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sterlinggirl 08-16-2012 08:11 AM

Sleep or lack ther of?
From my own personal experience i have found that sleep is sooo important when it comes to losses on the scale! Any one notice this too?:stars: I do understand that durring sleep our bodys will use calories to repair our body.. and i always see a loss over nite from the previous days weight(i weigh eveyr nite before bed) as well as weigh in the Am.. Last nite DH decided to not only keep me up beyound my bed time.. but then... HOGGED the bed~ Snored like no tomorrow (actually was sucking in the walls) Needless to say i did not sleep. and what sleep i did get was so broken , i am soo tired today,, But even worste than that was the dang scale this morning..I had stayed the same dang weight after a decent DD.. Only ateabout 500 caloires.. and this was not my best DD due to i usually do just coffee and no food.. but.. I was soooo hoping for that months goal number today.. my last dang pound to reach my 50 and it didnt happen!!:sad: I know its only a number.. but right now if i could drum up the energy i would slap the livin stuffin out of my DH!!:annoyed: Thanks for letting me vent i do feel soo much better.. now where is my dang coffeeeeee!:hyst:

sunday 08-16-2012 08:20 AM

:hugs: :console: :hugs:

Oh, I feel for you sister! Sleep is so important. I become a madwoman if someone wakes me. :mad:

Have you talked to hubby about getting a CPap machine? It is lifesaver. :)

sterlinggirl 08-16-2012 08:23 AM

Hes going to need more than a CPap machine:annoyed: :hyst: We are looking in to that for his sleep issues.. but in the mean time GRRR To the moon with him!:hyst: He is set up to do a sleep study here next week.. Due to i noticed he actually struggles to breathe :(

sunday 08-16-2012 08:28 AM

Please tell him he will be so glad he did! :console:
I know two people that have passed in their sleep from apnea. One was only 42 and it was so tragic. :(

theredhead 08-16-2012 08:44 AM


Originally Posted by sterlinggirl (Post 15876998)
Hes going to need more than a CPap machine:annoyed: :hyst: We are looking in to that for his sleep issues.. but in the mean time GRRR To the moon with him!:hyst: He is set up to do a sleep study here next week.. Due to i noticed he actually struggles to breathe :(

Is he overweight? My DH was quite overweight and ate crappy for years. He had terrible apnea, but we didn't have insurance and couldn't afford any type of testing or treatment. He really needed a CPAP, I'm sure. It drove me crazy, too.

When I embarked on my low carb lifestyle, my DH decided to join me. I was amazed that after just losing the initial 20-25 pounds, he completely stopped the apnea and rarely even snored! I think there's something more than just the weight loss here because he was still quite overweight at that point. Perhaps eating low carb has some other mechanism for stopping the apnea. Anyway, he went on to lose over 100 pounds and has kept it off. It's like he's a new man! No more falling asleep every time he sits down in front of the TV. I used to listen to him at night, wishing he'd breathe. Now, I listen because he's so quiet, but he IS breathing! I've read about many other people who've experienced the same thing.

Hope this info helps!

ravenrose 08-16-2012 09:23 AM

no. I know how important it is, but I have never seen a correlation myself.

KeirasMom 08-16-2012 09:51 AM

DH got a CPAP machine and I swear it saved our marriage! :D I would wake up literally 20 or more times a night to kick him. Now we both sleep through the night with no problems (except I suffer from insomnia on occassion-but not his fault). He never even seemed to struggle with breathing. He was just a very heavy snorer. When he had his sleep study done, it showed he was waking up 130 times in the night! I highly recommend the sleep study and, if necessary, the CPAP machine. It will make both of you so much happier!

mykidsteacher 08-16-2012 11:26 AM

I have been sleeping horridly the past week, and my weight has been creeping up with no other changes. So yes, def a correlation.

