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oneoftwo 01-16-2012 06:41 AM

Who is maintaining?
I was just curious who is maintaining and what your stats and UD/DD # are?

Mine are 5' 3.5", Maintaining goal 118-120, 500 calories DD/Free days for UD's (would usually be 1800)

Also what is your range to stay in to maintain? I started JUDDD with the goal to maintain from 118-120, but I think my window is too small based on my results for the last 2 weeks.

I do have to say I have been doing a FD/DD rotation so I do not count calories at all on UD.

So based on my results I think I should switch to a 118-122 range, thoughts?
I am sure I could closer to 120 more often if I counted my UD calories, but I am not sure if that is worth the 2 lbs :dunno:

121.4 -1/1 Sun - FD
122 - 1/2 Mon - MD
123 - 1/3 Tue - DD
121 - 1/4 Wed - FD
121 - 1/5 Thur - DD
120 - 1/6 Fri - FD
121.2 - 1/7 Sat - DD
119.4 - 1/8 Sun - MD
120 - 1/9 Mon - FD
121.4 - 1/10 Tue - DD
120 - 1/11 Wed - FD
121 - 1/12 Thur - DD
119.8 - 1/13 Fri - MD (need tomorrow to be a UD)
121.8 - 1/14 Sat - FD (big jump, may be due to PMS, will need a strick DD tomorrow!)
120.8 - 1/15 Sun - DD
121.4 - 1/16 Mon - FD (yesterday was not a great DD, just

theredhead 01-16-2012 07:58 AM

Wow, your weight is nice and steady. Mine is getting there. I've had wild water weight fluctuations because I've allowed myself to have a lot of FD weekends. However, I'm very happy with my weight range.

I'm 5'7" and I've been eating 600 calories on DDs and up to 1900 calories on UDs. However, a comfortable pattern has emerged for me to maintain. I eat strict DDs on M-W-F, strict UDs (1900) on T-TH, and FDs on Saturday and Sunday. The weight swings were frequently as much as 5 pounds, but it has always come right back off. This weekend, I only gained 1 pound.

Ultimately, I think it would be nice if I could maintain between 140-145 instead of 145-150. My size 6 jeans fit just fine, and I even have a couple of pairs of size 4's that fit well (thank goodness for vanity sizing, lol!).

sophiethecat 01-16-2012 08:11 AM

My UDs used to be 1700-1800, now I use FDs.
My maintain range used to be up to 146# (if I saw 147# I would reign in the FDs, but I never saw 147#). Then I lost more weight unexpectedly right after Christmas, so my range is now 138 - 143#. I prefer to keep a 5# maintenance range. Any smaller might cause me frustration, although I tend not to bounce as much on FDs usually.

julietcc 01-16-2012 08:39 AM

I think your 4 pound range is better than a 2 pound range!

I'm 5'4'" in maintenance. My range I set for myself is 112-115. Apparently I need to eat more calories because I keep losing a little more and was 109.8 this morning. I'm not too concerned because I still have plenty of fat stores here and there. I actually am liking being a petite little person but I definitely don't want to go any lower. I'm very very small boned with bird like wrists so I don't look bony or anything.

I'm doing about 3 DDs a week on no particular days - just not 2 in a row. It depends on what social activities I have that week! My average calories for January have been around 1250/day. I think they need to be closer to 1500. I tried doing free days for awhile in December but I am going to keep counting for now to make sure I'm eating enough calories on my up days. My 3 DDs are usually under 500 and I suppose my 4 UDs need to be around 2200 to make that average.

1 365 116.4 Down (big party night before)
2 1515 114.4 Up
3 415 113.8 Down
4 2186 113.2 Up
5 2000 113.4 Free (est)
6 642 113.6 Down
7 2397 111.6 Up
8 455 112.6 Down
9 2126 112.6 Up
10 265 113.8 Down
11 1921 111.4 Up
12 490 112.4 Down
13 1525 111.0 Up
14 1825 111.0 Up
15 471 110.6 Down
16 ? 109.8 Up

Karen925 01-16-2012 10:13 AM

I am maintaining for over 21 months. Still working on average ranges for me using JUDDD. 24 hour fasting is causing an interesting pattern.

Beeb 01-16-2012 10:40 AM

5' 5.5", maintaining between 133 and 135. DD calories are between 600 and 750, UD are FDs where I don't count. I have been doing FDs since the beginning of Dec and so far so good. I have been maintaining the weight of 133 to 135 since late Oct/early Nov.

My weight bounces up 1 to 2 pounds (sometimes more) after every UD and then back down after my DDs. I have my journal in my signature if any would like to see my weight history and food choices for DDs. I just started to record my weight following an UD, but before this I usually just recorded my DD weigh ins. I also, do not record, as a rule, my UD foods/calories but when I need to reign myself in some you will see the UD calories recorded.

Joedi 01-16-2012 06:23 PM

Tried to look at your diary Linda, but is just takes me to an empty myfatsecret page!


SoHappy 01-16-2012 06:38 PM

I maintain on JUDDD. I'm pretty happy to do the JUDDD balancing act, otherwise I'd be having to eat very modestly every single day, as so many of us get to that point in our older years, and I'm only 5'3" too, so that also means fewer calories to maintain a person of shorter stature. I found I'm most happy holding DDs to the 500 to 700 range, and rarely over that, in exchange for almost unlimited calorie freedom on my UDs.

If my weight is nudging the upper ceiling of my comfortable maintenance range, I watch my UD cals more carefully and keep DD cals low for a couple of times, and that pretty much is all it takes. Once in a great while I've intentionally done JUDDD very tightly to lose weight down to a low end of my maintenance range, but I don't think there is really any particular need for that.

But my range to bounce around in is about an 8 pound spread, so plenty of room for some good fluctuations and impressive bounces.

Beeb 01-16-2012 08:40 PM


Originally Posted by Joedi (Post 15334588)
Tried to look at your diary Linda, but is just takes me to an empty myfatsecret page!


That's because I don't record food on my UDs, which today is. If you go to yesterday's page or every other day's page you will see what I eat on my DDs. Also, if you look at my weight history that will tell you how my weight bounces. I just started to record my weight everyday so you will need to look back a few months to see how it goes up and down, which is normal for me.

Joedi 01-17-2012 01:49 AM

Went to yesterday's page- nothing there, tried the weight section, it just asked me to sign in! The page the link takes me to doesn't belong to anyone, it just says " guest" with a sign in option!
Sorry to be a pain!

sazzie 01-17-2012 05:59 AM

I've been maintaining for over two months now, and keep my DD calories anywhere from 300-600 calories and my UDs have been 1800-2000 calories.

I have a range of 4 lbs., but right now, am looking to decrease the scale number, so I will rein in the UD numbers.

I am a short senior gal at 5'2", so I feel very fortunate to be able to eat so many UD calories, and stay within my range.

Beeb 01-17-2012 09:18 AM


Originally Posted by Joedi (Post 15335300)
Went to yesterday's page- nothing there, tried the weight section, it just asked me to sign in! The page the link takes me to doesn't belong to anyone, it just says " guest" with a sign in option!
Sorry to be a pain!

Sorry OP for the thread jump here:

You are right and I don't understand why this is happening. I have written to Fat Secret and hope to have an answer soon. Sorry that my diary isn't showing, was hoping to help by doing this. :(

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