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Leah 05-04-2012 08:34 PM

A question about calorirs
:jumpjoy: I love this WOE for weightloss, and I love this forum. But there is something I cant figure out...matience calories. On ************ it says to maintain my goal weight of 122
I would get 1570 calories per day but doing JUDDDi would get about 1570 on U UDDand
about 780 on DD. That means on JUDDD I would get 800 calories less every 2 days or about 2400 less per week. I love the health benefits of JUDDD , but it seemslike the number for the UD should be 1570+the800 I didnt eat on my DD.
sorry for typos,can only get on the internet on my phone lately. I have notbeen counting on my UDs and I am losing. I eat about 2000 UD/ 330 DD I a m losing about a
pound a week
l am planning on counting UDs if weightloss slows...i dont plan on counting when I get to goal weight, I like the mental rest on UDs not having to count. I I dont want to discourage anyone with this question, this has just been bugging me. I love this WOE!! I love the mental clarity, physical energy, and freedom!!

Dottie 05-05-2012 04:18 PM

I'm sure maint is a trial and adjustment period for everyone.
Just play with the numbers until you find your "magic zone" :)

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