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heyjupiter 04-20-2012 01:11 AM

Oh the Horrors!!
My "girls" are shrinking! :laugh::laugh::laugh:

This is the first WOE in which I've noticed a reduction in cup size. I tried on my tankini from last summer. Then, I was overflowing, now, well I barely fill it out. Oh, but it's just as well. DD's make me too top heavy now, and I would be even more so as I lose the extra weight. At least I have an excuse for buying a new swim suit! (I've already got a super cute retro fit suit picked out!!)

Alcestis 04-20-2012 05:03 AM

I and my DDs (double D boobs, not Down Days :lol:)are right there with you! I think it's time for a professional bra sizing. More shopping is required!

Horsetrainer110 04-20-2012 05:19 AM

well....the older I get the more I don't mind losing up there. Less to sag as I age!

Kissa 04-20-2012 05:24 AM

Took me a moment to get from DDs to DDs too, lol.

I always get a laugh on here when I give my bra size. Here we go, 30 G.

sunday 04-20-2012 05:28 AM

I had a good friend tell me that she noticed I was losing weight because of my smaller bust! :hyst: I would rather it be that she noticed my waist or derriere whittling, but nonetheless it is just another sign that JUDDD's "MELTING" plan is melting fat!!! :jumpjoy:

gotsomeold 04-20-2012 05:33 AM

Cindy, :rofl: some day, :hyst: in "private", just between you and a few hundred best JUDDD BUDDDs would you consider telling us if you jog :stars: ?

Kissa 04-20-2012 05:36 AM

Nancy, strangely not. I value my eyes and knees too much.

sterlinggirl 04-20-2012 05:51 AM

Kissa:hyst: omg.. Thats the laugh i needed today !!! Unfortunaly mine were already smallish. and now well i have to look for them in my waistband to see if they are still with me! :):hyst:

Mariacj 04-20-2012 07:14 AM

Oh you guys are funny. Mine have also gone down. Went in for a bra fitting and they said 38c.. Yay, but they also said not to freak out because the next size down is 36 d. Fyi

MintQ8 04-20-2012 07:17 AM

I don't know why you're laughing at my mother

34 JJ - and heading to a 32 JJ!!

HeyJupiter - hoping this will happen to me soon - if I keep losing round the back and not round the front - I don't know what I'll be able to wear!

Dottie 04-20-2012 07:18 AM

Oddly, I've gone down a band size but up a full cup size+! And it's obvious, not just the downsize band thing lol. DH is calling me Jessica Rabbit :laugh:

sunday 04-20-2012 07:28 AM

Vicky!!! Wow, I need to start paying more attention. Kissa is your mum! I never knew!!! :doh: You have a very young and lovely mum!!!

MintQ8 04-20-2012 07:29 AM

She is!!

sterlinggirl 04-20-2012 07:31 AM

You are both beautifull!! Now Vicky its only fair to ask... as Nancy inquired.. Do you Jog? :hyst:

sunday 04-20-2012 07:31 AM

Lucky you!!! I so wish that my mom would join us! :love: I think she would absolutely adore everyone here. I can't even get her to join FB! :(

MintQ8 04-20-2012 07:38 AM

No jogging here! And when I go to an aerobic class I wear a bra and a tight sports bra - almost impossible to find!

b_lou_who 04-20-2012 08:01 AM

Vicky, I am so sorry! I wore 30JJJ when pregnant.
I just dropped from my 34Hs to 32Hs, so freaking hard to find.

KeirasMom 04-20-2012 08:03 AM

I'm due for a fitting. I have no idea what I'll be at this point. My 40 bands are loose on the tightest hooks (37 when I measured myself on the 1st), and the DDD/F cups are a bit big, but don't seem terribly baggy. :dunno: I hate fittings though!

Beeb 04-20-2012 08:07 AM


Originally Posted by Kissa (Post 15595808)
Took me a moment to get from DDs to DDs too, lol.

I always get a laugh on here when I give my bra size. Here we go, 30 G.

:eek: And JJ? I didn't know there was such sizes! OH MY......:o can I have some of your "overflow"?!! :D:laugh:

b_lou_who 04-20-2012 08:13 AM

I've been wearing aaah bras more and more lately just to accommodate the fluctuations. They are comfy. For the larger busted gal two layered is a must, and I wear the mediums. Sears has a store brand of leisure bras (apostrophe) that has more shape and more support with no hooks (sturdier material) that doesn't uniboob, but they only come in black and tan. I need colors in my life!

KeirasMom 04-20-2012 08:20 AM

Where do you get the aaah bras?

I wear Cacique and they're pretty good.

Dottie 04-20-2012 08:45 AM

Walmart, walgreens, any store that carries "as seen on tv" stuff has the ahhh bras:)

KeirasMom 04-20-2012 10:03 AM

Thanks, I thought maybe it was a fancy brand I'd never heard of. :hyst:

Stitch 04-20-2012 10:10 AM

I'm so happy my breasts are getting smaller! I've lost lots of weight before and even when I weighed about 12lbs less than this they stayed fairly big. I'm normally a E but now I've gone down to a DD thankfully!

TraciLew 04-20-2012 10:33 AM

I so hope to experience some girl shrimage! DH would object, but my back sure won't!!

PixieKGirl 04-20-2012 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by Horsetrainer110 (Post 15595792)
well....the older I get the more I don't mind losing up there. Less to sag as I age!

I hope mine continue to shrink also!! Bras are on the tightest notch. When I get to goal, I might have a little firming/tightening surgery (notice, I did NOT say implants)

kimberino 04-20-2012 10:47 AM

My daughter inherited what were supposed to be mine...skipped me and went straight to her. And what I do have seem to be migrating south, and taking my rear with them.

For anyone experiencing the trend downward (other than those in the "holy cow, is there really a JJ size cup" category), I have found a good bra at Penney's. It's called the "age defying lift" bra. Perfect! Makes 'em all perky and such.

Dottie 04-20-2012 12:26 PM

kimber I just looked at those on the jcpenney site. I got a laugh because the model looks like she's wearing a cup size too small! Spillage under the arms! (looking at the wire-free one).

b_lou_who 04-20-2012 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by KeirasMom (Post 15596358)
Where do you get the aaah bras?

I wear Cacique and they're pretty good.

I order them from HSN, they have the best selection, way better pricing, and all the colors. You have to order based on smaller than you think. They are so comfy. I have patterns, colors, brights, neutrals, the works. I was a 34, now a 32 and the medium is just right, larges were waaaay too big and I have a lot of busom to cram in. Layering two really does give a ton more support and lift than just one by itself. They have double layered ones that take a "pad" (modesty coverage) but those still need to be layered with another single for the support on me.
aahh is Rhonda Shears brand. There are others out there that don't compare at all.

nickicaps 04-20-2012 02:21 PM

I talk to my boobs basically daily, begging them not to shrink or sag bc I need them! They balance out my big butt (think kim k sized, circa 2007)

I am even considering a massaging bra device! :o

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