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jandjsmom 02-11-2012 03:06 PM

DD green beans recipe????
Besides just steaming green beans, do you have a favorite way of preparing them that would be good for a DD?

Dottie 02-11-2012 03:22 PM

You can roast them (even canned or frozen) - just pop them onto a baking sheet, spritz with olive oil cooking spray and sprinkle with salt, then bake at 400f for about 25 minutes. They get a really different flavor cooked that way.
I do whole okra and asparagus this way as well.

Speck333 02-11-2012 03:24 PM

The Del Monte canned Seasoned Green Beans are great. They have enough flavor plain that I don't need them swimming in butter like regular ones.

jandjsmom 02-11-2012 03:47 PM

Hey Dottie, thanks for the reminder!! I usually fix my okra like that and did try it once with green beans. Very yummy!!

My favorite way to eat green beans is steamed then put in frying pan with garlic, EVOO and then topped with Parmesan. Definetely an UD side!

SoHappy 02-11-2012 04:02 PM

I like the extra fine long green beans that I sometimes buy at Aldi Foods. Slice red pepper into long thin slices, and slice a large onion into long thin slices. You are going to fry up the beans, red pepper, and onion until it is all quite browned and caramelized.

But first, steam the veggies until they are all tender. Then brown them in a non-stick skillet with only a teaspoon of olive oil, but when you start the browning, add a clove of garlic, all minced up fine and stirred in. Season with a bit of sea salt.

This is delicious. You can vary the proportion of pepper and onion to green beans, depending on how many calories you are allotting to it... big mound of it on your plate or just a side of it along with tilapia or whatever, etc.

mykidsteacher 02-11-2012 04:39 PM

That sounds delicious Pat! So does baking them. I'll have to try both ways.

catnmouse 02-11-2012 04:50 PM

For thanksgiving I took some onion dipped it in egg, then some carb quick that i added spices to, deep fried. Then took green beans some heavy cream , mushrooms, parmesan cheese, baked, topped with onions, just like the hc version.:yummy:

KeirasMom 02-11-2012 05:22 PM

Not very low calorie though. :hyst:

SoHappy 02-11-2012 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by KeirasMom (Post 15408880)
Not very low calorie though. :hyst:

I don't think this poster was a JUDDD follower, or realized the way we eat on Down Days. :laugh:

But still very sweet to offer a suggestion. LOL

KeirasMom 02-11-2012 05:25 PM


Originally Posted by SoHappy (Post 15408886)
I don't think this poster was a JUDDD follower, or realized the way we eat on Down Days. :laugh:

But still very sweet to offer a suggestion. LOL

I figured as much. However, that recipe sounds pretty darn good other than the carbquick, for an UD!

E.W. 02-12-2012 05:59 AM

Three been salid and skimp with the kedney beens. Realy a green been casorole isn't
all that high in carbs or calories either.

synger 02-12-2012 06:28 AM

Canned french cut green beans are the only canned veg I still like. I LOVE them with just a smear of butter, or with a wedge of garlic/herb Laughing Cow melted into them, or with a tablespoon of salsa mixed in. Or plain, with pepper.

mayleesa 02-12-2012 12:57 PM

old glory beans are fab straight out da can!

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