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mayleesa 01-27-2012 03:49 PM

thought this was a fluke, but my last 3 DD's
i've been soooo hungry it is ALL i can do not to eat everything i see....i thought i kicked this going into week 8, i've not been hungry on DD's at all happily staying below 400 sometimes even below 300 NO PROBLEM....this week though i'm having a hard time keeping it below 500....20% of my calories is sposed to be 343...i just can't stop thinking about food....i'm at 496 at the moment just ate dinner and i'm sad...cause i'm hungry?!? i'll just drink my diet soda tonight like i've done the past 3 DD's to keep me doing something...i just don't know why the sudden switch of being perfectly fine and then BAM hmmmm

SoHappy 01-27-2012 03:57 PM

Are you eating all of your UD calories the day before? Measuring and everything to make sure you're getting in all your calories? Eating some of it late enough on the previous UD to sort of give you a good boost well into your following DD?

Are you actually getting enough to eat on your DDs? Eating too early? Holding off eating too late for your own appetite clock? Eating too little fat or protein? Eating too heavily on fat or protein so not enough calories to include any bulky filling foods?

Are you drinking, drinking, drinking lots of filling 0-calorie fluids on your DDs? Lots of water or zero calorie flavored waters or plain iced tea, etc.?

What foods and at what measurements/calories do you have them on your DDs? Maybe some examples will help us make some more helpful suggestions. Hang in there.

mayleesa 01-27-2012 04:13 PM

on my UD's i eat 100-110% of my calories at 1700-1800, 100% being 1700 exactly according to *********. my goal has been to eat the majority of my calories on the UD for dinner to keep hunger at bay on my DD....which has worked perfectly up until this week...i'm a creature of habit and have eaten the same on DD's with little variation, my breakfasts are either a bagelthin with no cal butter spray or 90cal bar, a salad for lunch and either soup or fish for dinner. i drink a lot of water and diet soda on DD's as well as either chicken broth or beef broth for a snack. UD's are bagel thins with pb, a snack bar, a salad for lunch with chips, a hearty dinner, this week was tacos maybe that has something to do with it as i've eaten them each UD dinner?!? still keeping within my calories...hmmm it could just be the moon i guess. i no longer have a TOM because i'm on a pill that stops it. i've been on this since november. i guess it's just me being hungry?!? sorry to sound petty as long as i'm losing i guess i'm ok just found it weird that all the sudden my tummy is licking my spine!

piratejenny 01-27-2012 04:18 PM

Or could it be a "Lady Time"? :p
(ovulation or the other one...)

It is strange that you've been doing fine for so many weeks and then suddenly feeling more hungry!
Have you tried doing a higher DD number, like 30 or 40%?
I thought the 20% is mostly recommended for the first 2 weeks...:huh:

ETA: Oops, you posted while I was writing!
hmmmm maybe it's just winter & the short days or something...

gotsomeold 01-27-2012 05:58 PM

What are you eating on UD?

I have noticed there are certain carbs (like some breads) that do not invoke cravings or a desire to binge in me anymore, but that do have a huge association with my being very, very hungry the next day (DD). If I avoid them, DDs are nbd, with them DDs are - giggle - like today (just added a new bread to my list of 'try them again in a few months'.

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