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Old 05-10-2012, 09:45 PM   #1
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Another traveler needs help: upcoming week and 1/2

Hi All!

I'm sort of stressing-- I have a trip to San Francisco for a company conference. I'm traveling there on Saturday, get there around 3pm local time (I'm from the east coast though) and it's supposed to be a DD.

I know I have options-- I wanted to try to stick to my rotations... but I'm also worried b/c I tend to just want to EAT the whole time I'm on the plane, and then when I get there... and then meet up with colleagues and go out for food.

I was thinking I could go above 500 cal... more around 700 or so (I have a plan with eggs for breakfast, just tomato juice on the plane, and then salad/sashimi for dinner), and it would still be WLM... but I wouldn't be eating much during the day, waiting mostly till night time for dinner there.

I'm worried I'm going to lose my mind on the plane and eat all sorts of weird stuff (like, pizza or chips). I get super hungry-- and I can't sleep on the plane, so it's 5.5 hrs of boredom, dehydration, fidgeting, waiting for the bathroom, and eating.

I can't bring anything from home b/c when I cross the border (canada/us), I can't have any food (or they stop and totally search me--easier not to bring any).

So, what would it look like if:

thursday today: DD

Friday: UD

Saturday -travel - Low to MD (eggs for breakfast, just tomato juice on the plane, and then salad/sashimi for dinner)

Sunday - UD

Monday - DD-- I think I can manage this-- tea for breakfast, green salad for lunch, and maybe more salad/sashimi or something for dinner

Tuesday-- UD (need this to be an UD b/c I'm only eating at the conference and out with colleagues, and we're going to a baseball game)

Wednesday-- MD-- another day of eating solely at the conference, including going to the soiree b/c they won't let us expense any other dinner

Thursday-- travel day ??? MD?

Friday-- MD/UD? I'm home, but driving to a weekend away, and dinner is at this amazing place and will NOT be Low Anytying. I think fast until dinner?

Saturday-- UD (I'm going to try not to go over on calories, and that's all I can promise)
Sunday-- UD (ditto to above)

Monday-- drive back, total DD, LOTS of fluids, many stops while driving.

and back to rotation on that Monday the 21st as we drive home.

I fully expect to gain a couple pounds somewhere along the way, though it would be nice not to.

thoughts? The airport thing is really freaking me out-- there's not great options for those who both LC and watch the calories!

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Plan to Win, Win when you Plan (re: food)
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Old 05-10-2012, 09:53 PM   #2
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I just travelled last week and did surprisingly well. And boy do I know what you mean about wanting to eat during travel. I ended up at Logan airport for 4 hrs wanting McDonalds on a down day. And watching the size 2 gal across from me at the gate eat a monster Kit Kat. Lol I was gone only three days and did a medium, up, and down day (and my down days are higher than most--800). Lost a pound.

My eyelids are drooping but I wanted to comment so I remember to come back tomorrow.
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Old 05-10-2012, 10:55 PM   #3
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Cut up a bag of raw green beans, carrots, radishes, green peppers and munch them on the plane.

Beef jerky is something that ravels well and lasts a long time.

Ask for several diet sodas and water. You'll spend half your time going to the lavatory. I hope you have an aisle seat. <grin>

If you need something crunchy, make some cauliflower chips. Cook them, blend, add salt and bake on parchment paper at 350 for 25 min, reduce to 300 and flip. Watch carefully, they burn easily. I adapted this from Cauliflower Nachos by LosinItNow. I wanted potato chips, not nachos. lol

I hope these help.
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Old 05-11-2012, 05:04 AM   #4
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That sounds like a good plan to me. Unlike that first trip, you now have a boatload of sirtuin enzymes on-board to help you burn fat. Upping your DD calories from 500 to 700 may slow down but will not stop new enzymes from being produced. Hmmm....sounds like a good plan.

Stay hydrated. Stay hydrated. Stay hydrated.

