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SummerAnne 02-18-2012 02:17 AM

Day One done, and I'm under - will that be a problem?
I'm going for a limit of 500 calories on DD, but ended up with 354 today. It would have been less, I almost didn't need my third 'meal' but got twinges when I made DH a sandwich.

annieS 02-18-2012 02:44 AM

I'm not an "expert" with JUDDDing but I think it's totally OK to go under 500 for a DD ... it's on your UD that you shouldn't go under your calorie limit....
isn't it great ?! ;)

gotsomeold 02-18-2012 05:25 AM

Correct, Annie. Originally science thought the only way to invoke the sirtuin enzymes was by a complete fast. JUDDD was part of the discovery that very low carlories have the same effect. Which means anything down to fasting will invoke the magic.

Congratulations, SummerAnne you have made a great start! :jumpjoy::jumpjoy::jumpjoy:

giggles4me 02-18-2012 07:30 AM

Great Job!

Question: I am on my second DD and woke up really, really hungry, is that normal? and will that change?

thomasina838 02-18-2012 08:41 AM

that sounds to me like you didnt eat enough protein yesterday.

gotsomeold 02-18-2012 08:42 AM

Hey giggles, as DDs cause the sirtuin enzymes build up in the body, appetite suppression kicks in for many of us. That is a huge help on DD. Even if you do not get the appetite suppression, you should get better and better at figuring out what and when you can eat to minimize hunger.

Appetite suppression usually kicks in after two to four weeks of DDs.

Kissa 02-18-2012 10:02 AM

That is great, most of us say 500 as it is doable. But less is great so long as you feel fine.

Great start!

Beeb 02-18-2012 10:42 AM

Under on DDs is just fine. Some even fast on DDs, and Dr J states this is a great thing, if we can do it.

But don't forget to eat up to or at least near your UD calories. This is what makes JUDDD work the best.

SummerAnne 02-18-2012 01:07 PM

I did get the book from the library, I just have no time to read it until I get two more chapters done in my online class so I'll be ready to study for the midterm.

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