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Dottie 12-10-2011 06:06 AM

It's Saturday! What are you eating today?
DD for me

B: coffee w/almond milk
D: cabbage, chicken breast and tomatoes w/broth
S: probably just broth

handbells 12-10-2011 07:43 AM

UD here

Not sure what I'm eating yet, but I know it will be good :)

Knittering 12-10-2011 07:59 AM

UD, hooray! Although yesterday's DD went pretty well compared to the first one.

Coffee w/hwc, bacon (240)
ham and eggs
cheese and mini-crackers
pork chops and green beans
sugar-free ice cream bar

pjsam1156 12-10-2011 08:21 AM

UD:jumpjoy:all I know is I bought pork chops for dinner. Don't know what else I'm eating yet:D

Low Carb Librarian 12-10-2011 09:07 AM


Have a soup, wine and bread party to go to tonight. I don't like soup (only like Vegitable soups and the ones at this party are always meaty) and I don't drink wine... Guess I am eating a bunch of bread as usual (this is the sixth year!)

dasiey 12-10-2011 09:19 AM

DD for me.

I will enjoy my coffee with almond milk
and eat later. I am staying lcarb.
what ever I eat.

vilanteira 12-10-2011 11:18 AM

DD here.

B: coffee
L: V8, 2 strips bacon
D: smoked salmon with neufchatel and sliced red onions, 1 lamb chop

Around 445 calories.

itsmeshelly01 12-10-2011 11:53 AM

MD today, im gonna try anyway...lol

B- 3oz rotisserie chicken, 2 boiled eggs, quarter cup cottage cheese and half a grapefruit
l- 3 cups romaine, whole medium zucchini, kraft light Italian
snack- nuts
d- tuna with 1T light mayo and jalapeno mustard over spinach, romaine and mushrooms
i also made a pumpkin cheesecake and will have a slice of that
If I can stick to this I will be right at 1000 calories for the day.

caramel 12-10-2011 12:02 PM

MD for me, I have consumed a 310 calorie breakfast and aim for the same amount of calories for lunch. This gives me around a 300 cal dinner with and extra 300 cal to play with. My MD are 1200 where i usually have a small loss or I maintain. Here's what I have eaten so far:

Grits ( I'm from the south)
170 cal biscuit ( I know it is a lot but is what I look forward to)
40 cal coffee

not sure what I'll do for lunch, dinner, or snacks yet.

Kissa 12-10-2011 01:14 PM

Supposed to be a DD but, after a glass and a half of lovely red wine with a dear friend at lunch time, and 1/2 a packet of salt and vinegar crisps this evening, I guess it was an MD.

No breakfast then lunch with my friend, smoked salmon, prawns, tomato, salami and a slice of ciabatta. All good, but then the wine!

Dinner tonight was veggie soup after a diet coke and those potato chips at the pub.

JKat 12-10-2011 02:03 PM

This is my first UP. We are having a family day cutting and putting christmas tree up. So I feel the freedom but want to be resonable.

B carbquik pancakes
S half of chocolate chip cookie (awesome eaten at the farm were we get the tree. Homemade and delicious. How and I enjoyed it)
l 2 small slices broccoli rabe pizza white with chicken and small chef salad

D something small because my lunch was so big. Maybe just a small salad

****** has my calories at 1849.

The scale was down this morning but know I must plan for it to up tomarrow because of todays UD.

janetsbreeze 12-10-2011 02:44 PM

DD for me
B - Coffee, black, Fiber One 90 cal brownie
L - Broccoli slaw with Laughing Cow cheese and Steakums, stirfried - delicious!
D - Progresso Light chicken noodle

Might even have a few cals left over for a snack!

Karen925 12-10-2011 04:22 PM

FD for me. Hosting DH party for his section tonight. However, I have eaten light all day so as to enjoy the party foods to a greater degree tonight. Though it is a free day, I will record what I have eaten for tracking purposes.

Mommie22boys 12-10-2011 07:58 PM

UD today and we were on the road all day for hockey games. Every meal was eaten out. Bleah...

B: English toffee cappuccino, bacon/egg/cheese wrap from Dunkin D's
L: soft pretzel w/ cheese (rink food)
D: cheeseburger, handful of fries, part of a side salad at Wendy's

Also had a few bites of DH's lo mein noodles tonight. NOT the most responsible day of eating for me.:stars:

I am at just under 1500 calories, but they were not terribly nutritious calories, so I feel hesitant to eat more, even though I probably should. Hmmmmm...

For tomorrow's DD I will once again be on the road a good part of the day for hockey games. I should be able to do lunch at home in between travel times from one game to the other (morning game is 45 min from home, afternoon game is 2 hours away in the opposite direction). I'm bringing bouillion cubes, a packet of diet hot cocoa and a packet of peppermint mocha coffee...all easy to dump into a cup of hot water.

sherrymyra 12-10-2011 09:28 PM

UD. I wasn't as good as I should have been. Following calories except for that 3/4 bottle of wine. Not sure how many calories were in the wine but oh well. It's done now. Looking forward to DD tomorrow.

darlingnikki 12-10-2011 10:05 PM

two Christmas Parties!!
So although I didn't count calories,
I had...
b-coffee and water
l-coffee and water
each party I picked off of fruit and veggie trays and cocktail shrimp. Drank diet coke.
So while I'm sure I did no damage, I don't think there was progress. I tried to stay just this side of hungry and I'm sure I made good choices.
Merry Christmas!

MintQ8 12-11-2011 02:21 AM

B: Coffee & Berocca (not together!!) 20
L: 100 gms Prawns (67) Skinny Flat White (88)
S: 3 x cups of tea (45)
D: 2 stuffed mushrooms and a medley of mediterranean vegetables (360)

For a total of 513!!! Not bad as everyone else was having pizza and fish and chips!!

kel7298 12-11-2011 09:48 AM

Thursday and Friday were Mid Days with today (Saturday being a UD)

MintQ8 12-11-2011 10:55 AM

oops I meant 583!

Kissa 12-11-2011 01:31 PM


Originally Posted by MintQ8 (Post 15240761)
B: Coffee & Berocca (not together!!) 20
L: 100 gms Prawns (67) Skinny Flat White (88)
S: 3 x cups of tea (45)
D: 2 stuffed mushrooms and a medley of mediterranean vegetables (360)

For a total of 513!!! Not bad as everyone else was having pizza and fish and chips!!


Originally Posted by MintQ8 (Post 15241366)
oops I meant 583!

Either way looks pretty amazing whlie watching others eat pizza and fish and chips. :hyst: Good for you. :high5:

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