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Joedi 10-16-2011 02:34 PM

Help! Just realised I need a medium day tomorrow!
Just realised I have mis-calculated my days...and will need to do a medium day tomorrow!:eek:

Today is a DD....and Tuesday need to be an UD...its my oldest sons 16th birthday....and we are going to a chinese buffet!

I have never done a medium day...and was wondering if it was difficult..coming after a 500 cal DD? :confused:

Also, is there a "calorie rule" for medium days? Like half your UD cals? :confused:

I am going to sit and plan it out tonight...I must admit...I like the simplicity of my "eat lots" UD's and my "calorie pinching" DD's"! :jumpjoy:

Not sure how I will do a medium day :confused:

Also...does anyone know what the best medium carb choices would be at a chinese buffet? I dont like rice or noodles...so i suppose just meat and fish?
I am more of an Indian food fan...but DS likes chinese!



Mommie22boys 10-16-2011 02:39 PM

I'm doing a MD today. It's not bad...for me, it's roughly twice the calories I usually eat. I kinda go into a MD with the mindset of, "this is just an oversized DD." I might sub real eggs for egg beaters, or double the amount of meat in my sandwich, or add butter to my toast/low-cal bread. Basically, I stick to my regular DD stuff (mostly), just have more of it. HTH, Jo. You can do it! :)

ETA: sorry, I missed your question about calorie rules. I use my UD/DD average. By using my average, I keep my weekly calorie average the same as if I had done a straight UD/DD rotation without the MD thrown in there...if that makes sense. For example, my DDs are 500, UDs are 1610. Add them up, divide by 2 and I get 1055. I shoot for 1050.

Joedi 10-16-2011 02:47 PM

thanks Andrea...that has given me a good starting point!
I will aim for 1100 cals.
I am going to pretend it is another DD...then I will feel i am eating like a queen!


Mommie22boys 10-16-2011 02:50 PM

Hang on...you have a 16 year old? Your avi looks like you're about 25...not nearly old enough to have a 16-y-o. You look fab!

Ok...I see now that you have your age in your stats, but really...you look much younger.

Joedi 10-16-2011 02:58 PM

Aw, thanks hun! That was nice of you to say. Cant believe my baby is 16...so much bigger than me...but still cant pick his clothes from the bedroom floor!!

The other day I was in the sports shop with my younger DS...he's 14..5ft 9" and muscley....buying him some protein powder...and the manager thought he was my boyfriend! pmsl!

he had assumed my DS was 18...had got an older girlfreind, and was getting her to splash out on buying him stuff!

As you can imagine...that really made my day! thankfully DS just thought it was funny...and was flattered to pass for 18!

I see from your stats you are the same height as me...with the same goal, too!

And you have 2 cute DS's also!

how old are your lads?


Mommie22boys 10-16-2011 05:47 PM

My boys just turned 8 and 10 last month. Funny...my 40th was this past March. What part of England are you in? Just wondering...I spent a semester in Chester (border of Wales) in college...visited around the country some while I was there.

Favorite English food I tried: pie with warm custard; least favorite English food that I tried: grilled cheese w/ pickle (very much NOT the kind of pickle I was expecting in the lunch line that day.) :sick: Funniest "language" difference: I was sitting in the kitchenette one afternoon talking with another American and there were several English gals there at the time...we were talking about what we needed to get before we set out on a weekend trip, and I told her that I needed to look around and find a fanny pack to take with me. The English girls' mouths dropped! I had no clue...but they certainly filled ms in pretty quickly! :hyst: :o

Joedi 10-17-2011 01:52 AM

Mmm... warm custard! Still trying to figure out a tasty lower carb version!
As to the pickle... You were prob expecting sliced green pickle, and you got the brown diced stuff? Lol! I love it with strong cheese!
I remember the first time I heard the expression "fanny Pack!" I nearly fell off my chair! Couldnt think WHY anyone would want to wear a pack THERE! Hehe!
We call them " bum bags" which is just as bad!
What's wrong with waist bag? Sounds much nicer!


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