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Old 12-03-2011, 11:36 AM   #61
Way too much time on my hands!
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guess not.
I'm making a new batch of Konjac jam blocks since I ate up the other experiments.

So far I've done this:
1 Quart Mason Jar
1 stick blender
1/8 t Lime
1T Glucomannan
2 cups of cool water
2 mini silicon loaf pans, 1 cup volume each
A kettle full of hot water
a silicon spatula
a soapy sponge
a baby bottle brush

I put the water into the wide mouth mason jar with the lime. In one hand I had the stick blender, in the other I had the measured Glucomannan powder. With the stick blender I agitated the water till the lime powder was evenly distributed ( it doesn't really dissolve, as soon as you stop the blender it will start to settle out). I pulled the stick blender out quickly and in one swift motion DUMPED all of the glu powder into the swirling water then immediately put the stick blender right on top of it all and turned it back on, before the powder could have a chance to start hydrating. This causes so much agitation that the glue powder is swiftly distributed before it has a chance to start clumping on itself.

Keeping the blender on, I moved the stick blender up and down from the bottom of the glass to the top surface of the liquid until it began to noticeably thicken. You can tell when you start to see suspended air bubbles rather than rising ones. stop and pull out the blender and tap it to remove the still semi liquid gel. (Rinse the blender immediately with Cool water, or you might have a gooey sticky mess to clean later. )

Pour the quickly gelling liquid into your molds. YOu will see it' is already starting to solidify. Use the spatula to get all of the remainign out as quickly as possible, then thoroughly rinse your jar and spatula with cool water, then with soapy water, using the bottle brush to reach the corners.

At this point I'm in the present. I put my filled silicon molds into a brownie pan and poured hot water into the pan up to the rims. This is a water bath, like with cheesecake. Running my finger across the top , I noticed the gel had already set to Jello consistency. My hope is that the water bath will help the outer surface firm up quickly and firmly enough that I can cut it soon without waiting for it to chill. since heat is supposed to hasten the non-reversable gell process.

if I'd thought of it,I'd have only water bathed one of the molds for comparison. Oh well.

My plan now is to un-mold it as soon as it is solid enough and boil it directly in water, maybe with a bit of extra lime added, to finish the gelling process.

When I finish this batch I'll use some beef broth to make the next and take pictures.
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Old 12-03-2011, 01:53 PM   #62
Way too much time on my hands!
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Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Athens, GA
Posts: 12,699
Gallery: metqa
Stats: 147/136/125; 5'1"
WOE: PSMF/hcg Transitioning to HFLC
Start Date: joined LCF 2003: HCG/PSMF 07/2014
Bother, it's been more than an hour...

In slight alkaline environment, konjac solution forms thermo-irreversible gel after cooling from hot solution.
So the cool water gel did not solidify enough to handle. So I dumped them both into the hot water to finish cooking up and I'll try a hot water solution next time.

Still tastes fine, has a great soft texture. I'm gonna eat em up. They are just ungly that's all.
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