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Old 02-15-2012, 07:44 AM   #1
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Join Date: Jun 2011
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Stats: 170+/135-138/145 5'6 39y pcos/IR/metformin
WOE: WL=LC then JUDDD/IF; Maintenance=IF/75%+ "healthy"
Start Date: LC 6/11; JUDDD 10/11; Maintenance 11/11
Questions about exercise & weight gain on JUDDD (my weight has gone up)

The scale has gone up from my maintenance range of 135 - 140#, and is staying up there at 141# the last 2 days. I hadn't even been as high as 140# in a month, but now over the last week, it's crept up 141, and seems no sign of it going down soon.

I'm not freaked about it because to me, I still look small (maybe a little bloated right now due to pre-tom), things still fit the same. My measurements are the same as when I was down to 135#. And I actually feel muscle beneath my areas of my skin instead of a layer of jiggly fat.

The only thing I can figure out caused the gain was exercise.

See, I've been the laziest dieter ever. I stopped any workout before I came to JUDDD and did no exercise the whole time from weight loss through 2-1/2 months of maintenance. (I'm now at 3 mos. maintenance).

Finally got motivated to tone up my skinny fat so I'd feel even better and look my best come skin-bearing season. So I started back in with Callanetics two weeks ago. I've done 6 workouts with it since Jan. 30.

I do the routine 2 - 3 x per week, and even modified the 1 hr. program so I can do it in less than 30 minutes.

Then I added in 2 sets of 10 girly push-ups. Recently added "dips" where I workout the back of my arms with a sort of reverse push up from the crab position.

Really, this is not much exercise when you consider it only takes me about 30 minutes a few times per week. That's not even a warm-up for some people's routines.

But I know Callanetics are amazing and deceptively simple and gentle exercises. They really work those core muscles and the results are fast and usually dramatic.

The last time I was doing them consistently like this, it was summer and I was on LC, and while Callanetics transformed my shape even then (see albums in my profile), I still had fat to lose yet, and so there was a layer of fat over the muscle. I couldn't feel the muscle then like I can now at a much lower weight.

OK, back to my weight change...

One week ago, since Feb. 8 it has continued to fluctuate from 137-138# and back every other day. So that's kind of at the higher end of my range. Usually it's at lower to middle of the range. Now for the last 2 days, it's stayed at 141#. That is above my maintenance range.

I am doing JUDDD the same way I've done it for the last 5 weeks now and last month I actually saw my lowest weight on JUDDD, just before I put exercise back in my life.

It's also pre-tom and I know there's some water retention going on, but last month I did not go this high.

So my guess/hope is it's muscle weight.

This past weekend is when I really started to feel the muscle. It isn't like muscle I've felt on myself during my whole adult life that I can remember. Sometimes I just press on my legs to feel the firm muscle there. It's not bulky and big, it's sleek and tight, like how your legs feel when you are purposely flexing the muscle... that's how mine feel all the time - like hard, flexed or pumped muscle, even when I'm relaxed. It's not that I have tremendous leg muscle, but there isn't the fat layer over the muscle there used to be since I lost the weight JUDDDg. So now I can feel the muscle more easily. It's just amazing to me because my legs feel like they belong to some low-body-fat athlete, not lazy-sit-around-me, you know?

My abs are also feeling this way to some degree although there is still some fat layer over them. But I can tell a big difference in them too from what it was before.

This weekend I added rebounding to my routine. But this is just 2 - 5 minutes of light bouncing (usually my feet don't even leave the trampoline). I do it 1 - 3 x per day.

The way I got into that was that years ago I bought a cheap Walmart rebounder when I read a Kevin Trudeau book, but at that time I was working out like a fiend and it was just another thing to add to my routine. I used it to jump hard and do different exercise moves with it so it was very strenuous. After I quit using it, it was just in the way. After a while, I had DH put it in the cellar.

Late last week I was reading a post in the main lobby and member Auntie Em talked about rebounding and other gentle exercises she does and the benefits it had given her. I realized that all my exercises were gentle too, yet they were effective and helping me and I actually looked forward to them, unlike the dread I'd feel at aerobics or ones that make me a tired sweaty mess. (OK, sometimes I like the feeling of being a tired, sweaty mess, but if it's a strenuous workout I feel I must do regularly, it can start to seem burdensome instead of something to look forward to). I also like that I can do my workout inside, which makes it a year-round routine unlike when I wait for the weather to get nicer to start walking again.

So after thinking about that for a minute and reading websites with the health benefits of rebounding, I went in and jumped on the bed! And it was so fun and felt great! lol. It seemed to -ahem- get things going in the bathroom right after that too, and I felt fluid loosen up in my sinuses from where I had the last remains of that cold. But the jumping isn't good for the bed, so I asked DH to get the rebounder out of the cellar.

