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stargazer 03-29-2012 03:05 AM

New and Hungry
Hi, I've been reading here for two weeks and thought I'd dive in and share my experiences with you lovely people.

I'm over 50, 5 foot 10 (and half) and have around 30 lbs to lose. I started out at 85.60 kgs in the new year. I've lost 6 lbs since February on first a healthy regular diet of around 1200 cals and then back to Atkins as I wasn't losing. I still barely lost so I did the plateaux busting Fat Fast for 5 days and got down to 82 kg. I've been bouncing up and down between 82 something and 83 something ever since.

Started JUDDD nearly a fortnight ago (this Friday will be 14 days) and I am still bouncing up and down around the same weight.

I don't think the skinny gene has kicked in because on down days I am STARVING. I also feel really out of it and not able to string my words together. I've tried chia seeds and broth to fill up. I stopped the protein shakes because they didn't help and I thought I needed real food instead. Nothing seems to help the hunger pangs. Yesterday was a DD and I rounded up my 516 cal day with a gin and tonic because that helps to blunt the hunger a little (obviously not ideal).

I can manage the UP days and don't feel hungry when I wake up or for dinner. In fact I couldn't eat more than a bite of the curry I shared with friends last Saturday. I am on 2056 for the up days and it's gratifying how much that is. No way I can keep to my 411 DD number at the moment though.

My thyroid is fine and I'm on BHRT so hormones should not be the problem. I do HIIT workouts three times a week and am very active at the moment as I am weeding my acre of garden! I've never had so much trouble losing weight as I have this time. My body seems to have two set points - 66 kgs when I'm healthy and 86 when I'm going through hard times physically with babies or stress.

So is it worth sticking it out? Can I up my DD calories and still lose?

Also I have to confess that I do two UPs at the weekend as it's really tricky socially not to. The book says that's ok but maybe it's stalling my skinny gene?

:stars: Sorry about the KGs but my scale only weighs in metric.

sterlinggirl 03-29-2012 03:11 AM

Um well i will let the experts jump in here on this one.. The only thing i can add from my own experience is,, coffee supressed my appitite, and when i put protein in on a dd with out haveing any carbs seams to help me.. i would eat 3oz of chicken breast ... but i would eat half now... and the other half when i felt like i could take no more.. seams to help me.. also i read on here, that some folks are very sucessfull eating 500 to 600 on a dd and still have the same results so take that advise with a grain of salt till the experts jump in on this thread.. i do want to say :welcome: and :hugs: best of luck to you dear.. hang in there!:heart:

stargazer 03-29-2012 03:34 AM

Thanks :shake: I will try more coffee. I loved my espresso shot in my protein shake. Yesterday I had coffee, a chicken breast and green salad for lunch and then a soup for dinner. Oh and the G&T.

I think I need to spread my food throughout the afternoon more.

sterlinggirl 03-29-2012 03:46 AM

Some have better luck with waiting as long as they can before putting there first bite of food in.. they wait till closer to mid morn or early afternoon.. food seams to start that old engine wanting more... my DD when started was with the above method.. i have since switched to just coffe and water.. i cant belive that every other day i dont put in any solid food and the only time i feel that hunger pang is at 2pm in the afternoon.. a quick shot of coffee stops this feeling and i drink water with lemon all day long.. i feel great! But this does not work like this for every one.. My sister for example can not make it on no food.. (she hates coffee) so for her she has found that if she eats Carbs like , fruit or oat meal, that she cant shut off the urge to eat.. she has since switched to peanut butter and chicken and eggs and now finally feels like she can make it thru the day.. he down days cal are around 500 and she has lost more weight than I doing 120 on a DD So.. less is not always best.. you have to find that which works for you.. and take on advise from this forum as an idea.. and not a rule... every person does it differnt and thats what makes this WOE so great.. find your numbers,, what works for you.. and sit back and watch the weight fly off your frame!!:hugs:

adillenal 03-29-2012 09:20 AM

I am one that has to eat three little meals on DD's to survive. And no it isn't easy but it is so worth it. I am a SLOW loser but as the days go by, my weight loss increases. A pound a week doesn't sound like much until several months have gone by and then it really sounds good.
I also bought some glucomannan from netrition and make gluc jello and eat that between my mini meals. Not much but a few spoon fulls twice a day and that certainly helps. One of my favorite things for DD's is split pea soup made with no meat or fat.
Keep on keeping on and you will be rewarded.

ouizoid 03-29-2012 09:59 AM

experiment with when you eat. I find that I have to move all my calories to late afternoon early evening. If I start eating anything, I get hungry. Coffee also kills my appetite. I make glucomannan shakes for the morning: one small packet of crystal light, one tsp glu, water and a couple of ice cubes. insignificant calories and a lot of appetite killing right there. If I get too hungry, I heat up some miracle rice in some broth with some hot sauce. Does the trick and again, usually less than 10 calories.

stargazer 03-30-2012 01:55 AM

Thanks ladies. I am on a DD today and will try my coffee with cream up to 200 cals and not milk. I heard semi-skimmed milk in coffee can make you hungry. Then I'll go with two poached eggs for supper when I just can't stand it any longer.

