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lynne2u 11-08-2012 06:58 AM

Can't sleep? Here's why.
I don't know if I can link to the article (per LCF terms of service) but if you Google this phrase...

Hypocretin Neurons: The Link Between Fasting, Stress, and Arousal, or, Why Fasting Breeds Insomniacs

You'll find a very interesting (to me, anyway) article on intermittent fasting, metabolic stress, and insomnia.

This article is not an argument against fasting; it's more a discussion of research on how women's bodies respond to fasting slightly differently than men's do...and what to do about it. (Though at the end she does say that some people, sometimes, shouldn't fast, it's not an anti-intermittent fasting article.)

It also helps explain why Theanine Serene w/relora works so well for some of us.

Hope this helps the sleepless. You're not alone.:)


stephdray 11-08-2012 12:07 PM

Really good information. I haven't had the sleeplessness in a while, but I have found that my bed time keeps getting later.

piratejenny 11-08-2012 04:22 PM

Did you read this article, from the same site?

Paleo for Women | Shattering the Myth of Fasting for Women: A Review of Female-Specific Responses to Fasting in the Literature

(I've read it & mentioned it many times, but I never clicked on the hypocretin neurons link!

C'Marie 11-08-2012 10:58 PM

Lynn, I read the article, and the other thread "I almost quit JUDDD" and I can't find (or maybe understand) HOW/WHY the theanine w/ relora helps. I also remember at one point reading something somewhat negative about relora and so when I bought some I bought just theanine but without relora. I honestly don't remember *why* now - I just hate that!

So why does it help? And does it need to be w/relora? I am doing better sleeping now but it's because I had help from Shelby with my cortisol issues. My adrenals are waaaaay exhausted and JUDDD after hcg tipped me over the edge big time. I am doing better now and I make sure I EAT protein pretty quickly after arising, even on DD so that I don't stress my adrenals out again.

lynne2u 11-09-2012 07:59 AM

PJ, yes!! That's a great article and was the one that started me reading around her blog.

I'd failed to notice you linked to it before :o but it really helps explain WHY these things happen when we do JUDDD. Not all of us, but maybe some of us either a) secrete more cortisol in response to stress; or b) perceive fasting as stress more than others; or c) respond to elevated cortisol more strongly than others.

I heard that laughing reduces cortisol in the blood. Is that true? If so, it sounds like a super cheap/non-toxic supplement for us sensitive people.:hyst:

C'Marie, I can't find anything negative about relora except that it might make you drowsy during the day for a couple of weeks until you adjust to it. It's a blend of two traditional chinese herbs for calm and relaxation.

I am forever endebted to Sunday who introduced me to Theanine Serene through a post about her son with PTSD who had tried many things to sleep with no success.

I hadn't slept through the night in 8 years (it wasn't JUDDD's fault, but JUDDD exaggerated it) until I took the TS.

As for WHY TS works?

TS takes a shotgun approach and supplements several things that would relax you or help you sleep on their own if taken individually - the magnesium, the theanine, the relora...but the article (briefly) mentions the GABA pathway, and GABA is also in TS.

GABA is the relaxer neurotransmitter. For folks that have been under chronic stress one way or another (metabolic or otherwise), there's just never enough GABA in the world.:)

Hope this helps.:heart:


piratejenny 11-09-2012 09:03 AM


I came to the same conclusion, but I don't remember why, either! :lol:
I read many, many reviews on both TS and TSw/R, and decided to try the formula without relora. (I also noticed that I could buy a bottle of relora by itself.)

I'm skimming through some of the reviews again and some say that relora "slows down their thinking". I guess this could be a good thing if you're trying to fall asleep and your mind is racing; but not helpful if you want to take it during the day when you're feeling stressed...people said it felt like they couldn't concentrate.

That would be an odd combination; I find theanine helps me concentrate. It almost feels like I'm meditating or in some kind of mental zone where I could decrypt extraterrestrial languages or dismantle a bomb! :laugh:

PS: I went through one bottle and didn't notice fabulous results, so I haven't ordered it again.

C'Marie 11-09-2012 06:11 PM

Lynne, I think it's funny that I take cortisol to help myself at this point - not lowering it, raising it! My adrenals perhaps just are kicking out adrenalin and not the cortisol. Apparently that's different for folks depending on how far along in the "fatigue" or "exhaustion" stage you are for the adrenals. I can feel it start happening and then I take some cortisol supplement and I'm good for awhile again. I had forever and ever heard that cortisol was bad and thought people who advocated to take it were nuts! But it's helping me big time! I've also upped my protein intake in the mornings and it helps alot. When I would try to fast in the morning on my DD to have a bigger meal later it would backfire. I would end up getting a racing heart, feeling like I was anxious, and then only by eating a very large meal would it go away. I start now with about 30+ grams of protein in the morning and I'm all good - along with the cortisol supplements first thing in the morning. My circadian rhythm was really off. Now I'm sleeping and wow what a change.

C'Marie 11-09-2012 06:13 PM

I have some of the theanine w/o relora. I'm hesitant to change anything I'm doing now because I'm actually sleeping and weaning myself of a benzy drug gradually. I may try it later. I'm taking 5htp at night now and hoping to get completely off the benzy. I'm down to half, then I'll go to a quarter.

PJ and Lynne, thanks both of you for your help. It's nice to know we're not alone, eh?

Oh, I take a sublingual gaba when the stress response indicates I need it. I'm not taking it all the time at this point. Wonder if I should? or with the 5htp wonder if that's overkill.

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