It's not as fun to jump on my cheap rebounder as it is on the bed, but it's a very convenient exercise. I can slide the rebounder under the coffee table if I need to to get it out of the way, but while it's out I can just jump a few times a day and gently bounce.

I can feel the firmness in my legs if I press on them while on the rebounder. I can feel it working the whole length of my legs, and I can feel it working my abs too. Again all I do is gentle bouncing for a few minutes, my feet usually don't even leave the rebounder.

There are a lot of health benefits attributed to rebounding if you do a search. Some of the sites are ads, but some seem to have real research to report. It seems to be a healthy stressor for the body's cells, just like JUDDDg is a healthy stressor. I figure by doing both, I'm really maximizing the effects.

So that's my whole routine: 1/2 hr. Callanetics 3 x week, some pushups and dips, and light rebounding almost daily.

It's a gentle but apparently very affective workout for me.

But back to the weight gain...

As I said, I haven't changed anything on JUDDD. I've been casually tracking FD calories (before I was not) and they are governed by my natural appetite (and of course the freedom of FD to have anything at any time) and falling between 1800-2000 calories most free days, up to 2200 now and then. This is likely the calorie range I've been eating all through maintenance, though I was MUDDDg through a good deal of it. In fact, it's only in the last month that I started doing the longer DDs again... for most of maintenance I was doing MUDDD and just 14 - 20 hours of IF for the DD every other day.

Someone please tell me the weight gain is from muscle and pre-Tom, lol.

And is it likely that I'll remain at a higher maintenance weight now or is there a good possibility I will go down a few pounds? I'm just curious. The number on the scale isn't that important to me anymore since I feel and look better and still have the same measurements as I did before the gain.
Started JUDDD 10/12/11 after LC.
MAINTENANCE since 11/12/11, & have lost more weight. I shake things up all the time with my version of Pirate Jenny's MUDDD, my "Fast 5" & other IF. ...low-moderate fat....and eating "healthy" foods 75+% of the time which lets me have real life and indulgences too I've reached my goals, improved my health & appearance, and enjoy my lifetime woe!

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Old 02-15-2012, 08:23 AM   #2
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Your muscles are retaining water, that's all It will even out after a while.
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Old 02-15-2012, 08:37 AM   #3
Major LCF Poster!
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Stats: 188/165.0/145 5'10"
WOE: Organic GrassFed Gluten-Free 5/13 Dairy Free 2/14
Start Date: 1/10/12 Medi, 2/9/12 First UD, 1/1/13 New Plan
Yeah, I agree with Dottie. You are having double water retention - muscles and TOM. Whenever I do weights, I always gain about .5-1 lbs the next day and it lasts for about 3 days. If you add that to the week before (and during) TOM (which is essentially 2 weeks out of the month - gosh I love being a woman sometimes!), I will stay at a pretty constant weight until the "whoosh" after TOM.

Also, if you did *nothing* before these exercises, then I presume you will have an overall weight increase at first. You metabolism will change with added muscle and it takes awhile to adjust to that.

Since I can't run anymore , I have started doing yoga/pilates (yogalates) type workouts and barre fitness (and regular ballet, but I've always done that) and have noticed a marked difference in my body. I do body pump (weights) twice per week, as I have for a long time, and while that helps build muscle well, it is different than these "body weight" type classes, which have kicked my butt and toned me like nothing else. I have gained ab strength like you wouldn't believe and my lower back is shaped better (I know, sounds weird, but it is curvier).

Anyway, just keep doing what you are doing and I'd probably try to add more protein to your diet, if you haven't already. I know I always CRAVE a steak if I haven't eaten enough protein and I've been working out a lot. I do think that replacing the calories burned during a workout is a good idea. Even on the JUDDD website, if you work out 1-3 times/week, it increases your calories by like 400-500 on UDs. I do something like a protein shake (150ish calories), 1 oz almonds and a 1/2 cup of blueberries (160ish), or 2 babybel light cheeses and 1/2 apple (120ish).

I think you will find that in a few weeks, you will even out. Keep it up!

