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Dottie 01-04-2012 05:50 AM

It's Wednesday - what are you eating today?
B: coffee w/almond milk and coconut oil; shrimp dipped in butter
D: fish tacos using tilapia and flatout light wrap (cut in half to make 2 tacos) and home made cole slaw
S: pork chops and going to cook some turnip and mustard greens with ham hocks

belfrybat 01-04-2012 06:06 AM

DD for me. I'm travelling today and will not be back until Friday. I hope I can keep today as DD as I don't want the friends I am staying with to know that once again I'm on a diet.

Br: coffee w/ 2% milk, protein shake (am taking it with me to sip on)
L: CarbMaster yogurt (60 cal)
D: I will do my best to stay downwards of 300 cal.

Knittering 01-04-2012 06:15 AM


Coffee w/hwc, eggs w/ham
Shanghai beef
Grilled steak with either salad or roasted broccoli

And my daughter wants cookies so I'll probably have to taste-test a few to make sure they are acceptable... :laugh:

SlowSure 01-04-2012 06:17 AM

DD for me.

Breakfast: 4 small whey & psyllium pancakes (approx 120 cals)

Lunch: mixed vegetable soup (approx. 80 cals)

Dinner: salmon cake with assorted vegetables (approx 150 cals)

Total approx 350 cals.

MintQ8 01-04-2012 06:19 AM


B: Skinny Flat White Coffee & Chocolate Twist
L: Sushi
D: Tacos

Wine: maybe!!

handbells 01-04-2012 07:10 AM

It's supposed to be a DD, but yesterday was a MD, so I'm making today and UD!

L-English muffin
D-Cheeseburger Pie

Going to drink a real coke too :D

sophiethecat 01-04-2012 07:16 AM

DD until evening.

B - black coffee


avecrain 01-04-2012 09:05 AM

UD here. So far, I had leftover drunken noodles cold for breakfast because my dad made them a few days ago and I wanted to eat some before they disappeared. Estimated the cals of those. Just at greek yogurt, protein powder, blueberries, and toasted almonds. Snacked on corn chips and tamari almonds while my almonds toasted. At 1000 cals so far. Going out for dinner tonight, either falafel or a chili dog, so I'll be estimating cals.

sophiethecat 01-04-2012 09:12 AM

L - small deviled egg.

About 110 calories so far.

kris4chloe 01-04-2012 09:19 AM

UD and typical for me I have no idea.

I still have to figure out what to make for dinner and then go backwards. Slept in today as it is my day off work and the last few days of the kids Christmas break.

So just about to have coffee with some flavored creamer and I am feeling like some fried eggs for breakfast.

Lunch will probably be a salad or a sandwich, we will see.

Dinner is going to have to be crockpot chicken or baked chicken of some sort because my son has a wrestling match tonight and we wont be back until 7 or so and will have to eat after (or i will have to try to feed everyone dinner at 4)

might need to leave some calories for some yummy snacks at the wrestling match.

alot of help i am today, huh :laugh:

rubidoux 01-04-2012 09:27 AM

Today's an UD for me. I'm probably not going to eat until pretty late in the day and I'll have two biggish meals and a snack or two depending on how many calories I have left. I'm planning on hamburger w/ refried beans/cheese/salsa/sour cream and sauteed greens for dinner. And I usually have cream cheese/sour cream with some lemon flavoring and splenda at some point on my UD's. Not sure what else. Trying to keep low carb/high fat so I'll be going easy on the beans.

Chona 01-04-2012 09:35 AM

DD for me.

B: Coffee with FF 1/2 and 1/2
Beet smoothie (Juice of one small beet and 8 oz. Diet V-8 splash)

L: Chamomile tea

D: Creamed turkey (turkey breast with FF mushroom soup and chopped leeks)
250 cals.

Getting over the hunger hump by doing errands all afternoon.

Beeb 01-04-2012 09:37 AM

UD/FD for me! Going to eat low cals for the day and then it's an outing to Checkers to see DS who works there during school break and having a meal from there I haven't had in AGES!!!

High in cals, but you gotta throw caution to the wind at times just because you can!! ;):up::laugh:

Wallee 01-04-2012 09:40 AM

DD for me!

B: Chai Tea
S: Atkins shake, Chobani Champions Greek Yogurt (made for kids, only 100 cals)
L: Apple
D: Progresso soup

babybella 01-04-2012 10:22 AM

DD for me (my 3rd day into this!). So far so good as my scale was down a few today!!

B: coffee with low fat half and half and splenda
L: French onion soup and sauteed veggies
D: ??
S: ?? depending on where I'm at!

I have 343 calories left.

Hazelsmrf 01-04-2012 11:38 AM


Lunch: Tuna salad, celery sticks and a V8 = 190 cals

Supper will be soup (100) and something else worth 110 cals, not sure yet. Maybe egg whites or chicken.

Late night munchies: 100 cal popcorn bag

total = 500 cals

SoHappy 01-04-2012 11:55 AM

Enjoying a DD today. Coffees with half & half this morning.

