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Eieio 02-02-2012 03:24 PM

Cellabrateing Caz I emptied my refrigr of all lc flours!
It's been a head game letting go of low carb thinking.
Yesterday was my hardest day yet on JUDDD. Even got me depressed about what to eat. For over one year at l carb. Makes eating totally different.
I have mixed emotions about it now. Yes l carb worked for me. And I'm thankful.
But leaving it and changing back to real food.
My husband has Always called my food, the bird seed plan. I do love nuts of all kinds is why. But I struggled yesterday (dd) with my food. Really weird.
I keep thinking all I have to choose form was low carb n the cabinet......which I'm sick of! And I do have, but not now! Threw it away.
Just wondering if anyone lose had a hard time of changing ur mind set when getting off low carb... Like gee. Yes on JUddd I carb have 650 ish calories.
I think I got over board with bacon, fat, more fat!
I'm better today, went grocery shopping.
But even there at the store it's like, I have to reprogram my head. I can hAve people food! I don't men in any way to bad mouth l carb Eating.
With These weird feeling I've been having. I would so be careful of getting any heavy wt. teenagers on it.. Mind games.. Me not like.
O my. Thanks can any one relate?

Eieio 02-02-2012 03:57 PM

Ok I went and had a totally un l carb lunch. Thanks to my shopping spree.
I came home with raisins!, tangerines! Totally tabo on Atkins. Big smile.
I'm better now. Gee if I could erase my last post I would... But then thinking not. Maybe I was temperarly lose a few bolts yesterday, and this am. And maybe I've hit home with others?.
I didn't toss my fake sweeteners. Which I could. That may be next. I do only use small amounts. I drink coffee back and tea without it.

Dottie 02-03-2012 02:50 PM

I can relate:) I've been low carbing forever (it seems) and the change of thinking to be able to include foods I've either completely left out of my diet - or occasionally ate then felt guilty after - was a big change in thinking :)

Kissa 02-03-2012 03:42 PM

Eieio I so understand.

You are still quite new to JUDDD and it does feel weird staying a little hungry by choice when on Low Carb you could just rustle up some bacon and eggs.

Last week I was brave enough to eat a banana, possibly my first is 6 years or so!

And a croissant with my coffee when I was in Austria. It is really odd eating these foods which we saw as the enemy for so long. Almost 11 years for me, wow.

I am still astonished that rice and bread don't make me gain pounds and pounds and pounds.

Glad you feel better.

Scotty 02-03-2012 05:36 PM

I'm still working on that, tooLC since 2003. It's hard to get my mind back around calorie counting, and I don't exactly like it, or feeling hungry. But I like the concept of JUDDD, and I like having a few carbs back, even though I don't think my UD is particularly decadent in what I can do.... 1710

Still waiting for the JUDDD "magic" to start-have only lost net a pound in 3 weeks, but I am stubborn enough to keep at it!

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