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Old 02-15-2012, 03:02 PM   #4
Major LCF Poster!
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: SW Mo.
Posts: 1,274
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Stats: 155/140/130 (130)
Start Date: Dec-10
I think u sound normal for starting exercise. In time u will look forward to exercise. Crave it actually.
Be prepared to be hungrier with exercise.
Makes since right?
Using our calories up is supply and demand story.
I'm so new at JUddd. But not exercise.
Lighter weight people need less calories than heavier people, that said true if trying to lose wt.
Lifting wts and jogging is all I do and no anything about. I do love yoga, but haven't started that back yet.
And I don't weigh very often. Hate to. I no by my cloths and what I've eaten. A scale doesn't need o tell me that the pizza and candy bars r why my pants r tight, and y I feel bloated. It's just adding more stress. That's just me.
I think ur doing a awesome job caring or ur self.
With Lifting. We stretch and tear our muscles. They heal and then grow larger. And muscles burns more calories than fat. A nice thing.
Building muscles help everything. as for saggy kin. Yes u have to do the e word.
I no u know this stuff already. But just wanted to let u no that I appreciate all the help u give people.
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Old 02-15-2012, 03:08 PM   #5
Major LCF Poster!
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: SW Mo.
Posts: 1,274
Gallery: Eieio
Stats: 155/140/130 (130)
Start Date: Dec-10
One more very important thought.
Eating protein helps are muscles grow.
We always eat/drink soon after lifting wts.
Best within 30 mins, so that means sometimes we have protein nasty drinks.
Reason is, if u don't have protein to burn, ur body probably will burn muscle instead of fat. Yikes that's not good. I hope I'm right in all this. That's how my small mind works.
Everybody hates to see saggy skin, especially in their own mirror. Smile.
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Old 02-15-2012, 03:27 PM   #6
Senior LCF Member
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WOE: JUDDD for life, baby!!
Start Date: Feb 2009; RESTART: Nov. 2011 as EX-LCer
I just wanted to say that you are NOT the laziest dieter ever. I absolutely ABHOR exercise and will do anything to avoid it/make excuses not to do it. I FORCE myself to go on the treadmill for 30 min a day. That's it. And that takes TONS of motivational effort. I've never wished for a pill to lose weight; I've always wished for a pill that would give me all the health benefits of exercise.
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Old 02-15-2012, 03:49 PM   #7
Way too much time on my hands!
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WOE: Whatever plan keeps me around 150 lbs!
I am very bad about exercise too. I have good intentions, then I just allow myself to get sidetracked. I have been skating with my daughter, but that's about it. If it's not fun and interactive, I just won't do it.

You're doing great! And of course it's the muscle!
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Old 02-15-2012, 04:29 PM   #8
Major LCF Poster!
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Stats: 188/165.0/145 5'10"
WOE: Organic GrassFed Gluten-Free 5/13 Dairy Free 2/14
Start Date: 1/10/12 Medi, 2/9/12 First UD, 1/1/13 New Plan
If you hate exercising, find something you like to do. There really is something for everyone.

I HATE the treadmill. I really don't like the elliptical. If that's what i had to do 3 times/week, I'd not go at all. But I LOVE exercising. I love the way it makes me feel when I'm done. I used to run, but I can't anymore, so I've found exercises that I like to do. Experiment with classes at the gym, try groupon or living social to find deals in your area for local studios (found a really awesome yoga studio this way), or drop in somewhere an try a class. Try an adult dance class! Different teachers can make or break a class and with things like yoga, there are so many different variations, try them all until you find one you like.
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Old 02-15-2012, 05:12 PM   #9
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I'd say your muscle is holding water too. To gain weight from building muscle - you need to do a lot of exercise and weight lifting in particular - it takes quite a long time. Not saying it won't happen - but this immediate weight gain is, IMO, pre-TOM water retention and muscle water retention.

But hey - good on you for exercising. One of the smallest, fittest women I ever knew - not an ounce of fat on her - weighed nearly 154lbs and she was only 5'3" - she was an aerobics instructor.

So remember - the world sees you - not the number on your scales - you aren't getting 'fat' you are getting healthier!
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Old 02-15-2012, 06:00 PM   #10
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I agree with what everyone has said. You are just retaining water from just adding it back in. It will drop back down very soon im sure.
You have done great!!!!
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Old 02-16-2012, 07:56 AM   #11
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Stats: 170+/135-138/145 5'6 39y pcos/IR/metformin
WOE: WL=LC then JUDDD/IF; Maintenance=IF/75%+ "healthy"
Start Date: LC 6/11; JUDDD 10/11; Maintenance 11/11
Thank you - each of you!!

It seems like I do so little exercise, but what I'm doing now is so much more than NOTHING (what I was doing before, lol) that my body has had to adjust.

I haven't had an increase in appetite that I can tell, but for a couple weeks there I was definitely increasing my protein (having protein powder shakes or stirring it in things) due to trying the Leptin Rx breakfast and also to make sure my blood sugars were stabilized. Maybe that extra protein packed on some muscle too.

Today I'm down to 138# so yay - retaining less water today. I don't do my full workout again until tomorrow - today will just be some light rebounding.

Thanks again all my JUDDD buds!
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