Made a nice soup of low fat chicken broth, onion, carrot, celery, yellow miso, snipped nori, and 6 snipped oriental shrimp/pork dumplings with a large bag of shirataki noodles, snipped in smaller strands. I don't even know if I can eat all of this today, but if I do the total calories for the day will be 518.

sazzie 01-04-2012 12:00 PM


Cream of wheat w/Hazelnut Creamer

Boiled ham/lacy swiss roll up w/ Pitettes/calamata olives

Unsweetened applesauce

Meat loaf/asparagus/mixed green salad w EVOO


Alcestis 01-04-2012 12:04 PM


B: coffee, 2 egg omelet (140)
S: tangerine (40)
L: Campbell's soup (250)

Last night I made a great shrimp and clam hot soup that's perfect for DDs (first time I've made sure to be super-prepared for a DD)...and now I don't feel remotely hungry. I believe it's call "Sod's Law"....

shedevil13 01-04-2012 12:10 PM

This is about as planned as I have for now. I think I'm short on carbs but that will change by the end of the day.

B - scramble egg with turkey and butter
herbal tea

S - cheesy crackers but I didn't have parchment, I cut a brown bag and microwaved. Thank goodness it didn't catch on fire, but my crackers stuck to it. I only got about 6 pried off with some extra "fiber". I gave up for now. If I get desperate, I'll revisit them.

L - whitecastle hamburger pie
side salad with some cheese

D - I think is spinach lasagna

MintQ8 01-04-2012 12:28 PM

probably had a bit too much of my taco dinner!! - and half a bottle of wine - but yay!!!

SoHappy 01-04-2012 01:16 PM


Originally Posted by MintQ8 (Post 15297363)
probably had a bit too much of my taco dinner!! - and half a bottle of wine - but yay!!!

So..... you have half of that bottle of wine left? I'll be right over! :laugh: :hugs:

It looks like you're making JUDDD work for you well, are losing weight, and are enjoying the meals that feed your body and your soul! Good for you!

sophiethecat 01-04-2012 01:38 PM

Had some evoo after the egg earlier.

About 4:30 I had 2 Wasa crackers with cream cheese and an orange.

I think I'm up to about 450 - 500 calories.

Kissa 01-04-2012 01:55 PM


Originally Posted by SoHappy (Post 15297521)
So..... you have half of that bottle of wine left? I'll be right over! :laugh: :hugs:

It looks like you're making JUDDD work for you well, are losing weight, and are enjoying the meals that feed your body and your soul! Good for you!

:lol:So sorry, Pat, I drank the other half.

UD/FD here, I had a soya latte and a croissant for breakfast

No lunch, went to a matinee and had an interval mulled wine and some mixed nuts.

Dinner was a big taco salad and the aforementioned 1/2 bottle of Shiraz. one slice of garlic bread and some olives.

MLE 01-04-2012 03:33 PM

UP here:

B: Fasted - BCAA's - workout
L: Red beans & rice, minestroni soup, banana
S: Popcorn
D: Gnocchi in creamy tomato-mushroom sauce, salad, french bread, pistachio ice cream

1853 calories

sophiethecat 01-04-2012 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by Kissa (Post 15297640)
:lol:So sorry, Pat, I drank the other half.


Logging a Pure Protein bar, some wine, and popcorn around 7:30 p.m.

Not the greatest, but I need to go grocery shopping! I couldn't find much else in the house. Oh well, I will go to the store tomorrow for sure. It's supposed to "warm up" a bit, so I'll feel like getting out of the house. :)

Alcestis 01-04-2012 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by sophiethecat (Post 15298206)
It's supposed to "warm up" a bit, so I'll feel like getting out of the house. :)

I hope so - your chilly cat is making me so sad!

itsmeshelly01 01-04-2012 05:17 PM

DD for me

100 calorie popcorn
Half cup Greek yogurt
Snack baggie with half a cucumber, half a zucchini, 8 baby carrots
Dinner was an omelet. Quarter cup egg whites, half a can of baby shrimp, laughing cow swiss, spinach and mushrooms, salsa on top.......yummy!

About 500 today

Beeb 01-04-2012 05:34 PM

OK, I decided to put in all my calories for my FD today just to see if I over ate. Well here is the funny thing: I'm actually ate UNDER my recommended UD calories by 350 cals, and this is even after eating a bagel thin with butter for breakfast, a sandwich of bologna and mayo with veggie chips for lunch, 2 different chocolate type snacks (cookies and kit kat) and a dinner of Checkers fast food which included a child size vanilla shake, bacon cheddar burger and a small fry! :eek::D

Go figure! And I was so concerned about eating too much today and I actually need to eat more to bring my UD calories up to where they work best for me! :doh::up::clap:

Tyl 01-04-2012 05:42 PM


fresh fruit: pineapple, blueberries, melon
carbmaster yogurt
crackers and cheese
enchilladas and spanish rice

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