That will minimize false hunger signals and reduce physical stress ... and keep your fellow travelers amused.
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Old 05-11-2012, 05:15 AM   #5
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Soren, I just finished ten days involving two long flights and a number of long drives. Your plan looks terrific, but I thought I'd pitch in what I learned. I'm usually a HUGE eater during flights and after flights, during and after car rides What occurred to me this time is that it isn't really about hunger for me. it's more that I ground myself by eating. It's almost as though I use it as a mild anaesthetic or tranquilizer. Once I get this, I can eat less and breathe more. It helped this time. (Not perfect,but better )The other thing that worked for me this time was Sticking to the rotation. It was challenging on a couple of days, and I blew over a couple of UDs (crazy excess), but holy mackerel, the DDs were a massive relief each time! Made me feel successful, calm, and liberated rather than restrained. When I had something social on DDs, I just saved all caloric expenditure for the end of the day and did my best.
The last thing that helped was tallying calories a few times during each day. On the days I didn't do this, I lost all connection to JUDDD. I'm too new to be winging it.
I guess the bottom line for me was that I felt better being on JUDDD than off it for the trip. If that weren't the case, I'd have chucked it and started again after the trip. As it is, I came home lighter and happier than when I left
Good luck with whatever makes you feel best. I'd love to hear how it goes,
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Old 05-11-2012, 06:53 AM   #6
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Great post, Kristin! I completely related to what you said about travel = munching. For as long as I can remember, our road trips as a kid were about all the snacks you could eat along the way and flights were the same. Last week when I was away and did a down day on my travel home day I really had time to reflect on this. My flight wasn't until 4:30 and once I checked out of the hotel I really had nowhere to go except to the airport so I ended up being 4+ hours early. My down day plan had a salad from McDonald's entered into it but when I arrived at the food court McDonald's, they didn't have salads. There was an Au Bon Pain but even those salad choices with the dressings seemed a little higher than I needed. I wandered around the airport for a long while trying to come up with a plan B. I really, really, really wanted a Big Mac. Instead, I truly asked myself what would change if I had it. Would that really make me feel better?

In the end I came up with a great solution that was DD friendly and even low carb friendly. There was an Au Bon Pain kiosk at the gate with hardboiled eggs. Now, I am such a picky person that it really gets in my way sometimes (um, like how I don't like apple skins, hence the apples all over the airport not appealing ) and I don't like yolks when they are hardboiled unless they are deviled eggs. The eggs came in a little bowl and they had mayo and mustard packets out, so I bought those. Cut my eggs in half, discarded one of the yolks, and mixed one yolk with a teaspoon only of mayo and more mustard. Made enough "stuffings" for all four halves. Then I played a lot of Scrabble on my iPad. I could hardly recognize myself. The old me would have just said forget it.

I know you can do it! And I don't think there's anything wrong with upping those calories a bit. My down days are ALWAYS higher and I am still losing. On my trip I did a medium, then up, then down, and still lost!
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Old 05-11-2012, 07:15 AM   #7
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Hi Soren - sounds like a good plan. Good luck! I am doing something similar while I travel. Also - bring SF gum for the plane. Several flavors so you can switch it off for variety!
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Old 05-11-2012, 08:13 AM   #8
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Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: Mississauga, ON
Posts: 4,578
Gallery: sorenkkg
Stats: Jan 2014: 266/258.0/160
WOE: JUDDD range: 2200/500
Start Date: LC Jan 2003 restart Jan 2012- JUDDD start 04/2012
Thanks folks! This is the first place I checked this morning

re: O's suggestion-- I can't bring any food with me from home, at all-- no bars, real food, nothing-- last time I declared I had food (December, I was bringing cookies to my team in CA) they pulled me aside and a real @$$hole searched me and was so mean, he ruined my trip for me, mentally (he let me through with the treats, but was SUCH a jerk about it).

Anyway-- ok. I am always better with a plan. Last time I traveled (which I think Nancy alluded to, it was 2 weeks ago to do training in CA)-- I was way more in control of my eating b/c of where I was staying and my schedule.

So this time, I'm more advanced in my JUDDD, and have less outright control-- but I can still do all I can, which is what you guys are saying.

I'm worried about flying and not having good blood sugar and being ill on the plane from that-- but I think my plan will work-- and they do have carrots/celery/ranch dip (don't need the dip) if I need it on the plane-- that's totally JUDDD friendly food, which I just remembered.

Ok, so, here we go! Today's a nice UD, and then we take the plan into action.

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the time you took to help out

(and Kristin, i was reading about your travel-- I don't think I'm going to be leaving any pants behind on this one )

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