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kris4chloe 11-09-2011 08:51 AM

Who is doing JUDDD and LC or Moderate Carb?
My weight loss has been pretty good, averaging 2.6 pounds a week but was wondering if combinging JUDDD with LC or Moderate Carb would ramp that up. When I did just LC last year at induction level for three months I lost at an average of 3.5-4 lbs a week but then stalled out.

I would prefer to not have to count carbs but I will if I have to. I want to be down another 20 by the end of this year and it is not looking to good right now.

If you do LC or Moderate Carb if you could respond with your average weekly weight loss. Also if you are just doing JUDDD and not worrying about carbs please post your average weight weekly loss, we can use it to compare?

sophiethecat 11-09-2011 09:38 AM

Hi K4C, I consider myself moderate carb but I do not count or worry about carb grams.

I lost 2 - 3# week on JUDDD (took me 9 days to lose 5#). My average daily carb grams according to ****** is 95 grams.

HTH :)

Mommie22boys 11-09-2011 09:52 AM

Hi Kris!

Like Sophie, I consider myself moderate carb, but don't really "count" carbs inasmuch as *** tracks them for me automatically. I recently looked at my carb numbers and found that I generally eat in the 40s-50s (net carbs) on DDs, and about 140s-150s on UDs. That, to me, is moderate carb. This allows me to eat like a "normal" person, BUT I try not to go native and swim in cookies and other junk carbs. Don't get me wrong...I eat them, I just don't live on them. They are allowed treats. Otherwise, I still avoid having tons of starches...I still use dreamfield's, and hwc, and the like. As for weight loss,I've lost 14 pounds since 9/27.

Dottie 11-09-2011 09:52 AM

I'm still new to juddd, so I don't really have anything to report, but I'm finding it easy to lc with juddd, even on up days my carbs have only reached 100 one time (ice cream! I think my carbs were over 180 that day). Most days it's 60g or less, DD's are usually higher than UP because veggies are lower calorie and filling :)
I lost 3.5 the first week on juddd, and it's taken me over almost 2 weeks to take back off the 5lb I gained with a bad carb/calorie/fat combo - lesson learned lol!
3.5 may not seem like a lot over almost 3 weeks, but for my perpetually stalling "suck point" butt, it's extremely good:) (and I'm eating foods I love).
Now rambling on further, I am also doing about 70/30 primal with allowances for some cheese and some grains (in the form of either whole grains or low-carb pita bread). I don't have those every day, so about 70% of my diet is primal and "clean", with few additives.
I love it. I really do :) I can have the best of both worlds: clean eating most of the time and the foods I love:)

Sissiesue 11-09-2011 10:13 AM

I'm going low carb and JUDDD -- although on occasion, my carb levels might be described as "medium" (say, around 70 TOTAL, not net).

It's the peanuts that get me, the little devils.

I just feel better on low carb, which is why I'm sticking with it. I don't think it's helping me to lose faster.

Beeb 11-09-2011 10:19 AM

I'm not sure what most would consider "Moderate carbs" but I feel that is what I'm doing.

DD carbs average about 80g and UD carbs average about 150g.

Doing it this way from the beginning I lost an average of 2+ pounds, which for me so close to goal when I started was just right!

sophiethecat 11-09-2011 10:25 AM


Originally Posted by Beeb (Post 15161758)
I'm not sure what most would consider "Moderate carbs" but I feel that is what I'm doing.

DD carbs average about 80g and UD carbs average about 150g.

Doing it this way from the beginning I lost an average of 2+ pounds, which for me so close to goal when I started was just right!

Yes, most everyone has a different idea of what's low, mod, high carb. :dunno:

I tend to go by the RDA being 300 grams of carbs daily. To me that is the start of high carb.

I know when I was eating LC (<30 grams) the thought of eating 70 grams or higher seemed outrageous. But everyone thinks differently. :laugh:

I had one day on JUDDD that was around 230 g. The rest have been lower, often much lower, and that's without trying to avoid carbs. I mean, I just eat regular foods that I want and that includes carby things, but I think what makes the carb # jump real high here and there are special occasions (birthday cake for example) and eating at restaurants.

kris4chloe 11-09-2011 11:21 AM

Thanks everyone for the input. It seems like it is about the same either way and maybe it is just if you can handle the higher carb or not. I have been ok with handling the higher carb it hasn't triggered anything, but I still try to stay away from alot of different desserts and high starch things like rice and potatoes.

Looking at my log it looks like I average about 50-70 net carbs on a DD (lots of veggies) with the highest day being 78 and on my UD I average around 100-120 with one crazy day at 300 (but I also went way over calories that day too, oopsie).

I have been studying my weights and calories/carbs all morning trying to determine a pattern or see what combo my body prefers and I realized that the second week I lost the most and it was the week of my crazy 3000 calorie day and where I averaged 1387 calories a day. Week 3 i averaged 1159 a day and lost 2.6 pounds versus 3.4 pounds of the previous week. The first week i had an average of 770 a day (really held calories way to low) and only lost .8

I think I will continue to watch my carbs and do moderatish carbs but try to hit that 1300 average to see if that is my sweet spot. :hyst:

jjMustang 11-09-2011 12:19 PM

I'm not avoiding all carbs now, but I cut them out when possible. I still eat MIMs for breakfast on my UDs. I've had no adverse effects since starting JUDD just over a week ago.

island girl2 11-09-2011 12:43 PM

just started doing juddd last sunday and am trying to do low/moderate carbs as well and have lost 4.4 lbs. this week so far. Mostly water i think. Have been LC since March 2010 and did lose 42 lbs. but then fooled around for the past 6 months and gained 18 back - swore i would never go over 200 again and stepped on the scale last sunday and was 201.4. that did it - time to get serious again - haven't gone back to eating bread, pasta, rice but just too much sweet stuff. Will try and do under 50 carbs a day and with juddd see how that works. today is ud - so far just coffee and hwc.

Speck333 11-09-2011 03:26 PM

I am definitely doing JUDDD low carb. While I've only been at this three weeks (tomorrow), I have been losing 2 lbs a week. After a 10 month stall, this is tremendous for me. I expect to be down another two come Saturday. While I am generally under 30 net carbs/day, I feel fine going up to 60. I have had several up days go very, very high and I'm not sure how high, but I haven't reacted well to them, as in not feeling well. But it is nice to know that I can still lose weight with this calorie cycling despite eating high carb.

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