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zeraspride 05-21-2012 08:05 AM

New here - first timer with JUDDD
Good morning everyone,

I am new to this section of the form and looking for support on my first ever DD. I low carbbed several years ago, lost over 100 pounds and have gained it all back. This time I have health complications as well - diabetes type 2 and liver disease. Both my doctors tell me that these conditions can be managed/reversed if I get the weight off.

I have been doing some searching over the past week on this board and reading all I can about the JUDDD way of eating and I'm starting today. I hope to get to know you all and get and give support.

Can you guys share some advice and/or lessons learned with this newbie? It is much appreciated! Thanks.

KeirasMom 05-21-2012 08:58 AM


The best advice I can give is read, read, read which it appears you've been doing. Give JUDDD at least a month with no tweaks, sticking to your rotations and the numbers given to you by the calculator, before determining if anything needs to be changed.

If you're bothered by a bouncing scale, don't weigh every day. If it doesn't bother you to go up and down, weighing daily can be a useful tool.

Once you've got a few DDs under your belt, they become easy peasy for most of us. The key there is finding the food combinations which work best for YOU. For me, it's a good mix of bulky veggies and protein. Some here find protein and fats work best. Others need lots and lots of filling low calorie vegetables.


melisa82 05-21-2012 10:00 AM

The best advice I can give, is listen to your body. If you can't start with the DD number given, add a few more calories and gradually lower them. If it feels like a "chore" then it probably won't be a lifestyle, just another diet.

Sheridan 05-21-2012 10:01 AM

:welcome: Glad to have you join us! :)

Just a few things that came to mind I think it's important to remember. . .

JUDDD is about HOW we eat, not WHAT we eat. There are calorie restrictions for each day and adhering to them is the key. Some people do follow LC or paleo guidelines and do well and others don't and do equally well.

JUDDD is very, very simple. Eat X number of calories one day and Y the next. Lather, rinse, repeat. That's it. :)

The scale WILL bounce up and down as it travels downward. Sometimes it will pogo-stick in the same place or dance around the same couple of pounds for a week or two. Be patient. This way of eating is very healing and offers many other important benefits in addition to weight loss.

When your scale isn't giving you any atta-girls, your tape measure more than likely will be. I also recommend digging out a pair of pants or a dress that you used to wear when you were thinner and use that as a gauge as to your progress (or go buy a pair of jeans at the thrift store to use for this purpose). Almost all of us have been flabbergasted that we can now fit into something (indicating inches lost) but the scale is still the same.

My advice to anyone interested or just starting out is devote a chunk of time to read, read, and read some more.

I wish you every success with this wonderful way of life! :hugs: I find it liberating! :heart:

vanilla_latte 05-21-2012 10:02 AM

Welcome to JUDDD! My advice:

* Find what foods you like best and keep you satisfied on a DD. Once you get a DD menu down it'll make them easier. I use the same DD menu and it helps me immensely to already know when I wake up on a DD what's on the menu for the day.

* Don't fear the DD's. They do get easier once the Sirt1 gene kicks in. Start out at higher DD calories and work down if you need to.

* Don't be afraid of eating all the way up to your UD calories!! You need to let your body know you're not starving it. Track your calories to make sure. I lost a couple of pounds and it took a couple of suggestions to track to make sure I was eating enough. I wasn't - shocking, I know - and once I did, I'm losing. You need the big spread between the DD and UD calories.

* The scale will bounce. There's a thread with several of us who've posted our charts.

* Everyone is great here and don't be afraid to ask questions. No one will jump down your throat for having an off day.

* No guilt! None of the foods that work for you or that you enjoy is off limits on an UD (or a DD if you work it in).

That's all I can think of for now. Glad you're here! :shake:

stargazer 05-21-2012 10:25 AM

I'd say don' worry too much about the scale yet. It's a very different way of life and DDs take a lot of adjustment if you have not come form a VLC board (some of us have).

I really struggled with DDs at the start but the lovely ladies here got me through. One of the best bits of advice was not to worry about going up a few 100s on DDs until you get used to them.

Don't eat until noon or beyond and then only if you are hungry. Coffee really helps. Fat or protein help most of us on the DDs. I added cold salad potatoes for instant hunger slaying. While a few like the DD protein shakes a lot of us find eating real foods is better.

The point of JUDDD over other WOEs is the health benefits and the way it alters your appetite. It really does make you feel well and you learn that feeling empty is not an emergency. It's a lesson in mental control as well as a physical change. That gene really does work magic but it can take some of us longer for it to really work.

I never did get much of a weight drop - three pounds in a month. But it will go gradually and the boon of being able to eat whatever you want every other day is so freeing it's worth having to take the slower route to slimness. You can also find your shape changes a lot before the scales reflect fat loss.

At my current weight I'm in smaller jeans than I would have been at this weight before.

So in short - read, work the numbers and have faith.

zeraspride 05-21-2012 12:40 PM

Thanks so much everyone for your advice and warm welcome. It's sunny out today so I went for a nice 1 mile stroll. Didn't try to kill myself with a faced paced walk. Just enjoyed feeling the sun on my face, listening to my Ipod and taking pleasure in moving. I know it's just day 1 but I haven't felt like doing any extra moving around in a long long time so I will take it that not stuffing myself with food is a good thing. :)

Muffabuff 05-21-2012 06:32 PM

:welcome:Lisa what stands out to me most about your post is that your doctor told your that your conditions are reversible. How great for you. I am also hoping to improve Some medical conditions with Juddd, rheumatoid arthritis and occasional asthma. I'm very happy for you that you found us, you should find all the support and information that you need here. Visit often as it is really invaluable in helping a lot of us with our success. I look forward to getting to know you.:hugs:

kimberino 05-21-2012 09:09 PM

What everyone else said! Welcome to JUDDD. I think you will find it an enjoyable, guilt-free WOL.

zipp2play 05-22-2012 12:11 PM

Ditto to what everyone said about upping the DD calories at first if needed. I started my DD's at 700c and in 4+ weeks am now between 470 - 550c for them. You'll read here a bunch of people fasting all DD or a large chunk of it. That didn't work at all for me. I get shakey, headachy and mad! I try to hold off till 10:00 and start with something small. Lunch is a large salad with small amounts of protein huge amounts of veggies. Dinner is a lean protein and veggies!

JUDDD is amazing and I know you won't believe this since you are just starting out, the DD's get WAY easy and the UD's begin to become tough! I never ever thought I would say that but now I struggle to get UP to that calorie level !

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