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KJ-43 01-08-2012 05:12 PM

Thinking about Juddd
Hi my name is Karen but I go by KJ and I am 48years old with the height of 5'10 I have done lc since 06 and have done quite well with it and I dont really know if I can do any other woe. With that being said I had some medical problems and gained some of my weight back and really been struggling to take it off again with lc. I have ate clean,lower my carbs,meat&eggs, and I workout 4-5 days a week but the weight loss is really slow. I have looked at Juddd off and on but just don't know about counting calories or the dd. I looked at my calculations and it is 2400 and 600 but even the 2400 would be strange since I don't count calories. I really want this weight off b/c I have clothes in my closet I would like to get into so i was aiming at next week but the middle of this week I may start. It seems the weight loss is about the same after the first 2 weeks then maybe average of 2 pounds a week and even though people eat pretty much what they want they still fall off. I guess I just don't want to bounce around I want something I can stick to and live with. I would appreciate any information from currant Juddd'ers that would help me out.


SillverOrchid 01-08-2012 05:14 PM

Welcome Karen! I start my first official DD tomorrow.. after LCing for almost 2 years.. I need a change! The people here are amazing and so helpful..

Pami 01-08-2012 05:37 PM


Welcome KJ! I've only just completed my first week, and what a change from
lowcarbing! I first started LC 11 years ago, and haven't done much else in that
time. If you can use ****** or another food tracker, you won't see much difference
between starting JUDDD and starting LC. And of course, once you get the hang
of it, you'll have some of your calories memorized and won't have to look up every
single thing. I'm staying relatively lowcarb as I do the JUDDD method, and it works
for me (I'm only one week in, but I'm down 8 lbs already!). Others eat all types of
foods and do well. I only choose LC because my blood sugar does well on LC. My
advice would be to give it a shot, let these ladies help, and just see where you end
up at the end of the month. Best of luck to you!!

Knittering 01-08-2012 05:44 PM

Welcome KJ!

I suggest going through the DD recipes and making a shopping trip before you get started. This is a LOT easier once you're armed with a bunch of VLC recipes and have a stock of things like laughing cow cheese, cabbage, shrimp, broth, etc.

I was also uncertain about counting calories again (*sigh*) but I'm doing so well on this diet that I don't really mind. It's so great to be able to eat some of my favorite foods again and STILL lose weight! I was at 183 when I started after Thanksgiving and now I'm down to 170, which makes me very happy -- and that loss with the holidays and all the eating the accompanied them.

The down days sounds like they'll be awful but honestly, after the first few, they're actually very simple and easy. I'm finding up days to be a bigger stressor -- so many choices! So many good things to eat!

Anyhow, I do hope you'll give it a shot. :)

mayleesa 01-08-2012 06:01 PM

Read the stickys at the top of the forum page, they are the most helpful thing going!! everyone here is incredible...i lc and vlc for 2.5 years and just couldn't be that girl anymore....so unhappy, moody, and just plain foggy.....i may not be losing as well as some but i tell ya what, i'm SO happy to be not gaining at least and eating my food again!!! do not let DD's scare you, i welcome them!! no stress AT ALL...come on in the water's fine :up:

KJ-43 01-08-2012 06:02 PM

Thanks for the Welcome!

I thinking about Wednesday and I had read some of the recipes already as i have been lurking all over the thread today. I have used ****** before so I am going to take these few days to prepare myself and see what happens.

SoHappy 01-08-2012 06:25 PM

KJ, it's wonderful to have you join us! I think you're going to LOVE it. Welcome for sure!

Everyone is wonderful and so supportive and encouraging, so you'll have all the help you need to be very successful at weight loss with this method, and here's a really fun thing about it: Your weight loss will come from being on the *diet* part of it only half of the time, and then the rest of the days you will get to eat any foods you decide to include in your food plan! It's so much fun.


itsmeshelly01 01-08-2012 07:01 PM

Welcome kj! This is an awesome group of wonderful women. I just can't say enough about how supportive everyone is. I haven't lost anything yet. My own fault but im getting there. I am loving this woe though. I have lost a lot of weight on lc and have been eating lc for 7 years. I was ready for a change. My body must want happy anymore. I have been gaining weight slowly for a few months and it has been driving me crazy so im really hoping JUDDD is gonna help me and I know it will help you.

Beeb 01-08-2012 08:19 PM

:welcome: KJ!! And all I can say is most who come over to the "dark side" don't ever leave!!

Hope you become "one of us" and stick around!! :high5::clap:

KJ-43 01-09-2012 02:36 AM

Good Morning,

I plan on visiting the dark side this week:lol: hopefully it will get me to the side of the scale I want to be on. I gonna give it 2 weeks and see what happens and I hope it is the best thing that has happen since lc. Thanks for all the well wishes and the support already and I have not even started yet.:) I will see you soon.


SoHappy 01-09-2012 09:25 AM

KJ, glad you're planning to join us. I don't think you will ever regret it. (It just takes some getting used to, since JUDDD is pretty different from most other ways of dieting.)

I did want to say that two weeks is really a very bare minimum to do JUDDD to determine how it will go for you - at least fairly often this is the case - and it's from the standpoint of whether you have been following a low carb eating plan prior to starting JUDDD or not.

If you are now eating low carb / depleted of stored carb fuel and water weight, AND THEN you start JUDDD and start eating more carbs.. guess what is going to happen? If you start to carb up, you are going to start regaining weight... just water weight, not body FAT, but it can really scare some folks into thinking that JUDDD isn't working for them! So just wanted to warn you that many of us gain weight (water weight) at the same time we're losing weight (body fat) but the two happenings are canceling each other out as far as the scale weight shows us. Interesting how our bodies work, but just wanted to warn you that sometimes it takes almost two weeks to really see the scale begin to make its move down. But in the meantime you can almost always find fat loss occurring just by taking your measurements and comparing from day one to the measurements of two weeks later.

In the meantime, if you have some possible free time each day, I hope you will spend some of it here, reading, reading, reading. You'll be an old pro at it practically right off the bat that way, and it will all feel more comfortable to you. Welcome!

sophiethecat 01-09-2012 09:54 AM

Hi KJ! :welcome: I think you will :heart: the freedom of this woe. Counting calories will seem alien at first, but you will adjust faster than you think!

And you can look forward to some point in the future on maintenance when you may not have to count calories anymore! That is where I am at, and a few others, where we have FD (free days). After some time on JUDDD, it seems our metabolisms have healed and we are now able to eat higher calories without gaining.

Welcome again!

KJ-43 01-09-2012 05:56 PM

Thanks everyone for all the support and Sohappy I don't plan on eating way out there on carbs as I eat my share now but when the gain happens I will be encouraged to keep pressing on to see great results. I comute to work and I am on the road almost 3 hrs a day so I have to preplan any woe so I know I want to start on Wednesday but if not it will be Saturday when I go the the grocery store that way I will have everything I need.

SoHappy 01-09-2012 06:38 PM


Originally Posted by KJ-43 (Post 15312727)
Thanks everyone for all the support and Sohappy I don't plan on eating way out there on carbs as I eat my share now but when the gain happens I will be encouraged to keep pressing on to see great results. I comute to work and I am on the road almost 3 hrs a day so I have to preplan any woe so I know I want to start on Wednesday but if not it will be Saturday when I go the the grocery store that way I will have everything I need.

We're all excited to have you join us, and I believe once you get into it, you're going to love it!

KJ-43 01-10-2012 02:47 AM

Good Morning,

Yes SoHappy I believe I will also.

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