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brewstate 05-22-2012 06:30 AM

Please tell me you can help me!
I have been low carbing for many years and have had some fair success but every pound has been fought for it seems much more than other people. Recently I was determined to break into the 170's so I decided to do a meat/egg fast with diet soda and that was it. I didn't really loose any weight so I did a egg fast with soda. NADA!? Finally I tried to give up the soda and artificial sweetner and I did loose a few pounds more but that has now stopped too. I have gotten to where I feel somewhat guilty if I eat anything but eggs and its just not sustainable. On JUDD do most of you have stalls with Artificial sweetner? Do you get to eat vegetables? I know these are crazy questions but I don't know what's wrong with my body and I want to get this right :dunno:

KeirasMom 05-22-2012 06:35 AM

JUDDD doesn't care what you eat, just as long as you stay within your calories. The artificial sweetener thing though, I believe, has nothing to do with your eating plan. My understanding is that you're either sensitive to it and it will cause stalls, or you're not and it won't. Sorry I don't know more about it.

Many here have come from low carb and either remain low carb or not, and still have great success. I suggest you read, read, read, then ask whatever questions you haven't seen answered, and give it a go!


cuttie99 05-22-2012 06:54 AM

Eat whatever you want as long as you stick to your calories. check out Dr. johnson's site.

mykidsteacher 05-22-2012 07:20 AM

Yes, you can eat whatever you want, unless it's a food/additive that your body is sensitive/allergic/intolerant to.

I have several allergies, and have found that artificial sweeteners cause huge cravings for sweets and an increase in hunger. So I avoid them.

I pretty much follow a primal woe, and that agrees with my body best. I eat lots of veggies, lean proteins, some fruits, and bake using almond/coconut flours. But I eat this way because it agrees with what I've learned about nutrition and because my body thrives on it.

You get to choose the foods you want to eat as long as you stay within your calorie numbers. You will learn an immense amount about how your body reacts to different foods. That's one of the great perks of JUDDD. As well as how healing this plan is for metabolism, blood sugar, blood pressure and so much more.

Give it a try. Commit to a month and see what happens.

RenoMom 05-22-2012 07:22 AM

Do you get to eat vegetables...........:lol:

Thats all I eat, no seriously JUDDD allows you to eat what you want, but I know my 1st 2 weeks when I only drank water I did much better, than when I added my Diet 7up back in. I think I have problems with the artificial sweetner too.

theredhead 05-22-2012 07:23 AM

I was, at one point, like you in that I was almost afraid to eat anything for fear it was what was "stalling" me. JUDDD changed everything. I started out still trying to low carb, but started adding in things like popcorn and oatmeal pretty quickly. My weight bounced like crazy! Up a few, but back down a few, and eventually the pattern was pretty consistently up a little, down a little more.

I've lost the last pesky 11-12 pounds I'd been trying to shed for years, and have maintained below my goal easily since then. I eat anything I want on UDs, but still am pretty low carb on my DDs. I guess you could say I calorie AND carb cycle.

I think it has made some incredibly positive changes to my metabolism because I don't fear foods now. It seems to totally depend on how MUCH I eat (and it's a LOT on UDs), not WHAT, and that's so liberating.

I wish you the best. There are a lot of people like me on these threads. Hang out with us awhile and give it a try.

brewstate 05-22-2012 08:03 AM

Thanks for all the responses. Obviously I love low carb and don't want to quit that since it has really been the only thing that has helped me keep the weight off in the past. To clarify, I LOVE vegetables but have found on LC lately that when I add them back in I stop losing weight. This should be counter intuitive I know, but alas its been true. So going VLC JUDD versus just regular fairly LC JUDD doesn't seem to make a difference in weight loss?

Sorry to be such a NOOB!

P.S. After eating pretty much eggs for the last month, bring on a DD, I think I can handle just about anything at this point :)

melisa82 05-22-2012 08:12 AM

I do JUDDD low-carb and have had great results! I eat less than 30g per day.

theredhead 05-22-2012 08:24 AM


Originally Posted by brewstate (Post 15672257)
P.S. After eating pretty much eggs for the last month, bring on a DD, I think I can handle just about anything at this point :)

It hasn't seemed to matter what I eat on JUDDD. But ironically, I've fallen into a habit of eating eggs on my DDs. I love them! I will mix one whole organic egg (fresh from my next-door neighbor's chickens) with 1/4 cup whole egg substitute and scramble it with chunks of a mozzarella cheese stick. I eat that for two meals and never get tired of it, lol. I'll have a 100-calorie popcorn pack for a snack, and maybe some Calorie Countdown Chocolate Milk at the end of the day and that's it! Yummy!

b_lou_who 05-22-2012 08:39 AM

The awesome part of intermittent fasting in the form of judddd is that YOU get to help YOU and we get to cheer! Your food choices are your own.
My choices are whole foods, real, organic and pastured primarily. I never put artificial anything in my body especially sweeteners and colors. That has been a long process to acquire the habit though. You make the best choices and changes for your own health!

Dottie 05-22-2012 08:44 AM

Chiming in with a disclaimer: although there are no food restrictions on juddd, if you can't handle certain foods (say pasta stalls you), then you'll need to restrict or eliminate it (at least until you reach maint!).
It's a juggling act and an experiment to find what works for you.
An example, for me, is: fried chicken and ice cream the same day. I will stall for a week when I do that, even though my calories are in the UD range.
So work with it and see how it goes, but don't be afraid to say "hey, I can't really eat that yet" :)

vanilla_latte 05-22-2012 10:50 AM

I eat mostly low carb on JUDDD and the artificial sweeteners haven't affected me. I'd be in BIG trouble if they did. I'm a certified sweet freak. :laugh:

Like the others said, JUDDD is about how you eat, not what.

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