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2BoysMom 01-30-2012 11:48 AM

A challenging weekend - but really need advice on next week
OK - So for those you you who may have read about the loss of my SIL, we were at the funeral and associated activities over the weekend. Tried to stay on target, but between the stress and all the gatherings centered around food, it was just impossible. Did do my best to make good choices when I could, but well....as we all know, life happens.

Yesterday should have been a down day, and I did fairly well until last night, when I was just ravenous - like feeling faint and shaky ravenous. So ended up probably around 850 for the day.

So between everything that went down my gullet this weekend and the challenges of yesterday, was expecting the worst on the scale this morning, and only saw a half pound gain - so was very happily pleased. Could have been much worse.

So, am back on track today (up day - just going to stick to my master calendar), but next week, things get dicey, and that is where I need advice.

On Saturday I leave for the UK for business. Will be in London all week. Meals - particularly lunches and dinners, will be social events, and the last thing I want to do is to draw attention to myself via my eating patterns.

I have a DD on Sat (travel day, so I think that will be fine - although I haven't quite figured out how to manage the 8 hour time difference...), then Sun is an up day - works out well as that is my first full day in the country, and I can be a tourist and enjoy myself a bit. Monday it looks like we do not have to be in meetings, so can possibly pull off a fairly decent DD, but I am guessing there will be a dinner - so I will just order as well as I can.

Then Tues-Friday is full of cocktail parties, luncheons, dinner obligations and the like.

All I can think to do is to make the best choices possible. At cocktail parties, take one glass of wine and carry it around all night taking small sips, so it appears that I am participating, without doing too much damage, focus on the veggies and fruits and proteins and avoid the deserts and bread baskets.

It really is just a few days, so knowing what I know now after this weekend, if I can get back on track this week, then just be careful next, then right back on (and of course, I have another business trip the following week - but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.)

If anyone has any other ideas, I would love to hear them!

KeirasMom 01-30-2012 11:56 AM

It sounds like you've thought it out pretty well. All you can do is make the best choices available to you. I don't see anything I would do differently. Just do your best this week so you keep that Sirt1 going strong, and then try to enjoy your trip. JUDDD will be here when you get back.

sophiethecat 01-30-2012 12:12 PM

I also don't see anything to add to what you've already worked out. You are doing great, and I would still call that 850 yesterday a DD, so glad you went on with an UD today! :up: Just enjoy your trip, do the best you can but don't sweat it if you go over on UDs or DDs. Enjoy, enjoy for a few days. You can get back on the straight and narrow JUDDD when you get home! :hugs: :high5:

SoHappy 01-30-2012 12:14 PM

My idea for your week in London is exactly as you have thought out. Go and enjoy the heck out of your trip, and get back on your rotation when you get back.

This plan is about cycling, etc. but not about being so obsessive that we can't take a few days off for a nice trip, even a business trip. Have a good time.

2BoysMom 01-30-2012 12:32 PM

Thanks all - I just wish there weren't so many things going on all at once.

Between the funeral and all the business trips practically back to back, it is so hard....but that is what life is handing me right now, so I just have to do what I can do and not make this an excuse for a food free-for-all. I am having really good traction, and don't want to lose that momentum.

I just had a pretty tasty pre-made tuna salad pouch for lunch at 200 cals, so that would be good to travel with. Luna bars at around 180 are good. Fiber One bars are portable and pretty calorie friendly. So, if I can be prepared ahead of time for meals when I am on my own, and then be conservative when I am at functions, in order to keep every other day as low as realistically possible, am hoping I could come home to good news (and looser pants)!

mayleesa 01-30-2012 03:18 PM

i totally understand about having really good traction and cruising along and then BAMMMM life...but you are doing so well and seem to have a good plan....i would enjoy a few days of your trip just to unwind and take some time for yourself....i'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your SIL...HUGS!!! we'll be here for ya when you get home!!! safe travels!!!

gotsomeold 01-30-2012 04:59 PM

You are planning, you are thinking about it while under way too much stress. I admire heck out of you and believe you are going to emerge triumphant!!!

2BoysMom 01-31-2012 08:36 PM

Thanks, Nancy, that was really nice!

(oh, and by the way I had a chocolate coconut Luna Bar for lunch today and it was DELICIOUS!)

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