My dh snores badly too--but is not overweight. He was recently diagnosed with food allergies, and when we removed those foods, his snoring decreased a lot. Not gone completely, but much better. I want him to get a sleep study done too, but we can't afford it right now.

adillenal 08-16-2012 11:33 AM

I have slept with earplugs for years. I sleep like a log every night. Of course, I could probably sleep through a tornado but I am well rested. Dh snores but not all the time. I think it depends on what he has eaten so I have been trying to get him to do an elimination diet to no avail. So earplugs it is for me.

So I can't comment on lack of sleep hurting weightloss. I am so glad I have no sleep issues after reading about the large number of people with insomnia. I am very lucky.

sterlinggirl 08-16-2012 11:55 AM

Well My DH not over weight.. in fact just lost 27 pounds along with my WL journey..In part his snoring is from the Drunken stooper he puts him self into,, ironically so HE can sleep!! :stars: But last nite was more about the sorry to say this.. "unwanted" cuddling..Which put him firmly on three quarters of the bed and i need to MOVE.. ( my body aches all nite) so i must move around to get cumfy.. but i was trapped under 196 pounds of MAN!!! :hyst: We will get to help for the apena. cuz its really bad.. But i was soo dang mad at him this morning when i knew,, I JUST KNEW i was not goin to see my new number today :(.. I have had the sleepless nites before and noticed that the scale will reflex what the lack of sleep has done for me :(..BUT i am pumped up on Caffine right now.. So all is forgivin for now :heart:

Yam-Yam 08-16-2012 11:58 AM

Kimberly: Yep. I have read a lot about the importance of a good night's sleep regarding weight loss. Apparently the hormone leptin is the most important hormone in regards to losing pounds. It is produced at night and gives our bodies permission to release stored fat. It also helps to regulate appetite the following day.

I have always noticed that if I don't get enough sleep, not only does the scale go up, but so do my cravings for all kinds of carbs and junk food.

I'm glad your DH is going to do the sleep tests and get the snoring taken care of.

When my DH lost 27 pounds starting in February and then joined the Master's swim team and swims competitively now, he stopped snoring! Hallelujah! I'm over the top happy about it. We both sleep better now.

marlamp10 08-16-2012 12:07 PM

I know that I tend to get more sleep on weekends, and oddly enough, I see lower numbers on Sunday/Monday than I generally do mid-week.

For anyone who has to tolerate a spouse with snoring/apnea, make sure they're aware that it's more than an annoyance. Prolonged apnea can cause heart damage--we found this out 20 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (he later had to have a transplant). In the last couple of years a friend of mine who has had apnea for ages began having heart arrhythmia's and had to have a heart procedure to go in and repair it.

They may complain about the CPAP, but it's worth the protection against further damage.


sterlinggirl 08-16-2012 12:08 PM

:hugs: to all here to have answered.. I think in part today im well CRANKY and just kind of needed to vent.. So i thank you all from the bottom of my heaert:heart: Some days.. just saying it out loud is so freeing :kick:

Vikki80 08-16-2012 12:11 PM

I can not sleep past six am at the moment. My youngest is eighteen months old and gas only recently started to sleep through and to a respectable hour of the morning! I must just be used to the early starts now and really struggle to fall back to sleep when I wake early- or when I wake during the night

sterlinggirl 08-16-2012 12:38 PM

Wow vicky a lil one ~ I pray that you get some much needed rest too :hugs:

Carly 08-16-2012 05:59 PM

Yes! Yes! Yes! Besides the fact that I sleepwalk/ eat if I'm not sleeping well (this does not contribute to weightloss) I always wake to a loss if I sleep through the night! Last night I slept all the way through (I think) no evidence that I didn't- like empty yogurt containers or the such. And I awoke to a new low. My spouse snores something terrible too, but has lost 17lbs since June by JUDDDing and it's way better!

gotitnow 08-16-2012 09:00 PM

Kimberly...aint it great to be able to vent here?!!! Just want to give you a big ole :hugs: and say love ya sweet BUDD! :)


Carly 08-17-2012 07:47 PM

I was up and down the whole night last night. The scale was being a little b#*%^y this morning, but I expected that after very unrestful sleep and after an UD.

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