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TryingJudd 09-28-2012 07:46 PM

6 Month Report
I hit my 6 month JUDDD anniversary yesterday and sat down to try and understand the experience through my results but found that the two are not necessarily connected in my case. I did a complex spreadsheet that analyzed the patterns in calories, calorie composition, exercise, TOM as they relate to pounds lost and came to the conclusion that my rate of loss was only minimally impacted by the factors that I can control. That was a sobering take-away.

I only lose (in the last year or two during menohell) through JUDDD. LC simply stopped working for me. Calorie counting without IF did not work. But I can lose, albeit slowly, when I am JUDDDing. Over the last 26 weeks I have lost 27 hard fought pounds. That is a rate of about a pound a week. September has been a stellar month for weight loss for me or my stats would be about .65 pounds per week. There is no pattern I can find to replicate these September results. Believe me, I tried. I can only hope that the SIRT1 genes are finally kicking in because my average rate of loss has seemed to increase a teeny tiny bit each month I stick with the program.

My body is changing in shape and I am getting healthier and more "well", if that makes sense. I try to remind myself of that in weeks or months when I lose nothing or almost nothing, sometimes even gain doing the same exact diet that this month has rewarded me with a fabulous scale loss. The capriciousness(sp?) of the whole thing is infuriating and it makes it hard to stick to the program when there does not seem to be a relationship between cause and effect. It forces me to think long term and the mind rebels given the short term draw of unrestricted eating. Maybe that is my JUDDD lesson. This is for the long haul.

Still it is the only thing (I know of)that I can do right now that nourishes my body, improves my health and holds some promise for weight reduction, even if it is slow and almost completely unpredictable. I can certainly predict what would happen if I ate whatever I want and I definitely don't want to go there. I still feel like I am dieting on JUDDD, even on UDs, but the plan is workable and is working so I will keep working it! Happy JUDDDing all.

KeirasMom 09-28-2012 07:52 PM

:hugs: Sometimes the most valuable lessons are those that are the hardest to learn. You are nearly 30 pounds lighter than you were 6 months ago, so it does add up. Even if it's slow, that's still a wonderful accomplishment and I'm proud of you for sticking to it. You :sing: !

Carly 09-28-2012 08:02 PM

I'm glad you have stuck around and 27 pounds is nothing to sneeze at. I started JUDDD on 3/28/12 so we were having our first few days together. I didn't realize that today made 6 mos, but if I had made spreadsheets (which I did not :o ) I think mine would slow no rhyme or reason why 1 month I can lose 10.5 pounds and another month 4 pounds. Like you said and I agree, you/ we are getting healthier and this WOE is really doable!

Joyjoy 09-29-2012 04:38 AM

Trying, first congratulations. Your accomplishment is huge. Braveheart. :notwrthy:
Second, thanks for the lessons. For me, too, this is for the long haul, and I know exactly where I'd be if I weren't JUDDDing.
Thanks, thanks. I hope we're all here in another six months, talking about what we've lost and gained together. :):heart:

cici52 09-29-2012 06:03 AM

:notwrthy:Thanks for the insights. I can only echo what everyone else has already said. A pound per week is a good average for any weight loss effort. And your continued effort through the slow times has yielded great results in the long run. :clap::clap::clap:

I, too, don't get what is going on with the scales as the calorie deficit alone should be producing a weekly loss but I have been bouncing around the same two pounds for two weeks. :dunno: However, reading stories like yours and others helps me continue to wait for the new numbers with some assurance that they will eventually come. Without this hope, I would have quit, as with so many other attempts.

Great job.:up:

Whitlin' 09-29-2012 08:42 AM

:congrats: are certainly due, Trying Judd - I'm so happy for you! You stuck with it and are taking care of your health and you deserve applause.

capriciousness - that's an accurate word. :) We know there are just a lot of health-related things going on "behind the scenes" in our bodies with JUDDD. "Results" are accumulating in some ways that are not obvious.

I think it may just take longer to do more, and JUDDD does a lot.

We know that it's proven that avoidance of some diseases are an eventual result of JUDDDing, but we don't have a way to "clock" when that is happening or at what rate. Is it something our bodies may be busy "doing" during the times weight loss does not seem to be the emphasis?

I see some evidence of this in the experiences of those among us like you, Trying Judd, who weren't losing on other programs, but can lose on JUDDD. Is it possible JUDDD is "paving the way" with extra health benefits that then allow weight loss. Maybe there's some see-sawing going on over the months, back and forth between the weight loss and the healing/health boosting behind the scenes.

No matter what, it is hard to lose weight and your "hard fought" pounds are VERY COOL. :cool: Great job.

calichris 09-29-2012 11:19 AM


Originally Posted by TryingJudd (Post 15978353)
There is no pattern I can find to replicate these September results. Believe me, I tried.
. . .
The capriciousness(sp?) of the whole thing is infuriating and it makes it hard to stick to the program when there does not seem to be a relationship between cause and effect.

Congratulations on your six month anniversary and 27 pounds gone!

Your observations are fascinating to me, and those of the other JUDDD BUDDDs who say the same thing .... that even though you haven't done anything differently, some weeks/months you lose more and others you lose less (or don't lose at all), and there's seemingly no rhyme or reason to it, but if you can just make it through the bad scale times, you'll be glad you hung in there. (Although my heart goes out to those who have stuck with it and something isn't working :( )

I don't want to be derailed by the "capricious" (great word!) scale, which is why I adopted the British slogan "keep calm and carry on" for my signature. . . you never know what the scale is going to do, but just carry on with the faith that it will eventually right itself. This takes some confidence in JUDDD, and such confidence can be hard to come by for those of us who have just too many diet attempts in our histories. I think this is such an important thing to learn from each other. I'm encouraged by other people's experiences that I can apply to my journey. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Another thing this reminds me is to just do the best I can and be relaxed with my mental timetable. I was hoping to reach my next goal of BMI <40 by my birthday on Nov. 26, but at this point that is a pretty ambitious goal, and I can try, but even if I do JUDDD "perfectly," I can only have so much control over how fast my body is going to release the weight. No matter where I get by then, if I've made any progress from today, then that's a step forward! :)

Flossyliz 09-29-2012 05:46 PM

Thanks for a wonderful post. This is about long-term health and is definitely a Way Of Eating not simply a weight-loss diet. Your reminder that it's long-term, coupled with your fantastic 27lb success, is inspiring. Thanks for sticking it out and sharing your victory.

Kissa 09-30-2012 06:44 AM

TryingJuddd, I am so pleased to read this intelligent post and see the results of your diligence.

You are right, we cannot know why or how our bodies choose to react to our food input and sometimes our best efforts seem so ineffective. But they are not. You stuck with the plan through the dark days and I am delighted that you have had a great September.

You will succeed if you accept your own great advice. This is for the long haul.

Well done my friend.

TryingJudd 09-30-2012 07:24 PM

Thanks all for the encouragement - now and in the months past when I doubted or gave in to that capricious (and sometimes vicious) piece of metal. You remind me that this is about much more than a number.

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