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cameo1963 01-30-2012 12:35 PM

Considering JUDDD, but have Exercise questions
I have been lowcarbing since February and have been happy with the results, especially the first 6 months. I lost the bulk of my weight then. Since about September, I have actually only lost about 20 pounds. However, up until September I was doing only cardio, every other day, 60 minutes each session. Starting September 1st, I started resistance training and my cardio fell by the way side. I meet with a trainer on Mondays and then do the workout on my own on Wednesdays and then either Friday's or Saturdays, depending on my schedule. I am happy to say that though I've only lost 20 actual pounds, my jean size has dropped three sizes, so I am not really hung up on the scale.

But, I cannot seem to get my BF% to drop. It keeps hovering around 38% and has since September, and I would really like to get it below 35%. Hence my considering JUDDD to dump some additional fat.

My question is I want to continue my strength training, so should the three days I go to the gym be my "up days" and the other four be "down days"? I can't really do a true alternating schedule, for my weight training, due to my work schedule, so am trying to see if I can make some adjustments.

I have been lurking here for quite a while and everyone seems so happy and helpful; I am looking forward to your responses!


gotsomeold 01-30-2012 06:42 PM

Hey welcome former lurker!!!!

I think it would be very wise to start by keeping strength training on your UDs. Over time, as JUDDD magic gets established, you can re-evaluate.

The DD/UD rotation is very important. Especially if you are burning a lot of calories I suggest:
1) Make sure your UD calories are high enough to provide healthy maintenance intake on UD
2) Throw a MD (1/2 your UD calories) in the mix to make sure you do not have two DDs in a row

Okay, now let the discussion begin :)

Jbinme 01-30-2012 06:49 PM

I've only been doing JUDDD 11 days. I was already doing p90x workouts that are strength training and cardio and I do the workout whether it's an UD or a DD. Some of my best workouts are on DDs!

hockey_gal 01-30-2012 07:58 PM

Initially I had trouble doing exercise on my DDs. I can now do *some* strength training but I still feal weak if I try an intense workout like ice hockey. In fact, I played 3 days out of 4 last week and suffered a nasty immune system breakdown. So my advice is to try initially to start on only UDs...Dr J recommends it for a reason!!

Good luck and good work so far.

itsmeshelly01 01-31-2012 04:56 AM

Welcome to JUDDD!!!

It sounds like you may need to try something like what i do. I do DD's mon, wed, and fri. Sat is a MD (medium day), and tue, thur and sun are UD's. I strength train 3 days per week on UD's just because i want to get the extra protein that i get on my UD's on the day im lifting weights. So I strength train on tue, thur and sun. The other days i do different forms of cardio, kickboxing, treadmill, elliptical, walking. I didnt want to end up losing any muscle, I dont know if i would or not but i just felt like on the days im lifting weights i should eat a lot of protein. I also have noticed that when i lift weights it makes me hungrier. Cardio curbs my appetite for a while so that also helps on DD's. Now that the appetite suppression has really kicked in for me it probably wouldnt matter which one i did on what days but i like this schedule so im keeping it up.
I hope you join us, its a wonderful way to eat. since you have been lowcarbing if you decide to add carbs just be prepared that there may be an initial gain but it is just water and will come right back off.
Looking forward to hearing more from you!!!

cameo1963 01-31-2012 06:35 AM

Thanks for the responses. I wasn't sure what to do about the two down days in a row. I hadn't seen anything on the website re: a "MD"...that makes sense! I am assuming that it would be the average calories of an UD and DD. (?)

I, too, was concerned about losing muscle, as well as being super hungry on the days I strength train, so just wanted to be sure how to proceed so I wasn't destined to fail before I even began.

I guess I may as well get started, so today will be a down day. I am going to continue with my <50g carbs per day for now, as I am afraid the introduction of carbs will make it more difficult to keep calories low on DD (I've noticed when I have eaten a higher amount of carbs for some reason, I seem to be ravenous for a day or two).

M, W, Sat: UD w/weight training
Sun, Tues, Thurs: DD w/ perhaps some light cardio
Fri: MD with ??

Thanks again, all!

Eieio 01-31-2012 08:57 AM

Cam. I too stay away from bread. One slice and I'm needing more, and more.
I hope to get over that. But for now I know me, so I stay clear from the edge. It's no biggy for me to pass it up, not eat it. It's a biggy for me if I do eat it.
Just telling my secrets. Good day

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