I'll order some Glucomannan. I'm in the uk so I'll have to find a source here.

Mimosa23 03-30-2012 01:57 AM

Hi Stargazer!

I'm only on day 2, my first DD, but wanted to pop in and say hello and send good vibes for a hunger free day for you!

stargazer 03-30-2012 02:10 AM

Hi Mimosa I'm Sue. Nice to know there are more newbies.

So far so good. I think the cream instead of milk is working. Good luck. My first DD I drank tons of water. Not sure why, but it makes you feel better for sure.

Mimosa23 03-30-2012 02:29 AM

Sue, nice to meet you! I'm Chloe.
We have a UK/expats thread on the challenges board, should you want to pop by. There are a few of us doing JUDDD...

stargazer 03-30-2012 02:34 AM

Hi Chloe. I will drop by. Americans have a lot of stuff to support DDs we never heard of here.

Not sure about the Glucomannan after having read up on it. Anything that makes you windy effects me badly. I even have issues with protein shakes if I have a lot. A grumpy still chubby wife on a DD is bad enough without the flatulence. :o

Great smilies here.

adillenal 03-30-2012 05:19 AM


Originally Posted by stargazer (Post 15539835)
Hi Chloe. I will drop by. Americans have a lot of stuff to support DDs we never heard of here.

Not sure about the Glucomannan after having read up on it. Anything that makes you windy effects me badly. I even have issues with protein shakes if I have a lot. A grumpy still chubby wife on a DD is bad enough without the flatulence. :o

Great smilies here.

I have not had any problems with glucomannan. I am not eating large quantities though. Just enough to get me through the day. I mix 1 T into 2 cups water with 3 packets of Wal-MArt brand crystal light lookalikes and it is real similar to jello. I DO NOT eat the whole amount in one day. That amount will last me all week so 1 T of gluc spread out isn't a lot. Just in case you might be interested in another's experience.

krow134 03-30-2012 05:39 AM

stargazer- sometimes waiting until late evening on a DD helps too. It seems for me and a few others once you get a taste of something you want more. I usually have coffee through out the day and save my calories til dinner with my family. We usually eat around 6-7pm when everyone is home. If I get hunger pangs in the day I up my water intake a bit and it seems to help alot!

Others swear by eating protein right off the bat in the am too. Hard boiled egg whites, chicken breast, so on.

Others drink broth through out the day. I cant, the salt will bloat me and I will get a sick stomache from it.

My suggestion is try this and that until you find what works for you, to get you through. And as someone said in another post that I remember through out a DD is, you can eat tomorrow!! Something about those 4 words helps!!!

Kissa 03-30-2012 05:58 AM

Hi Stargazer, and :welcome: from another UK JUDDDer.

I think that possibly the skinny gene hasn't kicked in yet because of your 2 UD weekends. Give it time and it will get easier, we all find our own way to make it work.

I am on a DD today and have been invited to a neighbours where I know the slow roast belly pork is being served. No may I will be under 500 calories today. But I am lucky as I am maintaining and can go up to 700 without worrying. Still it is a long time until 7.30....

I have been to the gym had a ghastly black coffee there. (The coffee is always pretty naff and today they had run out of milk!) Since getting back I have had a Bovril drink. Have you seen the ones that come in a little plastic cup with granules in the bottom, just add boiling water? I put it into a mug and it is a 5 calorie 'soup'.

My DD (MintQ8 on these boards) found them when she was home over Xmas. Poundland sells them I know, if you google them the image will help you find them.

I also make a lot of home made veggie soups and freeze them in jiffy bags. Very low calorie and not high carb if you are still watching them.

I had a wonderful weekend in Oxford a couple of weeks ago, great city. :high5:

stargazer 03-30-2012 06:54 AM


Thank you everyone, what a super welcome!

So far really good! I've tried the coffee only route and at nearly 2.00pm I'm hunger free. I am wondering if using a teaspoon of cream instead of milk is the secret? On my Fat Fast I was never hungry so for me it's probably best to add fat instead of carbs or even lean protein. A whole breast of chicken did not avert the pangs last DD.

I have two eggs ready for boiling for supper.

