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adiasmc1 11-05-2011 06:31 PM

Calorie determination question
Where or how is the best way to work out your UD/DD Calories for weightless? I think I am going to give this WOE a try. I like it. I saw that some people don't really trust the calculator on the website...so what's the best way to do it?


Mommie22boys 11-06-2011 04:53 AM

You may want to try out a couple of other online calorie calculators and take the average of those numbers to get your UD number. The JUDDD site had my UD number in the mid-2000 range which just felt SO high. I also did not use the JUDDD site to find my DD number...I just stick to 500 on my DDs like Dr. J suggested as a starting point for the first two weeks. Of course, I've been at this for almost 6 weeks now, but haven't adjusted that DD number like he says you can after the first two weeks. I kinda like keeping my DDs to 500 and will likely keep to that level for a while as I still have 50ish pounds to go.

HTH! :)

SoHappy 11-06-2011 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by adiasmc1 (Post 15152282)
Where or how is the best way to work out your UD/DD Calories for weightless? I think I am going to give this WOE a try. I like it. I saw that some people don't really trust the calculator on the website...so what's the best way to do it?


Hi, Jen! Welcome. I'm so happy you are going to join us here, as I think you are going to be getting excited very shortly about not just weight loss, but about how fun it is to be able to eat a wider variety of food in your diet, and also how easy it is to join in the feasting on holidays and special social occasions when you're on the JUDDD plan. And... when you're going to be enjoying all this dining pleasure, you'll have to keep reminding yourself that you're actually *on a diet*!!! :laugh:

It is pretty important to get your correct numbers for the best results, of course. And then, you have to respect those numbers and stay below your calorie ceilings for the best results too. But even then, JUDDD is somewhat more forgiving of your indiscretions than a lot of diets are, and frankly... you'll be able to tell if you're eating at the right numbers and following the plan correctly, because if it isn't working for you, you're numbers are probably wrong. LOL

So, when you go to several sites to figure your needed calories for maintenance (your UD calorie number) here are a couple of things to keep in mind. If we are very much overweight, it's probably a pretty good sign that we don't have as good a metabolism as the *regular* people who are using that calorie calculator, so the number might be a bit too high to be true for us.

Next, if we are very much overweight, that calorie number is going to be for maintenance... at our current high weight. Some of us choose to cut the UD number down a smidge from what is given in that case, simply because it was calculated on our quite overweight status. Some people even calculate their UD calorie number by putting in their goal weight. The idea behind this is that they are only wanting to feed the slim person within the overweight sheath.

Another thing is to be very careful not to overestimate the actual value of your *exercise*. Lots of us have sort of a casual exercise program (LOLOLOL) rather than a really ongoing and intense one, so probably not a real good idea to state that we exercise 3 to 5 times a week unless we're pretty proud of how long and hard we actually do. :laugh:

It's usually a good idea to go to more than just the JUDDD site to get your suggested BMR calorie numbers and then take the average of that for your true UD calorie number, and maybe back that down 200 calories. There are calorie calculators on many sites, so go to something like Freedieting or others as well as the JUDDD site calculator to get an idea of what your UD number might best be.

And don't panic.. if you're aren't losing very well, that UD number can always come down another 200, etc. Down Days are best held to 500 calories or under, but if you can't hold that low right at the beginning (I couldn't) maybe try for 700 calorie DDs, and work on bringing that number down over the first couple of weeks.

If you can follow the JUDDD plan of feasting on Up Days and fasting on Down Days, you will notice changes to your overall health and well being, your appetite will normalize and your metabolism may well be increased (always nice for future weight maintenance) and you will see weight loss at the same time you are enjoying Up Days that can include any of the foods of the world that you'd like to enjoy! Not bad, for being on a diet! :laugh:

Welcome! :welcome:

adiasmc1 11-06-2011 12:29 PM

Thanks guys! I will check a few different calculators...I am 5'1" and 185 right now...I need to be around 130....after looking a bit last night...it seems 400 for DD and around 1600 for UD...

sophiethecat 11-07-2011 06:47 AM

:welcome: Jen, so glad you're joining us here at JUDDD! :high5:

jem51 11-07-2011 07:39 AM

The JUDDD site gave me about 900 calories more than the others...which were w/in a few cals of eachother.

adiasmc1 11-07-2011 07:59 AM

Yeah the JUDDD is way higher...moist of the other ones came out at around 1550-1600 to stay at my current weight and when I put in my goal weight it goes down to 1350-1400.

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