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Scotty 01-27-2012 09:46 AM

14 days on JUDDD and results
The short answer: the day before I started I was 174.3. This morning, after a DD, I am at 173. During the 2 weeks I have been down as far as 172.4, and as high as 174.9 (a 2 pound gain in 2 days!!)

DDs have been very difficult for me in that I had terrible hunger and head aches, BUT I stuck to them very well. I was always under 500, and many under 400-my allottment is 1704/341.

I had some very high UDs-as high as 2600 :eek:, and a couple under my allottment. I did one MD so I could go to a function as an UD-THAT was the 2600 day!

My average cals for the 2 weeks is 1168. If I average my DD and UD, I guess the average cals should be 1022 if that is important.

I just don't know what to do. I went to JUDD because, although I am mostly happy with low carb, I was tending to go off it more and more, so thought that if I knew I could eat once-forbidden things I would do better. Also, I thought maybe it was just time for a change after over 10 years-I had gained back 30 of the 80 I lost.

It's the social functions that get me, and that's why I thought this system would work for me. But I just went overboard. However, I read in several threads how it's most important to stick to the DDs, which I absolutely did.

I'll stay on it a while longer and see if I can moderate the UDs.

You all have been giving me good thoughts and advice during this struggle, and I do appreciate it. From what I read, it just doesn't seem like a struggle to so many of you and I'd love it to be like that for me, too..... I know I sure was never hungry on LC....:o

sophiethecat 01-27-2012 09:56 AM

Hey there, AG. :hugs: Look at it this way - you have eaten foods you love and didn't get to eat on LC, you have eaten lots of these foods and you have maintained for two weeks. You have not gained on these (carby) feasts. I think that is a good sign! That's :jumpjoy: jump for joy worthy! :high5:

DDs are important to get SIRT1 going and to have a wide calorie range between UD/DD but UDs are very important in WLM. Yes there are a few people who can eat at will on UDs during WLM without worry, but if weight loss is not happening, it's best to stick your UD calories as well as you can during WLM. Then in maintenance you may be able to play looser. But if you have weight to lose that is not coming off, it's best to abide by UD calories.

You might say you have found your "maintenance" UD calories at the moment. So going below those calories will result in weight loss. Sticking your UD calories will make weight loss work in your case, as it is in many of our cases.

When I first started JUDDD, I dropped 4# fast and was a pound from goal weight when I started being too casual for WLM and started eating FDs. The weight zoomed right back on me. So I did some experimenting and found the perfect WL range of UD calories for me. Those UD calories are important in WLM. Mine were 1700-1800. If I ate between those two numbers on UD, I lose. If I went above, I maintained or too far above, I gained.

Once I found this out, I stuck my numbers as best I could and the weight dropped off again.

I'm glad you are sticking with it, and expect you will see losses when you moderate those UD numbers. :up:

Scotty 01-27-2012 10:10 AM

Thanks, I agree. And maybe I'll get lucky and will stay at home for the next two weeks!

Anybody else who wants to chime in is invited!

Eieio 01-27-2012 10:13 AM

I hear u! Bacon, eggs butter, cream. All good stuff!
But that can't be good for us non stop. True?
In my thinking every diet works if u work it.
Don't give up. NEVER GIVE UP!
I was doubtful that I could do a down day. Let alone, thinking a woe for any time span.
I have big problem with energy. I say that to people and they say, "well u don't show it, by all u accomplish." Secret.. I fake it. And I turn down alot of things that r fun due to low energy. All we can do is try our best. That's all I do.
And lots of times it ain't to good!! One day at a time. Smile.

gotsomeold 01-27-2012 11:22 AM

On average it takes two weeks for that old JUDDD magic to establish itself in a body.

YOU, being a goddess, are obviously a bit above average. Please do not let that discourage you. Like you, I lost a few pounds in the first weeks. It was not until the beginning of week four that I accumulated enough of the SiRT enzymes to feel and see the change. And, oh golly, what a feeling it is when JUDDD takes hold. Be patient. Change is on the way.

SoHappy 01-27-2012 11:54 AM

If you have truly measured your foods and your portions, to truly know your calorie numbers, so you truly know the accurate calorie history of your days for these two weeks, then I believe this is nothing more than water weight showing UP in your body at the same time fat weight is going DOWN in your body. The one gain happening as the other loss is happening.. and the scale is unable to tell you that you've truly lost more fat than you think you have!

If you have increased the carbs you are eating and still actually lost weight in the first two weeks, you have done better than many of us do! You are actually one of the people who have lost weight initially on JUDDD, where many don't, and you managed to accomplish that even while eating more carby stuff than you were used to.

Unless I'm misunderstanding this, I think you've done well, and I offer my congratulations!
Your DDs are wa-y-y-y better than mine were in the first two weeks I was doing JUDDD! :laugh: And although you said you'd gone over a few times on UDs, and while that doesn't help (that's for sure), you still lost.

It takes awhile for JUDDD to kick in, for you to get used to JUDDD, for your appetite to become more moderate, and for all the benefits to get going well, but you are now at about the time when it should all come together for you, and you will begin to see real results, both in how well you feel and in how your weight loss picks up a bit. --Remember, JUDDD isn't known as a diet where you lose weight fast. You are only eating low calories half the time. And while we tend to just focus on the calorie numbers and how the Up and Down days average out, that's just not all there is to the way JUDDD works. This is far more than just a simple calorie restriction sort of diet for weight loss. So trust that the SIRT1 gene will awaken and all the others sirtuins too, and that you will be way better off than you were before, returning to better health, better metabolic rate (which helps you finally be able to eat those higher calories), and you'll be getting skinny too. All happening from just those days that you do the fasting part. The rest of the time you will be eating very well, hopefully within your calorie limits, and able to enjoy the foods you truly want to fill your life and your menus with for the rest of your life.

Hang in there! It's so worth it!

Scotty 01-27-2012 01:44 PM


YOU, being a goddess, are obviously a bit above average.
:laugh: I will continue, goddesslike, into the fray..

eieio so true!

Sohappy I believe my calorie counts to be as close as they can be, given the variables. I have weighed and measured obsessively for 15 years.

Those UD numbers, if anything, are a little high. But unless one is looking at the nutritional information on a "box"-and I eat very little food from boxes-one cannot be exactly sure. How many calories were actually in that homemade eggplant parm? Who knows?

And of course, since I am trying to eke every possible calorie I can from the DDs, those are quite accurate, again, given the variables.

My carbs, although high for me, are still quite low compared to "regular" people-56gms average for the past two weeks.

I do so appreciate the thoughtful insights you've all given me. To hear the enthusiasm and contentment that so many of you have with this woe is inspiring.

SoHappy 01-27-2012 01:53 PM


Originally Posted by atkinsgoddess (Post 15366954)

My carbs, although high for me, are still quite low compared to "regular" people-56gms average for the past two weeks.

Yes, they're sure low compared to my carb level. LOL I didn't find that carbs caused me any weight loss trouble at all.... once I'd carbed up and had accepted the regained pounds from the water weight. At that point, I figured that as my *real* body weight, as Mother Nature designed me to be, and that was my starting weight, and then I continued to eat my carbs as well as the protein and fat in my meals, and I lost body fat. I just didn't/don't care about whether I have some extra pounds on me from water weight. I just didn't want so much fat on me! :laugh:

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