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Nelle Belle 01-10-2012 05:34 PM

Took the plunge
I have been reading about JUDDD for a while. LC has not been working for me for a looong time no matter how lc or how much exercise i do or how much water i drink.
Was reading thread on DD meals last night and thought "I can do this", looked in my cabinets and came up with plan. So, today i actually got through my first day. Easier than i thought.

I have to say I was also swayed by some of LCFers who are doing this, I won't mention names so ya'll can think it was YOU! :hyst:


Wine2 01-10-2012 05:44 PM

Welcome...it must be Me you're referring to. :) Great start! You'll get the UD tomorrow! Wheeeee

mayleesa 01-10-2012 05:47 PM

YAY welcome!!!! you can dooooo it!!!

KeirasMom 01-10-2012 05:57 PM


Yippee! The more the merrier.

SillverOrchid 01-10-2012 05:58 PM

:welcome: :hiya: Im new here too.. on my second day.. which is a UD. :jumpjoy:

itsmeshelly01 01-10-2012 06:03 PM

Welcome! I am loving this woe!

SoHappy 01-10-2012 07:35 PM

Hi, Nelle Belle! Another big welcome.. this one from me! :welcome:

Glad you popped in to post and introduce yourself, 'cause as said above, "The more, the merrier."

And, yes. I'm sure you can do this, and succeed. So many of us here have come to JUDDD because low carb just didn't work for us anymore. Not that we didn't believe it was healthy or anything, but because we still had a long way to go, and no matter what, low carb wasn't giving us any weight loss. Some of us were going in the opposite direction and beginning to GAIN WEIGHT on low carb eating. So if we had to be restricted in foods that much and could not have any weight loss from that restriction, it finally just didn't seem all that appealing anymore. :laugh:

And then, after the transition to JUDDD and eating a far more varied a diet... what do you know? Weight loss started in again and just doesn't stop. Some here really have to increase their calories in order not to lose more than they want to! :eek: :hyst:

Yes, I think you're going to do very well. Glad you're here!

Beeb 01-10-2012 08:01 PM

:welcome: to you and so :jumpjoy: to see you joining our JUDDD family! Don't be afraid to ask about anything you don't understand or need clarity on! A better group of supportive, caring and kind people you will never find on any other board or this site, in my opinion.

We have some of the BEST cheerleaders in the world here and lots of experience and knowledge sharing! :up:

theredhead 01-10-2012 08:03 PM

We're so glad to have you here. I believe this must be the happiest place on LCFs!

sophiethecat 01-10-2012 09:02 PM

:welcome: Nell Belle! Enjoy your UD tomorrow! :high5:

julietcc 01-10-2012 09:37 PM

:welcome: It's great to have you here! Congrats on getting though your first DD. That one was the hardest for me and now they are a breeze.

Yes we are the happiest board at LCF. It's like someone put some happy gas in the ventilation system around here :laugh:

gharkness 01-11-2012 06:30 AM


and came up with plan.
In this one phrase, you have already done 99% of what it takes to succeed at **anything,** but particularly on DD's. You will, do fine! And - Welcome!

Nelle Belle 01-11-2012 06:33 AM

Thanks everyone.

What do you think a reasoable weekly/monthly loss should be. I have about 20# to lose and am sort of active (most weeks)., running, strength

sazzie 01-11-2012 06:49 AM

:welcome: Nelle Belle

Such a good decision you've made to join our happy group!

SoHappy 01-11-2012 07:00 AM


Originally Posted by Nelle Belle (Post 15316860)
Thanks everyone.

What do you think a reasoable weekly/monthly loss should be. I have about 20# to lose and am sort of active (most weeks)., running, strength

Wow. LOL This is one of those impossible questions to really be able to answer. For some of us, if we can lose one pound per week on an ongoing basis, it's completely satisfying, and lets us know that we can finally just go about our lives and eat well and be transformed eventually into a lovely slim size with little effort on our part, other than just doing our JUDDD eating cycle.

There are lots of folks who average two pounds a week too. And that's considered a pretty speedy rate of lost in most diet books! I once knew a lovely woman who lost 10 and 11 pounds a month for the very few months she did JUDDD here at LCF. Which is really remarkable, if you ask me, since we only *diet* about 15 days in a month! :laugh:

If your calorie ceiling numbers are set correctly for you, and we all have to start out somewhere with the Calorie Calculator numbers as a good place to start, and if you respect those calorie ceilings, truly measure your foods and portions, truly count the calories... in other words, truly do JUDDD very carefully, you may well find weight loss comes very easily for you, and fast too!

Hope so! Wouldn't that be fun!!! :laugh:

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