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dazygyrl 01-12-2012 05:42 AM

intestinal yeast questions
paula, if you're reading, i'm reconsidering this... ;)

i have been doing some reading on intestinal yeast as i am wondering if i have this. but in my reading it's all lumped together with systemic yeast and then huge lists of symptoms, of which i have very few to none. my main issue is it feels like i have indulged in too many sugar alcohols most every time i eat. constant gurgling in my gut, gas, and bm's that are more loose than formed. is it possible to have intestinal yeast overgrowth with no other symptoms of systemic yeast?

i am going to start working coconut oil into my diet...SLOWLY! and also sugar free yogurt. this is for starters.

any yeast gurus here? your input?

i just want a quiet gut...it's terribly annoying and not very comfortable. :sad:

Beeb 01-12-2012 08:23 AM

Can't help you with the yeast questions but I will say when I up my fiber in my diet my stomach does :stars: things and "talks" to me (and others) all day long. Maybe this is something that is going on with you, also? And my bathroom issues get all out of sorts, too. :p

Keep my fiber at a normal level for me and I can hear a pin drop! ;)

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