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mayleesa 01-14-2012 01:51 PM

up up and away day
Today is a up up and awayday.....i didn't plan on it being but so far ive eaten everything ive seen and friends are taking me out to a yummy dinner i shouldn't have cause I'm already at 2300 c today.....shopping out with friends wine tasting and taco bell...then dinner and id already eaten lunch before id went out but taco bell is.my weakness .....oh well.chalk it up to being dumb and to a better dd tomorrow

gotsomeold 01-14-2012 02:40 PM

The power of JUDDD: tomorrow is a DD!

Speck333 01-14-2012 02:51 PM

it happens. Nothing a good down day won't fix! Viva la JUDDD!

MLE 01-14-2012 04:46 PM

That's the spirit! Ok, so you had a bad day...dust it off, and tomorrow...clean slate.

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