I tried Miso soup for the last two DD. Only about 30 calories for a very salty broth. First time it seemed to work like a charm to turn off the hunger but next time not so much. I do think I'll make some soup next week. Lentils will probably fill me up nicely. Seeing as we are doing this half the time I'm beginning to feel I ought to be eating healthy foods. At the moment though, whatever gets me below 12 stone will do! I've been stalled for what seems like years.

Kissa 03-30-2012 07:09 AM

Come and put your name on my UK/Europe JUDDD count please. It is interesting to see how many of us there are here now.

Hazelsmrf 03-30-2012 07:32 AM

I tend to eat the same thing on my down days because it's what works for me, you will experiment with foods to find out what works for you. For instance, from doing Fast 5 in the past I learned that I can train my body to ignore hunger signals when they come outside of my "eating window", and after several weeks you just no longer get those hunger signals at that time. Fascinating stuff, the brain! Look into neuroplasticity, that will really blow your mind! You have to start wondering... am I getting hungry right now because I've trained my brain to expect food right now, is this a habit? Is this a habit that I can break? And in my case, it absolutely was. It got easier and easier to delay the food, to push the breaking of the fast to later and later. And once it became habit, it also became effortless. Not ALL days are effortless, there are hunger pangs that creep in from time to time, but I don't listen to them and they go away.

So anyways, for me... I eat as late as I can stand it. Once I eat, the cravings to eat more more more come. I haven't yet figured out how to train my brain to not expect more more more! I'm working on it :) But if I can not eat anything until 8pm, my down day is pretty good! Yesterday I ate 3 hard boiled eggs, 4 melba toasts with 2 laughing cow cheese wedges spread on them, 2 dill pickles... total of 335 calories. That's pretty much my normal DD meal.

sophiethecat 03-30-2012 08:05 AM

:welcome: Stargazer! :shake:

Looks like you're figuring out what kinds of foods and when you need to eat on DD, and that's great!

I wish I'd done more experimenting when I first started out, because I tried to survive on DDs on what many others were using and loving, but it just wasn't working for me to keep me from being hungry (not enough protein). I found that lots of low cal protein with veggies did the trick, and it looks like for you it may be that fat is the key. :)

stargazer 03-30-2012 08:41 AM

Still getting used to being able to choose what foods you need/want, even on a DD. I've been Atkins on and off for years. On UDs I eat bread!

Kissa 03-30-2012 10:11 AM

The joy!

Yam-Yam 03-30-2012 10:59 AM

:welcome::hiya: I definitely think having cream in your coffee will help! I use half and half in mine and it definitely is an appetite killer for me.

Another thing that does it for me is around 2 o clock in the afternoon I have a teaspoon full of Extra Virgin Coconut oil stirred into a hot cup of Nestle's sf, ff, hot chocolate mix. Yum! Sometimes I even stir in a teaspoon full of mocha cappucinno mix. Immediately my energy increases, my brain feels sharp and I have no appetite.

Sounds like you are figuring things out really well. KUTGW!

SoHappy 03-30-2012 11:08 AM

Hi, Sue. Welcome to JUDDD. :hiya: I'm glad you're joining us.

Yes, the Down Days do get easier. First and foremost, I do think our bodies have to acclimate and re-learn when to signal our appetites. But that comes. Most of us find that after we've been doing JUDDD for a few weeks, those DDs are pretty easy to do, and even to enjoy a whole lot.

And a great deal of this, and being successful on DDs, has to do with finding out how to eat on your DDs the best way for you. Many of us find once we start eating, it triggers our hunger for the rest of the day. But if we have a cup or two, or three, of coffee (even with milk or light cream) it satisfies our appetites far into the day. Some people find sipping on very hot tea or plain broth is a Godsend. Others sip on water with ice in it, very cold, helps.

And what to eat? Some do best on protein. Others with a high fat percentage. I'm one who needs heaps and mounds of food piled on my plate on DDs, so I eat tons of veggies then. Example: my first meal of the day will be an egg scramble, but only with 4 egg whites, since they're so very low calorie (save the yolks for the UD) but I bulk up the scramble by adding in tons of sliced fresh spinach leaves, some onion, piles of fresh sliced mushrooms, maybe some shreds or red pepper, etc... you get the idea. Some protein and tons of low cal veggies, and a big belly-filling meal. No hunger pangs for me!

Welcome to JUDDD. I'll be looking forward to reading your posts, telling us of the many pounds you are losing. Glad you're here.

Kissa 03-30-2012 11:49 AM

What about some Options chocolate drink? It is about fooling your body into thinking it is satisfied that helps. I have a friend who finds that she doesn't need as much of the powder as the jar says, cutting the calories even more.

gotitnow 03-30-2012 02:11 PM

:welcome::welcome: Stargazer!! You will love all the support here from a bunch of very caring BUDDS. Glad to have another BUDD!


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