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kimberino 06-10-2012 07:30 AM

It's Sunday - What are you eating today?
Had to get off to church so started the thread.

UD here, feeling bloated probably from too much sun Saturday :(

B 2 eggs, 2 bacon
L Spring mix salad w/ grilled chicken
D Cheddars - grilled tilapia w/ shrimp, mango salsa, steamed broccoli and green beans

Have a good Sunday everyone!

Kissa 06-10-2012 07:33 AM

Lovely UD

B Coffee
L Bacon Roll and a soya Flat White
D ........ to be announced

adillenal 06-10-2012 08:12 AM

B - coffee with 1 T HWC (50)
L - eggs cooked in coconut oil (180)
D - 6 oz shrimp with ketchup/horseradish (180)
I am experimenting with raising my DD calories a bit
Total (410)

PhoebeHerself 06-10-2012 08:13 AM

:hiya: dd here

B - coffee stevia
L - I'm going to try to fast until dinner
D - cabbage, chicken
S - apple if needed

tobelowcarber 06-10-2012 08:20 AM

Feeling lousy after yesterday's carb binge, so today is a DD

B: 3 oz baked turkey breast (125)
L: Salad: lettuce, turkey breast, cucumber, onion, tomatoes, fennel, hard boiled egg whites (237)
D: ground lamb w/cabbage and spices (219), sliced cucumber (12)

total 593

Henush 06-10-2012 09:04 AM

DD here

B: skipped
L: 1 can pickles
D: Tilapia
S: watermelon

KeirasMom 06-10-2012 09:04 AM

DD and feeling sort of blah.

B: Coffee, small banana (94)
S: May need a protein shake (84)
L: Out shoe shopping (DH's idea!), so either Wendy's or Subway. (around 200)
D: No idea yet.

rosehip 06-10-2012 10:48 AM

DD here too and today is the first DD run for me so a but nervous (my training schedule has fallen on UDs this week):

B: coffee
L: protein shake (50)
D: grilled shrimp (100) on rice vermicelli (300) with lettuce, carrots, mint, sprouts, and Vietnamese dressing (80)

530 and I may add another protein shake if I really need it

PixieKGirl 06-10-2012 11:12 AM


Iced coffee from Starbucks
shrimp cocktail
maybe a glass of wine? yes, on a DD.

stargazer 06-10-2012 11:30 AM



Sunday lunch with roast lamb and carrot soup

Glass of red.

I love that with my new JUDDD appetite I can go all day on one meal.:)

rosehip 06-10-2012 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by stargazer (Post 15715296)


Sunday lunch with roast lamb and carrot soup

Glass of red.

I love that with my new JUDDD appetite I can go all day on one meal.:)

I feel the same way! It's so liberating :)

melisa82 06-10-2012 01:02 PM


Brunch: Cauliflower baked w/American Cheese, Bacon, Black Olives and topped w/Sour Cream (612)
Dinner: ?
I know that I'll be having some homemade coconut oil chocolate! :)

vilanteira 06-10-2012 02:33 PM


B: 1T EVCO, black tea
L: 2 eggs over easy, tuna avocado salad
D: spicy ground beef chili with raw milk morbier topped with minced onions and fromage blanc, assortment of peppered brie, saint andré, chèvre (super tasty cheese keeps me away from the really bad stuff I'm craving at TOM)
S: homemade spiced pumpkin shake with 1 egg

1740 calories total. Having TOM-related cravings but not really hungry due to the unexpected MD yesterday, so I'm trying not to overeat.

Kissa 06-10-2012 02:56 PM

Back to report, wine, pies, brownie and ice cream. Think I will be fine, love the JUDDD DDs there to heal us.

Whitlin' 06-10-2012 04:30 PM

UD will be divided into 2 meals.

Church event meant a lovely lunch of barbecue, potato salad, baked beans, asparagus salad, stewed apples and cake. I tried my best to catalog ;) this when I got home and I came up with 750 calories. Just now remembering I forgot I had sweetened tea.

Tonight is fish camp. I know what I'm going to order, so I'll be thoughtful about how much of the portions I eat, but it will be relatively easy to make sure I don't go over. No dessert since I had one for lunch.

TryingJudd 06-10-2012 06:32 PM

UD and boy did I make the most of it!

B: none, but I did take a 7.2 mile walk!
L: bagel sandwich with salami and cheese
D: baby back ribs, corn bread muffin, some fries and a bite of coleslaw and finished the day with a lemon meringue jello decadent desert (100cals). This is my new fav!!! Soooo good. Tastes just like pie without the crust.

Came in about right for calories but not enough veggies and too much salt! Not sure the scale will be kind to me tomorrow. Have not weighed since Friday.

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