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moonmirror 11-26-2011 06:28 PM

All right, I think I'm going to get through this DD
2 coffees with milk
1 mineral water
1 diet coke
1/2 green apple with one string cheese

And...I'm already at 199 calories! Wow, it adds up. maybe the milk's not worth it? I'm a big coffee drinker, maybe I'll switch to almond milk

Tonight I will have turkey and vegetable soup, then I think that's all my calories.

I make bone broth and I have no idea how many calories are in it. There is some fat in it, I know. So I'll just guess its the rest of my day's calories....

So what do I do tomorrow? I'm afraid I'm going to eat like crazy. I'd hate to work this hard and then undo it all.

I'll try to eat real meals tomorrow, it will be easier to track than grazing.

Lori-s 11-26-2011 07:16 PM

Plan your UD tonight. Do you use a calorie/food tracking system like ******? I use ****** and pretty much plan my UDs out ahead of time so I can keep track of what my day looks like. I do this for the opposite reason .... I have trouble making it up to my calories if I don't plan ahead. For example, I'm not a breakfast eater .... never have been though I love breakfast foods, just don't like to eat early in the day for some reason. But on UDs I have to eat breakfast or there's no way I could get my calories up so I always plan at least my breakfast and lunch out and take a look at my calories so I know what I need to do about the rest of the day. I've always been an evening eater and I blame that on the fact that I was born at 7:25pm so I started out life eating breakfast for dinner :rofl:

Maybe it would help you stay in your calorie number better if you planned your UD ahead of time?

I know you said that you are having trouble with the "Now I can eat everything and so I'm going to eat it all today!" syndrome. YES "The eat it ALL today" syndrome. The easiest way to get over that (and it's not uncommon at first so don't beat yourself up too much) is to remind yourself that it's just food, there's always more and you can have it next time if you still want it. For the rest of your life you can have it so it doesn't have to be today. And if it helps put it in your planner for the very next UD and it will give you something to look forward to and be a reward of sorts for doing so well on your DD before.

It sounds like you did really well today on your DD :clap: Try to make sure that you get in some good protein tomorrow and eat to your calorie limit (but not over) so that you do well next DD too. Everyone is different and I found that if I didn't eat until late in the day I did better with those DDs as I could just basically use all my calories for dinner and a snack.

YAY on your DD!!!:jumpjoy::jumpjoy:

julietcc 11-26-2011 07:24 PM

You're having a great down day! I also recommend a calorie tracker. I use ************. In the past I have used ****** and livestrong.

moonmirror 11-26-2011 07:38 PM

Thanks everyone!

So...what IS my UD calorie limit? If I checked on the trackers, wouldn't they all recommend something different?

I guess I could just throw a number out there; probably between 1600 and 1900, but...is there a more specific way to find out?

Lori-s 11-26-2011 07:42 PM

If you don't mind giving your stats I could help you with it. For example current weight, goal weight, age, height and activity level.

moonmirror 11-26-2011 07:48 PM

Ok, lets see:
42 years old
current weight: 167.5
goal weight: 130
height: 5'5
activity level: light activity


Lori-s 11-26-2011 08:05 PM


Originally Posted by moonmirror (Post 15205112)
Ok, lets see:
42 years old
current weight: 167.5
goal weight: 130
height: 5'5
activity level: light activity


OK here's what I did

If you put your current weight in you are getting maintenance numbers for your current weight and you will still lose weight (because this number is only every other day) at this number but it might be slower than you'd like.

When using your current weight the number are around 1700 with JUDDD almost to 1800. So, I would say low 1700s.

When putting in your goal weight (130) the numbers came out around 1500 for UD with JUDDD calculator coming up to almost 1600. So here I'd say low 1500s

When using 150 (just to cut your input weight a bit so that you are guaranteed good weight loss) it came to around 1600 with JUDDD calculating at just below 1700. Low 1600.

So, you have options, 1500, 1600 or 1700 depending on which you think will work best for you. You might not want to go as low as your goal weight numbers just yet and you might not want the slower weight loss that your current weight comes up with. But, pick whichever of these numbers looks the most doable for you and if after a little bit it isn't working then you can adjust the UD numbers either up or down depending on how you are doing.

moonmirror 11-26-2011 08:35 PM

Thanks a bunch, Lori! That's the kind of explanation I was hoping for.

I wonder if I might want to just try to eat under 1700 to begin with. I'm used to a lot of calories. When doing LC I eat freely with plenty of nuts and cream, too.

Tonight after having soup, I had a hard boiled egg hoping to blunt more hunger through the night, but after eating I'm much more hungry than I was before eating.

Time for tea.

MintQ8 11-27-2011 04:36 AM

What I found interesting on my first DD I went to bed a bit hungry - but woke up without hunger - weird!!

Good luck!!

Lori - thanks for the ideas - I may revisit my Up Day Calories after my skiing trip in January based on what you have written. There won't be any 'feast' days or other fun stuff in the way by then!!!

hopetolose 11-27-2011 06:19 AM

Hi Everyone
Had an UD yesterday and am actually looking forward to my DD today because I feel stuffed this morning. Ate more food on my UP than I usually do as I am prediabetic without meds and keep it under control with diet and excercise.
My B/S was 88 this morning, so I am happy. I think this is going to work for me.
This is day 5 for me on JUDD and so far am loving it.
Hope everyone has a great day.

moonmirror 11-27-2011 11:27 AM

Yes, that's the case for me...just like the early days on LC, I went to bed hungry and kind of antsy, and woke up not hungry at all.

Having coffee with real cream in the spirit of the UD, and if I'm truly not hungry all day I'll just keep it LC and high fat to keep cals up.

I think that's one think I'll like about the UD...real cream in my coffee.

On the DD its WAY too many calories!

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