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Idreamofweightloss 11-29-2011 05:48 AM

For those that combine low carb with JUDDD
What do your numbers look like on the scale do you still have the eratic number changes? I have realized I cant just go off low carb because I am not handling it well. I went nuts and just ate way to much. Carbs are just so addicting for me right now. So I am re-starting JUDDD but combining it with low carb.

Dottie 11-29-2011 06:45 AM

Yes, on days I have too many carbs (over about 80g), my numbers jump 3-4 pounds for a few days.

FremenChick 11-29-2011 10:31 AM

Yeah, sounds like me. I tried eating more carbs and I went nuts and my weight jumped 3-4 lbs, yep. I am used to how my weight fluctuates on my usual carb intake, plus that is how I feel best, so I am going to stick with that same old plan. I do moderate carb on workout days, and very low carb other days. I don't know how that will work with JUDDD but I shall see.

Leo41 11-29-2011 12:12 PM

I've done JUDDD for just about 3 years--low carb all the time. And I've had wide fluctuations in weight if I weigh during the week. I believe Dr. J mentions this. It's a factor in the alternation between the DDs and UDs. For that reason, I weigh only weekly--same day, same time.

The fluctuations are very similar to what one experiences who suddenly goes out of ketosis, but it can happen with JUDDD as part of the process of losing even staying low carb.

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