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ooodsie 11-20-2011 09:13 PM

Finishing my first DD!
Almost time to go to bed after my first DD! I began this WOE yesterday with an up day, and today was my first DD.

I ate:
Breakfast - 1 hard boiled egg (80cal)
Lunch - 2 KFC grilled chicken drumsticks & green beans & 2 bites of my husbands mac & cheese (260 cal)
Dinner - Wendys small chili w/ tbsp sour cream and 1 saltine (223cal)

Total for the day: 554 cal.

I know I needed to stay under 500, but I consider 554 an accomplishment for my first day.... I was starving at one point and ALMOST caved in, but drank a ton of water instead.

I have one question though- I chose the wrong day to start, and didn't realize Thanksgiving would now be a DD. How should I best go about flipping things so that Thursday is an UD instead?

Also any other tips or suggestions would be great. How do you think my eating went today? Would you do anything different? And what would you suggest my totals be if I am 5'9, female, 32 and 161lbs currently? I tried a few calculators and am thinking 450-500 cals on DD and 1900-2100 on UD's?

gotsomeold 11-21-2011 04:04 AM

I'm two weeks into JUDDD and, like you, got my pattern messed up to arrive at Turkey Day ready to eat. I plan to make tomorrow an MD (medium eating day) with calories 1/2 way between my DD and UD calories. Then Wednesday will be a DD and Thursday an UD.

MDs are a way to make a permanent adjustment to the DD/UD weight loss pattern. But, using them too often can probably completely mess up weight loss - the longer one can sustain the DD/UD rotation the better the loss.

I decided a National Holiday was a good reason to modify my rotation.

The other approach is to have two UD in a row then go back to your planned rotation. Some JUDDDers lose on a permanent DD in a Monday-Wed-Fri rotation where they keep calories between MD/UD on weekends.

lol - I suspect how we all deal with leftovers on Friday is going to be the REAL challenge!

gotsomeold 11-21-2011 04:05 AM

Oh, and I am impressed! I think 554 for your first DD is awesome!

dasiey 11-21-2011 06:10 AM

I agree with the above just throw in a md so you can eat on tgiving.

I just finished week one and Down 7 pounds.

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