-2012, 09:22 AM   #31
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Originally Posted by j_shabazz View Post
Hi, I'm Jodi..I'm new to this thread. I am on my last day of hHCG today and will do two more days of VLCD and then I will start JUDDD. Sooo, what I wanted to ask is...is it better to start with an UD or DD coming right off VLCD?? I would think an UD since VLCD is technically a DD, right?? Also, how would you suggest I eat on that UD?--stay low carb I'm thinking, but what about fats? I miss my fats...I will be eating mostly LC on my UDs...but what happens if I include one day a week to kind of 'cheat' on my UD...like have a couple faves that day, not too much food, but just to taste is all heheh?? Would it cause a bad gain and will the DD following save me?
Alsooo...what do you guys think about truly fasting the whole day on the DDs? Like eat nothing all day until dinnertime and then have a nice filling dinner worth of 400 or so cals? I fast like this often for my religion so it wouldn't bother me, but just wondering if anyone has tried it.

Hi Jodi

As far as coming off of the hHCG, I will be doing so next Friday...as I am 2.8 lbs. from goal. I plan on doing a 4 day Fat Fast, then on to low carb for a week or so, then on to JUDDD for maintenance for the holidays. For my DD's, I will be following simeons' protocol w/o the fruit & starch...just protein/veggies 2x a day(372 calories average). For UD's...I will be doing high-fat, low carb (1862 calories average). I will adjust if I need to...but won't know until I'm on it a few weeks.

The main thing to remember is that there is almost inevitably a bounce-up of a few lbs. once coming off of HCG no matter what program you jump to. It is the body re-adjusting to more food, calories, fat, etc....then it seems to balance out in a few weeks. There are some on the HCG board who have transitioned off HCG to P3 with the Fat Fast and have maintained beautifully with very minimal gains & exact last dose weights. I bumped up the Fat Fast thread if you want to check it out.

Good luck!!!

Angela in TX~170.4 lbs.
New goal----->170ish
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The daily bounce doesn't rock my world (anymore)

Here is a link that demonstates the bounce.

Maybe check out current and past daily weigh in threads so you can get an idea of how the bounce always has a downward trend when people stick to rotations and respect their calories.
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Old 11-10-2012, 12:31 PM   #33
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wow! that thread was very very helpful Carly! thank you! it gives me an idea of how things might go...looking forward to that steady downward stairstepping..lol. you have done great by the way!

CrazypreK--thanks so much for ur input! tomorrow, i start my two days of VLCD with no hHCG...so that should be interesting. i actually did a lot of FF'ing in my P2 and loved it! i just thought it would be better to end it back on VLCD to hopefully make the transition into JUDDD easier? IDK..this is all new to me. I am really excited tho to get started. I think i will also do my DD's the way u are..just like on p2, without the fruits. I think even if we eat 'normally' (prob mostly low carb, but will stick to at least once a week with no limit..dont want my body to get too used to only low carb, and then when i want to up my carbs my body freaks out) on UP's, those low carb/cal DD's will balance us out...sort of like carb cycling.
Well, I will keep u girls posted on my results..can't wait to start!!
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Old 11-11-2012, 09:08 AM   #34
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Originally Posted by Crazy PreK Teacher View Post
Hi all~

I am going to be starting JUDDD/low carb in a few weeks. I have been reading through the JUDDD website & the DR. suggests using shakes & bars the first 2 weeks for their DD's. I love the Carbvantage shakes & Atkins bars...so would work for me if I had to

Did anyone use this method? Just curious if it worked for you...or if it did NOT work for you.

I've been doing JUDDD since the end of August and prefer doing liquids over smaller calorie meals. I have a "fast" from solid foods, but I'm nearly always drinking something, coffee in the am, () almond milk & drink mix, teas, lemon water, it all comes to under 400 calories.
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