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lil miss 02-03-2012 01:53 PM

Bummin Out
Week 4 completed tomorrow and scale bouncing around, not staying at previous low or going past it in 2 weeks now! :dunno:

I knew I messed up some UDs [like 2] but have been VERY careful this week.

Now, careful as I have been, I made recipes for UDs like white chicken chili, and chicken tikka masala and accounting for how many calories per serving has been super difficult.

I am planning on making more simple dishes next week, where the calories can more easily be figured, but I am losing hope.... :(:mad:

MintQ8 02-03-2012 01:55 PM

You can do this!!! Are you maintaining - or trying to lose?

LightlyStarched 02-03-2012 01:59 PM

Where are you cycle-wise? I only lose scale weight during the first two weeks of mine, and then just bounce around for the next two weeks, never losing an ounce, until TOM hits and the weight starts dropping again.

lil miss 02-03-2012 02:03 PM

Hmmm could be cycle, I am like 10 days from TOM...

Oh Mint, I am trying to lose! I need to lose 30 lbs...

lil miss 02-03-2012 02:08 PM

Wanted to add, I keep hoping maybe my clothes will feel looser but they arent. I havent formally measured though.

MintQ8 02-03-2012 02:09 PM

Okay - just keep counting the UD cals for now and see what happens!!

lil miss 02-03-2012 02:16 PM

Ok. Thanks for helping. I am just getting frustrated, yanno?

Beeb 02-03-2012 02:34 PM

I want to suggest you post an average UD and DD menu. There may be things in there that are helping you retain water, or are just calorie dense.

Hope we can help!

lil miss 02-03-2012 02:38 PM

DD Diet drinks all day
lean protein and veggies, very little oil for dinner

UD coffee, 1/2 1/2, lunch and dinner vary every UD but have had:
meatloaf for lunch
steak, sweet potato

I've been weighing and measuring everything and DD have gotten much easier and even on UD mornings I am not hungry.

cherryhair 02-03-2012 04:15 PM

It may be the diet soda. I had to give up diet soda-for me it causes bloating which I guess would be the same as water retention.

Kissa 02-03-2012 04:22 PM

:console::console::console: Oh I am so sorry Lil Miss. So many do so well it must be tough to read their successes and still not to be losing.

I hope you find the magic formula soon. You deserve to as you have been trying so hard.

lil miss 02-03-2012 04:33 PM

Thanks. Hmmm my diet sodas! Say it isnt so! Ok, I am willing to do anything.

Also, as I stated, no foods from recipes this coming week on UDs, more like a pork chop that weighs X, hamburger meat that weighs Y, etc.

We'll see what happens.

Thanks to everyone for the support. I am not giving up yet, I can't.

Eieio 02-03-2012 04:38 PM

Tip of the day.
Hid ur scales.
U dont need to no dayt o day or ounce to ounce? Huh?

lil miss 02-03-2012 05:51 PM

Yes Eieio

If my clothes were getting baggy I wouldn't be so obsessed with the scale. But, my DH says I need to stay off the scale too...

WWC 02-03-2012 08:08 PM

OP, I have been sipping hot water with lemon (no diet sodas) on both my UD and DDs. I probably drink between 6-8 24oz cups a day. Yes, I pee a lot, but I am most definitely not retaining water! :hyst:

Beeb 02-03-2012 08:30 PM

Your menu looks good so I'm thinking it's got to be the recipes you are making and not being able to get a good calorie count on, as you are thinking, also.

Don't give up, and try to give it 2 weeks doing JUDDD with just plain protein/veggies/fruit/grains and see what happens. You just may find that has been the issue all along. :confused:

mainemom 02-04-2012 09:02 AM

Hi, Lil Miss - I know what you mean about the difficulty of counting for recipes. I've been finding My Fitness Pal helpful for those. I don't know about you, but I have a collection of recipes, mostly LC (I came to JUDDD from a year on LC and I still try to keep my carbs moderately low), that I tend to cycle into my weekly menu rotations. I cook for myself and the family, so I've got a bunch that we all like. It's pretty easy to build your recipe on ***- I've tried some others that were really cumbersome. That way, I know how to add in my cals PLUS it encourages me to stay w/in my portion size. For example, I have my favorite Haddock Parmesan and Pork Chops w/Black Beans recipes on ***, and it's so easy to just add a portion from My Recipes. As for the frustration of the scale, I feel your pain. How old are you and how tall? I'm 51 and quite short, so my pounds these days are coming off very slowly. I didn't see the fast, amazing losses some of the other JUDDERS see, but, you know, I'm not them. Slow and steady (like .5 to 1 lb a week) is OK w/me, since I feel that this will help me to eventually maintain. Keep the faith and know you are doing your body good with this WOE!

lil miss 02-04-2012 09:37 AM

Thanks Tracey!
I'm 42
174 :(

First 2 weeks on JUDDD lost 5.8
Second 2 weeks on JUDDD gained .6

DH lost this week and I did not.

Still, I am not giving up, no "recipes" next week and I'll see what happens. Working really hard to not get discouraged and trying to keep positive.

sophiethecat 02-04-2012 10:10 AM


Originally Posted by lil miss (Post 15388670)
Thanks Tracey!
I'm 42
174 :(

First 2 weeks on JUDDD lost 5.8
Second 2 weeks on JUDDD gained .6

DH lost this week and I did not.

Still, I am not giving up, no "recipes" next week and I'll see what happens. Working really hard to not get discouraged and trying to keep positive.

Sorry you're feeling down, LilMiss! :hugs:

It doesn't look like there's a real problem to me just yet. You lost nearly 6 pounds in 2 weeks, then gained just a little more than half a pound back over the next two weeks, is that right? So your body may be doing what a lot of people's bodies do, and "resting" for a while before dropping more. Sort of a 1) drop, then 2) maintain, gain, 1) drop, then 2) maintain, gain...

Give it some more time (I know that stinks to hear that). :hugs: KUTGW! :high5: :hugs:

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