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muffin_maiden 11-05-2011 06:26 AM

What to eat on the first UD to make the first DD easier?
Wondering what kinds of foods to eat on an UD to make the DD easier? My knowledge of intermittent fasting tells me that if a fast is imminent, you must eat to prepare for the next fast, not recover from the last one.

My experiences with DD's were usually pretty bad. I'm not going to lower my calories down as far as 500, but probably a good 800-850 and work my way down as Pat suggested to me once. I'm going back to JUDDD because the planning and cooking of low carb is just too time consuming right now and I'd like to be able to just eat a sandwich now and then if I'm in a hurry!! I want to continue to cut out as much sugar and refined flour as possible, but I also don't want it to totally derail me if I decide to have pop tarts for breakfast if that's what I'm grabbing on the way out the door.

Thanks for any advice! Looking forward to my first UD today. The cafeteria at my school is actually really good so I'll be stopping by for the (cheap! $6.00 all you can eat!) lunch after my psych test today!

Dottie 11-05-2011 06:30 AM

MM I had no problem with keeping DD calories down, as long as I made sure I got plenty of protein. If you look at the "DD staples" thread, there's a good list of basic foods, including proteins, that should make it doable for you:)
As for UD's, I'm still experimenting with what I can have and it not cause too much water retention. So you'll be experimenting to see what your foods/limits are:)
For me, protein on UP or DD's are essential for me feeling good and having energy.
My UD yesterday was out of the ordinary because I had some sugar as well (darned twix minis).
So far I've found that I can not do wheat and fat combo (fried chicken), but corn seems ok in small amounts (taco shells).
So just give it an experiment:)

Lori-s 11-05-2011 09:10 AM

Hi MM!

For myself I had a terrible time my first 2 DDs. I also have trouble making my UD all the way up to my calories. I was worried that not eating all my calories on UD was going to effect how my DD went but, for me, I found that what had the most effect on my DDs was what time I ate. I personally need to eat later in the day on a DD. If I eat breakfast then I am starving between each meal and have a tough time sleeping (wake up hungry and wondering if it's ok to start my UD at 3am) but, if I just have coffee in the morning and wait to start eating later in the day I do just fine. Of course I get hungry right before my late lunch but, that's to be expected. All of my life I've been a late eater anyway ... it's just my body's way.

I agree with Dottie - protein is important. I give up quite a bit of my calories on DD to have protein and then use lots of low cal veggies to accompany it.

Good luck to you and I'm sure you'll figure out what works best with your body and do a great job - and enjoy your $6 feast!

Beeb 11-05-2011 09:20 AM

Eat up to your calorie ceiling with protein, fats and veggies and that will hold you over for that DD.

Stay away from the "empty" calorie things like donuts, cakes, candy, etc. but I always suggest you give yourself 1 thing that you have been missing and didn't eat on another WOE diet. It's just so satisfying knowing you CAN eat that one thing on your UD.

I eat one "new/old" favorite every UD! Yesterday was EGGNOG!!! :jumpjoy:

metqa 11-05-2011 09:31 AM

I'd say yummy fats.

Speck333 11-05-2011 11:19 AM

Eat some good nutritionally dense food. I gravitate to slightly fatty red meat and cheese and marinated veggies with oil on my up days. And even though I consider my food choices low carb I too eat the occaisional sandwich. Sara Lee delightful wheat is only 9 net carbs for two slices.

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