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arkie1 05-05-2012 04:10 PM

New Blood Sugar results.....
I ran out of test strips, and my insurance will not pay except for 50 at a time.
Those go in a big hurry if you do a lot of testing..before meals and then every 30 minutes after for about 2 hours. Anyway, I got some more on the May 2, and have been checking, but just when I first get up, and then about 1 1/2 hours after I eat and again before bed.

I am totally blown away...I've had mexican, burgers w/buns, some fries, (frozen and homemade), a piece of strawberry cake, popcorn, biscuits, cornbread, fried breaded fish, chicken and dressing,...well, you get the idea! The highest my BS has gone is 139, and that was after eating popcorn. It is higher in the mornings (highest was 111), when I first get up than it is 1 1/2 hrs after eating all the carby foods. Today for lunch I had a combination burrito and a mucho toastada, with a few tortilla chips and salsa, and it was 109 when I checked it.

I would love to hear results from others that are keeping check on theirs. This is amazing to me, and I have nothing to say except I :heart: JUDDD!


Babsbabs 05-05-2012 04:58 PM

I do not need to check mine but just wanted to say that I am really happy for you that this way of eating is helping!:jumpjoy::jumpjoy:

arkie1 05-05-2012 06:49 PM

Thanks Babsbabs. I was checking about 4-6 weeks ago, and ran out of strips, so had to wait. At that time, I reported that it was going down, but not near like it has been the past few days. I even had thoughts that maybe my meter was wrong, but its fairly new, and the same one I used when I was doing this earlier.:dunno:

I have been Type 2 for about 4 or 5 years, and this is the lowest it has ever been. I'm happy!


Babsbabs 05-05-2012 06:54 PM

My Father is Type 2 as well. I am looking forward to telling him about your improvement. Not sure he would ever try JUDDD but you never know,

arkie1 05-05-2012 07:18 PM

I try to tell people the benefits of JUDDDing, not just for weight loss, but for overall health, and have actually had a few that seem interested. i hope they follow thru, and I hope you dad will give it a try, and put in the time to see results. I will have been on this WOE 3 months on 5/9/12, and have seen so many health related benefits, and lost 20 pounds.


Mary T8M 05-05-2012 09:56 PM

I'm not diabetic, but I have a friend who is, and she has reported that since doing JUDDD (sort of:dunno:) her A1C dropped 2 whole points!

She said that when she has chicken at dinner (rather than any other kind of protein) her morning BS is higher.....talk about odd! It doesn't matter if it's an UD or a DD

gotsomeold 05-06-2012 05:59 AM

Carole, I am completely ecstatic that you are experiencing/keeping this amazing health improvement!!!:jumpjoy::jumpjoy::jumpjoy:

KeirasMom 05-06-2012 05:59 AM

That's great news Carole! WTG!

NoWeigh 05-06-2012 08:14 AM

Wow, that is wonderful news! I'm so glad to hear about it!

I am hypothyroid and borderline diabetic. I get my labs done every three to four months. I actually waited to begin JUDD until just after my last labs. I thought it would be interesting to see if/how they change. Next check is in July.

sophiethecat 05-06-2012 09:15 AM

:jumpjoy: WTG, Carole!!!! :jumpjoy: Awesome report! :high5:

Sheridan 05-06-2012 10:31 AM

How neat is that?!?!! :jumpjoy: Really happy for you, Carole! :hugs:

NancyLeeIL 05-06-2012 10:43 AM

Hi Carole and Congrats!

I was diagnosed type 2 a year ago. I don't test, but I just went to the doc and he told me my A1C went from 7.1 to 6.1.

I was doing "low carb" (aka Atkins) which I am grateful for..for making me carb aware...but something wasn't right for me and I found JUDDD on the forum started lurking and reading and got the book from the library and have been doing JUDDD and my weight loss and feeling of well being are definitely much better.

I think sometimes we focus on the outside (not saying we all don't want to look better) but there's a whole lot going on at the cellular level which is what Dr. J addresses in his book that convinced me to give it a shot.

Even the GI index people (I just got that book from the library as well...i.e. eat low/med GI foods to stabilize Blood Sugar)...say that you shouldn't necessarily exclude any food (i.e. potatoes - even though they're high GI)...because there are nutrients in it...even for diabetics.

Congrats again. May your BS continue to go down...down...down.


piratejenny 05-06-2012 10:56 AM

I don't mean to be a downer, just want to make an observation/suggestion because something concerns me about your post--

From what I understand, previously you were testing every 30 minutes and now you're testing 90 minutes after a meal.

In my own experience and what I've gathered from several other discussions/websites/books, the biggest spike often occurs about 45 min after eating. By 60 min, BG will be on its way down, at 90 min could be at a "false low" (reactive hypoglycemia), then will go back up and stabilize.

For example, my BG is usually around 120.
If I eat carbs, something like this will happen:
30 min: 150
45 min: 200
60 min: 150
90 min: 80 --that's a non-diabetic's BG!
120min: 120 --back to normal for me

If I only tested at 60 min, I might conclude that a bagel wasn't too damaging. If I only tested at 90, I might conclude it's actually good for me! :laugh:

The good news, IMO, is that the fact I am (and maybe you are) experiencing these drops/crashes indicates that I am becoming more insulin sensitive. A year or so ago, my BG just would have stayed at 180-200 for a couple of hours...during which time I would probably pass out for about 30 minutes! :eek:

So, since you don't want to waste strips, may I suggest you test around the 45 minute mark to see how a food or meal has affected you?

I do hope you are getting & feeling better! :up:

arkie1 05-06-2012 11:16 AM

Thanks to all who responded to my post. I do find all of this very interesting.

And, PJ...no debbie downer. You were just stating facts as they happen for you, and I appreciate all the feedback I can get. I will start doing some of the tests at 45 minutes after I eat, as that seems to be when the biggest spike occurs, in your case. Today is a DD, and I don't have anything carby planned to eat, so will do it tomorrow, and let you all know.

mykidsteacher 05-06-2012 02:17 PM

It is wonderful that you are seeing an improvement! I am not diabetic (maybe 'pre'), and have noticed I can now eat a limited amount of grain and potato. But anything with sugar is still a no-go for me. Maybe in time.

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